Yoga with a herniated spine: a set of asanas

Disc herniation is a significant shift of the nucleus of the spinal disc. This disease in most cases requires surgery. But there are other therapies that can help patients. Yoga for herniated is a good way to restore health and maintain their body in great shape. Йога при грыже позвоночника: набор асан

The reasons for the development of herniated discs

The herniation of the spine contribute to several factors. First, the lack of clean water in the body. When the body lacks clean drinking water, the fabric which makes up the discs in the spine that begins to suffer first. The vertebrae will dehydrate, shrink and eventually not be able to perform its main function.

Second, an important role is played by the posture of the person. If the patient constantly slouches and long stays in a posture where the spine bends, the strength of the vertebrae is sharply reduced. Muscles of the cervical require physical exertion. Playing sports reduces the risk of herniated, and the lack of activity can lead to serious damage of the musculoskeletal apparatus.

Thanks to nutrients that come from food, cloth spine renewed. Cause spinal tumor may be a lack of vitamins and nutrients. The result of the bone changes its structure and becomes porous, and the vertebral discs can not properly perform its function.

Йога при грыже позвоночника: набор асанSymptoms of a hernia can be different. They depend on where is the site of the disease. For herniation of the cervical spine is characterized by such features:

  • pain in the legs (tibia and foot);
  • numbness toes;
  • numbness in the abdomen, in the groin area;
  • prolonged pain in the lumbar region;
  • pain in the upper and lateral part of the thigh.

The benefits of exercise

Yoga with a herniated cervical spine will help to eliminate health problems. It is only important to correctly perform all the exercises and revise your diet, refusing from all harmful. There are several principles that need to be followed during yoga:

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  • You should not attempt to do all the exercises.
  • Repeat each element several times.
  • The exercise is possible only if these actions do not cause pain or they are insignificant.
  • When the hernia is allowed any exercises from the yoga system. The exceptions are those that involve sudden jolts, jumps and bumps. Avoid exercises that require twisting of the spine. Remember to perform each element must gradually and consciously.

    Do not make sudden movements, especially if they involve the problem areas. In the first training exerting yourself as little as possible. Increase the load and duration of training gradually.

    You must understand that the treatment of the hernia of the cervical spine will take time. Yoga will help to restore health, but to save it we need to continue to perform the exercises after recovery.

    Yoga for sore neck and spine

    Can I do yoga when you have back problems? Of course, Yes. These classes are great to strengthen the vertebrae, making them elastic and help to eliminate hernia. A positive impact this exercise has on the human body due to the fact that it is aimed at relaxing and strengthening muscles. Choose exercises for the muscles located in the upper part of the body: the shoulder blades, ribs, collarbones, neck and shoulders.

    To begin the first exercise, stand up straight and place your feet together. If so stand you uncomfortable, you can put your feet shoulder width apart. This is the basic position from which to begin all exercises. Raise your arms up and bring your hands into the lock. Breathe deeply through your nose. Breathe 3 minutes to give your body to relax and tune. Then on the exhale, follow the slope to one side and hold this position. On the inhale return to start position. Now do the same tilt in the other direction. Bend 5 times to the right and the same left.

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    Йога при грыже позвоночника: набор асанReturn to starting position. Place your right palm on the left elbow and on the exhale bend forward. Hold this position for 2 seconds. Returning to the starting position, perform tilt to the left. Then switch hands and repeat the exercise again. Only now do tilt to the right. Run 5 times.

    Straighten your arms in front of you and squeeze your fists. Slowly lift shoulders up on every breath. Repeat the exercise 15 times. Then return to starting position. Now every breath dissolve hands in different directions. Feel like moving your shoulder blades. Herniation of the spine is very important to manipulate it. The main thing — not to do sharp movements.

    The following exercise is not desirable to do for those who have a hernia of the spine in the lumbar region. Starting position and arms in different directions. On every exhale, slowly turn first to one, then the other way. Repeat the exercise 15 times.

    For the following exercises, squeeze the palm of one hand into a fist. Follow these 10 spins with this hand. Now change arms and repeat the exercise.

    Watch your breathing, it is important that it is measured. The heartbeat should be smooth. If you feel that it is very frequent, give yourself a break.

    An easy warm-up in the office

    Time to take care of yourself and rest, it is necessary to find always. Even if you are in the workplace. If you have a sedentary job, it is necessary to highlight a few minute break for yoga. These extra classes will help in the fight with a hernia and relieve fatigue.

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    Have a seat on the edge of a chair and straighten your back. Stretch head up, straining his neck muscles. On the exhale, tilt your head to the side. Hold this position for 10-15 seconds. Do the exercise smoothly and gently. Return to starting position. Now on the exhale, turn your head 45° to the right and left.

    Йога при грыже позвоночника: набор асанIn order to strengthen the side muscles of the neck, sit in a chair and straighten your back. Place a palm to his temple. Within 40 seconds press the head on a palm. Repeat the exercise 4 times with each hand.

    For the following exercises, move the chair away from the table. Raise your hands upwards and hold this position for a few seconds. Take a deep breath and on the exhale, slowly bend down. Pull your shoulders back and stretch forward. Hold this position for 2 minutes and again sit up straight. Repeat the exercise 5 times.

    Sitting on a chair, legs apart widely. A little rotten back. Straighten your back and straighten your chest. Take a deep breath and stretch head up, bringing the back of the blade. On the exhale, turn to the left. Repeat the exercise, only now turn to the right. Ensure that shoulders are not raised.