Treatment nose laser: laser therapy for congestion

Laser treatment of nose

Rhinitis – the most common symptom of respiratory disease, which many believe is a harmless phenomenon. But in reality no treatment of rhinitis may lead to the development of dangerous complications. These include otitis media, inflammation of the maxillary sinuses and even asthma. Nasal mucosa is the primary barrier protecting the body from pathogenic microorganisms and other harmful substances.

When germs or allergens penetrate through this barrier, they can disturb the functioning of the whole organism, leading to allergic and chronic diseases. So the treatment of respiratory diseases should be mandatory and timely. One of the most modern and effective treatment methods is laser treatment. But whether this procedure is effective? In some cases, prescribe this therapy and what are its consequences?

Laser therapy: what is it?

Laser treatment of the nose is increasingly used in therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. This method is absolutely painless, non-invasive, it does not damage the skin and has a complex healing effect on the organs and tissues. Impact on the affected areas with laser activates biochemical processes, cell renewal, and stimulates local immunity.

The technique is valuable because after a few sessions:

  • dilate capillaries;
  • improves blood circulation;
  • aktiviziruyutsya lymphatic flow;
  • the accelerated regeneration of damaged tissue;
  • increases the body’s resistance to allergens and pathogens;
  • eliminated painful sensations;
  • to reduce the swelling.

Attention! Laser therapy prevents the development of allergies arising after reception of medicines.

In the treatment of diseases of the nose using a low-frequency lasers having a special design. The device generates flashes of light of different amplitude. There are two methods of laser therapy.

  1. In the first case, apply stable laser action (at the time of impact of the device position does not change).
  2. In the second case can be used labile effect, in which the beam slowly shifted, guiding him to the various affected area. In this type of influence during one procedure is irradiated with 3-5 zones. The average laser nose involves 8-12 sessions. If the disease is chronic, then after 2-3 months, the procedure was repeated.
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In some cases, permitted and prohibited laser therapy?

Before treatment nose laser, you should learn what are the indications and contraindications. This method of therapy is effective for:

  • nasal congestion of various etiologies;
  • sinusitis;
  • adenoiditis;
  • chronic, allergic and acute rhinitis;
  • the sinusitis;
  • pharyngitis;
  • bronchitis;
  • otitis media;
  • sore throat;
  • laryngitis.

Laser for nose is contraindicated in acute course of infection, poor blood clotting, and worsening of chronic diseases, hyperthyroidism, cancer pathologies, pregnancy and hyperthyroidism.

How is laser therapy in adenoids and nasal congestion?

Laser treatment for adenoids is applied in the complex treatment of adenoiditis. At the initial stage of the therapy eliminates puffiness, inflammation and infectious foci are eliminated.

In the second stage aktiviziruyutsya the work of local and General immune system and prevented the subsequent proliferation of lymphoid tissue. Laser nose adenoids are cleaned every day, the duration of up to 8 sessions.

Duration by endonasal exposure of 60 seconds on each part of the nose, through the mouth. Device without a nozzle put in the region of the front teeth. The treatment is carried out again in 60-90 days. The final stage of therapy shown through the floor. As a result, the size of the adenoids is reduced to 1 degree and resumes normal breathing with nose. After therapy relapses are rare.

Important! Before a session it is necessary to wash the nose with saline and clean the adenoids.

After the laser treatment, the physical size of the tonsils becomes less. However, the swelling is removed. adenoids reduced and easier breathing. It also eliminates the inflammatory process and decreases the likelihood of relapse. All this helps to stop the growth of vegetati and to avoid surgical intervention.

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Laser therapy for nasal congestion due to acute rhinitis is that within three days of the respiratory organ is irradiated for 1 minute.

Next is the contact-stable effect, lasting 1.5-2 minutes.

The action is carried out consistently on okolakiciye region and certain areas on the face.

To enhance the therapeutic effect shows more distant (near the entrance to the nostril) and endonasal exposure, using the ENT-nozzles.

If nasal congestion triggered by hay fever or allergic rhinitis, to relieve the severity of the disease therapeutic effect is carried out 14-21 days before the exacerbation. Improvement noted after the first session, and during subsequent procedures, the symptoms gradually go away.

If nasal congestion caused by colds vazomotornyi, the goal of therapy is to strengthen the blood vessels of the mucosa of the respiratory organ of elimination of violations in his work and stimulate the circulation of blood. The rhinitis laser therapy is the only treatment method that operates directly on entire area of the mucosa. Often to improve nasal breathing most patients ‘ only need 6-8 treatments. At recurrence repeated course is after 30 days.

There are some rules that must be observed during laser therapy:

  1. We need to completely eliminate physical activity.
  2. All food and beverages must be cool.
  3. It is necessary to abandon the visit to the steam room and relaxing on the beach.

Attention! If you follow the above recommendations will improve the blood flow in the adenoids, and the nose, reducing swelling of the mucous membranes and the affected tissue rapidly regenerating.

In chronic rhinitis laser treatment carried out by two types of devices.

  1. In the first case used a powerful laser scalpel, with which an incision to a depth of 0.01 mm in the tissues. Along with this comes the evaporation of moisture in the area of intervention, which eliminates the possibility of infection and blood loss. This method removes the adenoids. After a couple of hours after surgery, the patient can go home, where for 8-10 days it will recover.
  2. In the second case, used low-powered lasers, which heat the lining of the nose and evaporated the affected part of her cells. When intense heat is applied local anesthesia. The way laser treatments allows you to expand the nasal passages and eliminate puffiness.
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In the complex treatment of adenoiditis, nasal congestion and other ENT diseases laser therapy allows essential to accelerate the process of tissue regeneration. In addition, this method of treatment removes edema, improves nasal breathing and increases the efficiency of medicines.

The procedure is virtually painless and the recovery period is minimal.