Treatment of cervical erosion in the home: recommendations

At first glance, the erosion of the cervix may not seem so dangerous disease of the reproductive system of women, and some people manage to neglect developing the wound. One should not be careless, because doctors say that cervical erosion is one of the forms of precancerous lesions. You need time to take all necessary measures to cure the disease.

Causes of erosion of the cervical canal of the uterus

Erosion appears on the surface epithelium and in the treatment healed without scar formation. With this disease face many women, not thinking about the causes.

The consequence of the emergence of erosion include:

  • lowered immunity;
  • the imbalance of hormones;
  • trauma of the internal reproductive organs (not ruled out a surgery);
  • untreated or neglected condition of any genital infections, which give the combined effect of the inflammatory process;
  • the inflammatory process not associated with sexual infections.

Is not running in the case of surface defect of the epithelium is a benign change, but inaction could lead to irreversible changes in the functioning of the entire reproductive system.

Methods of dealing with the disease

  1. Traditional medicine.
  2. Treatment of cervical erosion in the home.

Traditional medicine and its methods of dealing with cervical erosion.

Traditional medicine offers to cure the disease with moxibustion. Methods of cauterization of erosion are different, they differ in the use of various technologies.

On the surface epithelial defect can influence electrical current, liquid nitrogen, chemical coagulation, laser. Selection of technologies takes place individually, depending on the situation and age of the patient. However, the negative effects of moxibustion can affect any woman.

Patients who have not yet given birth and are planning for the near future pregnancy, it is not recommended to do moxibustion. They prescribed pretty gentle therapeutic measures to cure the disease. Although in this case can be applied and the laser, but it is quite expensive treatment. Such technologies are practicing in private clinics with expensive equipment and large Metropolitan areas.

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Traditional medicine and its prescriptions against cervical erosion

If you have not enough money or not possible to get to the clinic, you can use folk remedies at home. To cure the defect in the epithelium of the cervical canal, traditional medicine offers to use a lot of natural ingredients that provide effective relief and do no harm to the organism as a whole. At home you will need certain compounds to prepare a treatment solution, with which you can douche or use it moistened swabs.

The prohibitions in the treatment of folk remedies:

  • at the time of treatment should abandon sexual life;
  • do not use in the treatment of the finished tampon is designed for use during menstruation. Soak in the herbal infusion they are very much swell. Swab volumetric size is simply impossible to enter deeply into the vagina.

To make a tampon by yourself at home, you will need a piece of sterile gauze, not more than twenty inches, and a small cotton wool ball to five centimeters. At one end of the bandage wrap cotton wool and tie it well, and the other end will serve as the tail, for which you’ll pull to withdraw the tampon from the vagina.

Before you begin to self-treatment, consult your doctor. Some infusions can cause allergic reactions in different manifestation or other side effects.

People to cure diseases with the use of tampons

  1. Application of sea buckthorn oil. It has long been famous for its healing properties. In about a fortnight from the start of application of a swab soaked in sea buckthorn oil, there will be a healing of the epithelium. Sea buckthorn oil is eco-friendly, non-toxic and does not cause irritation of the mucous membrane of the cervical canal of the uterus. It is completely safe for women in the state.
  2. The use of Shilajit. Is a popular folk remedy should be diluted in water, using half a Cup of fluid and two grams mummy. Soak a tampon in the prepared solution, type it into the vagina at night during sleep. Treatment with Shilajit should not exceed more than three weeks.
  3. The application of the Golden mustache. From it is prepared ointment. Three tablespoons of vegetable oil connect with one teaspoon of tincture Golden mustache. Use a tampon soaked in this balm, it takes half a month not more than once a day.
  4. The application of the Golden mustache with honey. In this recipe you need to stick to the ratio: three drops of juice Golden mustache, for one hundred grams of honey. This treatment is recommended for two weeks.
  5. The use of aloe with honey. Aloe is an indispensable folk remedy of our ancestors against diseases. Especially if this plant is a perennial. It is recommended to take equal proportions of aloe juice and honey.
  6. The use of tea tree oil. You will need three drops of this ingredient and a tablespoon of vegetable oil. The latter can be replaced with wheat germ oil or peach. To make medical operations more than three weeks is not worth it. But the procedure requires morning and evening.
  7. Application of camphor oil. Treatment with the help of this ingredient lasts for five days. Use tampons soaked in camphor oil, in the night time.
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National recommendations for use of douching

For this manipulation, you need to buy in a drugstore a piece of rubber tubing of small size.

  1. The application of tincture of calendula. You need to mix 2% tincture of calendula (one teaspoon) with water (a fourth of the Cup).
  2. The use of infusion bergenia. The remedy is prepared in a water bath. You will need two tablespoons of rhizomes of bergenia and a glass of water. To prepare a decoction should half an hour.
  3. The use of the herb St. John’s wort. Prepare an infusion of four tablespoons of St. John’s wort in two litres of water.
  4. The use of the bark of an elm tree. In a glass of water you will need twenty grams of bark of an elm tree. A strong solution dilute with water in equal proportions.

All infusions cook in a water bath before use don’t forget to drain, use them only for irrigation.

Caution after treatment

Whatever method you use, you must follow all the rules to the complete healing of cervical erosion. Avoid overheating of the body, cancel the visit to the baths and saunas, use sold to the masses tampons, do not lift weights. Each of the treatments involves the use of your schedule and time of cure.

Therefore, after the self-treatment be sure to see a gynecologist.