Treatment of acute sinusitis at home with acute pain

How to treat acute sinusitis at home?

Inflammation of the maxillary sinus is called sinusitis. This is one form of sinusitis that is accompanied by painful sensations, feeling of pressure in the bridge of the nose, the formation of large amounts of mucous secretion and accumulation of pus in the paranasal sinuses. During the development of the disease is marked complete or partial loss of smell, disturbance of the mucous membranes, dysfunction of the upper respiratory tract.

Get rid of all the symptoms can only through a long and comprehensive treatment. In the course of therapy includes administration of antibiotics, antiviral drugs, combination of vasoconstrictor drops, as well as inhalation, laser treatment, thermotherapy, UHF. But not always, the patient has the opportunity to undergo treatment in a hospital, so it is important to know how to relieve sinusitis in the home. Consider treatment methods at home in more detail.

Homemade treatments

Okolonosovykh inflammation of the sinuses occurs with severe symptoms, which can be eliminated at early stages of the disease. If you notice signs of deterioration in the early stages of adopting accompanying measures, you can avoid dangerous consequences.

Modern techniques suggest a complex effect on inflammation. In the course of treatment includes not only medication but some recipes of alternative medicine.

Treatment of sinusitis at home for acute pain only after consulting a doctor. It is important to reduce the risk of complications, so it is not always the patient may undergo therapy at home.

Nasal lavage

It is known that the vasoconstrictor drops and the reorganization of the nasal cavity have a rapid and effective effect. However, not all patients prefer to use moreover, because they are addictive.

If you want to avoid medication to cure rhinitis and sinusitis in the home, use the following recipes:

  • Prepare the means for the rehabilitation of the nasal cavity can at home. To do this in one glass of warm boiled water stir half a teaspoon of salt and add a little soda. Mix the ingredients and rinse nasal passages every day at least three times a day. The saline solution will relieve you from accumulated mucus and dirt, and improve nasal breathing.
  • In addition, for cleansing the nasal passages, you can use a solution of propolis. Stir in a glass of warm water half a teaspoon of salt and add in a solution of twenty drops of tincture of propolis. This mixture to rinse the nose four times a day.
  • Another recipe for preparing a solution for rinsing includes using a bow. To do this, in two hundred milliliters of pure water, add one teaspoon of juice of onion. Stir the broth and rinse them nasal passages to five times a day. This recipe reduces acute pain and improves the condition of the mucosa.
  • Pain became less severe, the doctors recommended to wash the nose with a tincture of honey. For this small amount of bottled water, add one teaspoon of honey. Dissolve ingredient by periodic stirring and rinse nasal passages. After recovery you can lubricate the nose with olive oil.
  • Another recipe to reduce the pain when sinusitis is lubrication of the nose with a solution of menthol aromatic oil.
  • Burying his nose in one drop of the oil you will improve the passability of the paths and the General condition of the patient.

For reference! Lavage reduces pain in the paranasal sinuses and reduce swelling of tissues.

If you prefer a ready-made vibratory, pay attention to the following drugs: «Phrase», «Aqua Maris», «Marimer», «Dolphin», «no-Sol», «Histomer», «Humer».

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If the patient was diagnosed with acute sinusitis no purulent discharge, it is useful to conduct the heating of the sinuses.

  • To reduce pain doctors recommend the use of paraffin. To do this, melt the paraffin candle in a water bath, and then apply the mixture on the nose with a brush. Ensure that the tool was not hot, to avoid burns. After cooling of the wax from top, apply a few layers for the best action. The duration of treatment may be up to seven days.
  • To warm the maxillary sinus, you can use eggs. To do this, boil two hard boiled eggs and wrap them in a napkin or towel. Attach the tool to the wings of the nose and hold until the egg has cooled. Repeat the procedure every day up to ten days.
  • For thermal effects, you can use the lotion from the salt. For cooking tools cleave a small amount of salt in the pan. When ingredient will acquire a yellow tint, pour salt in the bag and apply to the affected area. Keep the compress until the salt has cooled, it usually takes about twenty minutes.
  • In addition to these recipes, you can use a Bay leaf. For cooking means for heating up boil one liter of water and add the liquid a few Bay leaves. After cooking the broth soak in a mixture of thick towel, cover it with a cloth and apply to the sore area. After the towel cools down, repeat the procedure three more times. Treatment by this method should not be more than one week.
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Thermotherapy improves blood circulation in the affected area and relieves pain. However, it is impossible to carry out heating at a high temperature of the body and in the case of bacterial sinusitis.


To soften the contents of the paranasal sinuses and improve the patient’s condition, doctors recommend to carry out inhalation. Steam effect on the maxillary cavity will allow to remove accumulated mucus and reduce pain.

  • At home you can inhale the vapors of potatoes. For the preparation of inhalation boil the potatoes, drain all the water from the pan, and then cover your head with a towel and inhale the vapor for ten minutes.
  • In addition, the house can hold a steam inhalation with bee propolis. To do this, boil two quarts of water and add to liquid five drops of tincture of propolis. Inhale the vapor for fifteen minutes.

In addition to these recipes, to soften the accumulated mucus can inhale the vapors of tea with honey. After inhalation of vapours, tea you can drink.

How to improve the patient’s condition

To sinusitis are not tortured the patient’s symptoms is necessary to pay attention not only on treatment, but also the conditions of life of the patient.

  • It is important daily to rinse the nasal passages with salt solutions. They will relieve puffiness and restore nasal breathing.
  • To improve the health follow the air temperature. It should not be above 22 degrees Celsius.
  • In acute sinusitis it is advisable to install a humidifier. The moisture level shall not be less than sixty percent.
  • It is important to reduce the number of irritants and allergens in the air. It is necessary to conduct daily wet cleaning.
  • Possible repair of living room, large soft toys, carpets, cushions. These items accumulate dust, which can lead to irritation of the sinuses.
  • The corner of the bed, it is recommended to lift up to forty degrees. Thus, you will improve the quality of sleep.

In addition to these rules, the patient should be excluded from the diet spicy and too hot food, and drink plenty of water.


It is important to understand that the treatment of purulent sinusitis in stage should be with the use of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. The only treatment methods of folk medicine in this case, it can be dangerous for the health of the patient.

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Alternative medicine may cause increased inflammation and purulent masses spread to nearby tissues. This will lead to an exacerbation of the disease, including the risk of formation of meningitis, laryngitis, brain abscess, inflammation of the facial nerve.