Treatment of adenoids in children without surgery at home

How to treat the child at home

From birth, kids are constantly faced with different kinds of diseases. And although it is natural and necessary in order to «train» the immune system, any illness is perceived by parents with many worries. In most cases, the body does not need, it deals with the ailments, however, some pathologies require outside intervention. Such diseases include adenoiditis, which in severe cases can cause other, more serious abnormalities. Is it possible to cure a child’s adenoids without surgery folk remedies and how you can help your child by yourself?

When to start to worry

The first symptoms sometimes completely invisible or similar to the standard flu, SARS. Therefore «catch» the adenoids at an early stage without knowledge of the symptoms rarely. With the development of the disease the symptoms become more pronounced, they are joined by other unpleasant phenomena.

If parents notice one clear symptom, or a combination thereof, it’s time to be alarmed

  • heavy breathing, snoring during sleep in the absence of visible infectious diseases;
  • a short delay of breathing during sleep apnea;
  • shortness of nasal breathing, especially at night;
  • changing the timbre of the voice, lowering the voice;
  • twang, the conversation in «the nose», for example, the word «Must» is pronounced a little like «dado»;
  • sleep disorders;
  • a decrease in physical activity;
  • fatigue, emergence of feelings that the child wakes up tired;
  • hearing problems;
  • violations of information perception;
  • the decline of mental activity and, consequently, poor progress in studies;
  • constantly open mouth;
  • changing the contours of the face, forming the so-called «adenoid»type.

To confirm the adenoids in any case, an ENT specialist, because to the naked eye to examine the pharyngeal tonsil is not possible. Only a doctor can determine the extent of the disease progresses and what treatments it responds.

Risk factors

The main reason for the increase of the pharyngeal tonsil – the consequences of inflammation affecting the nasal passages. These include respiratory infections, and colds. The most frequent «supplier» problems – SARS. But in addition to acute and chronic inflammation plays an important role:

  • The hereditary factor. If one of the parents in the childhood there were problems with the adenoids, there is a high chance to see the same pathology in the child.
  • Poor nutrition, where a special place is overfeeding. If the child is eating-lover or parents overly concerned about its satiety, but physical activity is insufficient, there is a risk to «earn» the adenoids.
  • Allergic manifestations.
  • Acquired or congenital immunodeficiency.
  • The air that we breathe a child. If it is dry, warm, filled with chemicals, dust, breathing problems secured.
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Avoidance, where possible, these factors will reduce the risk of spread of the pharyngeal tonsil, or at least help contain the disease in the first stage, which is subject to the treatment of adenoids in children without surgery.

What to do

First and foremost, see a doctor. And then ponder how to cure a child’s adenoids at home and in if you can.

Perhaps, but only at the first degree of sprawl, since 2 and 3 are likely to require more radical and quick action. To minimize swelling used hormonal drugs, allergic nature of the disease is connected antihistamines. If the adenoiditis came on the background of viral infection have symptomatic help. Bacterial disease requires the intervention of antibiotics.

In any case, the maximum emphasis is placed on addressing the root causes that triggered the disease in General, and the elimination of unpleasant symptoms.

For example, to restore nasal breathing can be applied vasoconstrictor drops or sprays, if the child is older than 1-2 years. And to relieve febrile syndrome in the acute phase of illness are used antipyretics (for children only ibuprofen and paracetamol).

Unfortunately, all your favorite folk remedy in the treatment of adenoids in children without surgery at home modern medicine is not encouraged. On the contrary, practitioners strongly advise you to use traditional recipes for the sick children. The reasons for this, and fairly strong, a few:

  1. High risk of Allergy. In infectious inflammation it will only add to the problems, and in the case of allergic adenoiditis in a sharp reaction and subsequent swelling may threaten the baby’s life.
  2. The unpredictability, combined with drugs, the same vasoconstrictive drops.
  3. A high probability of burns of the mucous tissues, particularly the juice of fruit and vegetables and aggressive chemicals such as iodine, hydrogen peroxide, and even kerosene.
  4. The chance to «earn» other diseases, such as otitis media with intense nasal lavage.
  5. The risk of poisoning. Parents should remember that the most powerful poisons in the world have a vegetable, «natural» origin.

Although many effective drugs based just on natural components, to use the «gifts of nature» should be very careful in relation to adults and not to use them at all against children.


All parental assistance can be summarized in two aspects:

  1. To do no harm.
  2. To create the conditions for future recovery and relieve the unpleasant symptoms.

To the first position just like the cancellation of numerous ways telling you how to cure adenoids in the home the child through a variety of medicines and drugs.

Part two includes safe and effective ways parental help.

  • The first thing you need to provide a sick child the «right» parameters. Too warm and dry atmosphere in the room contributes to the dryness of all mucous membranes and respiratory disorder as a whole. It is therefore recommended range of temperature in the range of 16-22 degrees, and humidity from 45 to 70%.
  • Warm drink helps to replenish water balance in the body and preventing drying out of mucous. If you are unable to establish acceptable temperature and humidity, you need more and more water the baby.

  • Fresh air, filled with moisture, is the best friend of a patient with adenoids. It is recommended to walk, especially after rain, that it is possible to stay close to a water source, preferably the sea.
  • To facilitate parents can use antipyretic drugs, nasal funds to restore breathing. Anti-allergic, hormonal and other means for therapeutic effects are not medicines in the parent self. Their reception must be agreed with a specialist. Otherwise you can make mistakes and is necessary for the child of corticosteroids on antibiotics.

It is worth remembering that conservative measures can be successfully performed at home, subservient adenoiditis only at stage 1. Disease 2 degrees already in need of more radical methods, such as laser treatment. Growth of the tonsils to 3 degrees – a clear indication for surgical intervention.

In the Arsenal of ENT physicians two options for the excision of the overgrown tissue: classic and endoscopic adenotomy. Each operation has its own characteristics, indications and prohibitions on holding, so the specific version of the intervention parents should decide with a specialist.