Treatment after cauterization of cervical erosion

Every year more and more women turns to the doctor with complaints of unpleasant symptoms indicating diseases of the reproductive system. The most common of them can be called cervical erosion. In medical practice under this concept implies a damage to the mucous membranes of the cervix, which leads to the formation of ulcers.

Depending on physiological or pathological process, the doctor prescribes treatment. I must say that treatment is only required in the case of pathological forms.

One of the most common methods of treatment of cervical erosion is the process of burning.

What happens after cauterization?

How to recover faster after the procedure?

It should be noted that whatever procedure is cauterization of cervical erosion of reproductive organ, in the old epithelium is replaced by a new one. That is why it is very important that during the recovery after the procedure was observed sterility. It is also very important to follow the doctor’s recommendations to prevent complications. It is important that after burning the body quickly torn away the affected area of the mucosa, and in its place appeared a new mucous membrane. Treatment is that, due to the impact of current abnormal area forms a scab, which causes such unpleasant symptoms: an inflammatory process, the epithelium changes, bleeding.


After cauterization of cervical erosion of reproductive organ, all activities should be aimed at, in order to prevent bleeding during the rehabilitation period. What method was performed cauterization, will depend on the period of healing of the wound. Cauterization of cervical erosion current or liquid nitrogen is an inexpensive treatment, but the wound is formed, there bleeding and pain in the abdomen. The duration of bleeding can be up to four weeks. It is very important to follow certain rules:

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  • to abstain from sex for at least 6 weeks after the procedure;
  • it is unacceptable to take hot baths, swimming is allowed only under the shower, the water was warm;
  • avoid heavy physical exertion.

What is included in the treatment after the procedure, cauterization of cervical erosion?

After exposure to shock on the wound at this point there is the scab. To prevent bleeding, you need to soften. Treatment is the appointment with the doctor of candles and tampons, which are applied the medicinal ointment. They are applied inside the vagina. Treatment vaginal candles promotes regeneration and disinfect the cervix. All this leads to rapid healing of wounds, which is especially important when any surgical intervention. Effective drugs are candles Genferon®, ointment Levomekol, candles Depantol, Methyluracyl, etc.

If the cauterization of erosion was carried out using radio wave method, is assigned to a candle with the purpose of prevention of inflammatory processes.

After cauterization of erosion for approximately one month can be clear vaginal discharge, possible pain in the abdomen and lower back. Highly undesirable to form a scar, especially if the woman did not give birth. These women treatment with liquid nitrogen, which is a more gentle procedure that does not cause pain in the recovery period, and the scar is almost nonexistent, but the cervix can swell or shrink. Treatment with liquid nitrogen is performed by a doctor under ultrasound control, but it does not guarantee that it captured all of the damaged epithelium. A week does the scab, forming the allocation of yellowish color. The wound heals pretty quickly (about three weeks). Moxibustion liquid nitrogen does not allow to cure erosion the first time, if the cervical mucosal epithelium of the genitals is damaged deeply. Often requires another procedure cauterization after a certain time.

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Much more effective will the treatment of cervical erosion radio waves. On the site of mucosal injury in this case, the scar is not formed, the mucosa is healing nicely, and the recovery period is relatively quick and painless. After applying this method of eliminating pathology additional treatment is not necessary. During the recovery period only need to adhere to the recommendations that were given above.

If you compare the cauterization by nitrogen, it is not recommended for women who have not yet given birth, with radio waves, the advantages in favor of the latter is obvious, because this method has no serious consequences. Direct contact between the epithelium and erosion no, when using liquid nitrogen treatment epithelial contact.
Radio waves, unlike liquid nitrogen, do not leave scars.

The choice of method of treatment of cervical erosion is performed by the doctor to the effects of the treatments were the lowest and the woman soon recovered.

If the procedure cauterization was performed timely and correctly, the woman completely cured from the disease. If the pathology progresses, the wound may increase in size, there will be bleeding and higher risk of malignant process. Also the progression of the disease threatens to infertility. During the recovery period to have sex only with a condom even if the partner is constant.

Recovery cauterization of cervical erosion is not a difficult process, but only at observance of all recommendations of the doctor. This is very important: despite the fact that complications are extremely rare, yet the possibility that they exist. If you experience any unpleasant symptoms during the recovery period need to be sure to notify your doctor.

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