Treatment of cervical erosion of folk remedies: recipes and tips

Cervical erosion is among the most widespread diseases of female sexual sphere. Under the erosion usually refers to a pathological change of the mucous membrane of the cervix. For a given pathological defect characterized by the replacement of the normal mucous of the cervix by columnar epithelium of the cervical canal.

Erosive changes in the cervix can occur in any of the fair sex, regardless of age. According to medical statistics, this gynaecological pathology is found in every third women. But since the disease is often asymptomatic, it is likely that these figures underestimated.

The reasons for the development of cervical erosion can be complicated childbirth, abortion, surgery on the genitals, a sexually transmitted infection, congenital abnormality or hormonal imbalance in the female body. Treatment of cervical erosion should be treated with the utmost seriousness, since this pathology is not only greatly simplifies getting an infection in the uterus and other reproductive organs, but becomes a great «soil» for tumor development. Furthermore, erosion may lead to inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs, cause infertility, or be reborn into a malignant neoplasm.

Today, there are several effective methods of treatment of disease, and one of them is folk medicine. Treatment of cervical erosion of traditional methods is highly effective in the initial stages of the disease. These recipes very much, for many years they have been successfully used by many women for the treatment of cervical erosion.

Treatment using sea buckthorn oil

  • Sea buckthorn oil is highly efficient and helps to treat various gynecologic diseases, including cervical erosion. Methods of using sea buckthorn oil is quite plentiful. For example, as swabs. It is necessary to buy in a drugstore sea buckthorn oil, then dipped in butter cotton or gauze and put in the evening in the vagina. The swab should be left on all night and in the morning remove. Duration of treatment – 7 days, followed by a break at the same time, then the treatment continues. During treatment should abandon sexual intercourse.
  • No less effective tool is the onion-sea buckthorn medicine. It is cooked very simply – a large onion and grate it on a grater, then squeeze the onion juice through cheesecloth, mixed with sea buckthorn oil. Gauze abundantly soaked in the resulting tool and enter at night into the vagina. For the treatment it is best to use blue varieties of onions. Duration of treatment – 14 days.
  • To treat cervical erosion is possible with the help of sea buckthorn oil and Shilajit in pill form. For the preparation of a medicine must be dissolved in a small amount of warm water two tablets Mummy, and then pour the same amount of sea buckthorn oil, mix well and use for everyday tampons. The duration of treatment usually ranges from 10 to 20 days.
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If you decided to use the recipes for the treatment of cervical erosion with sea buckthorn oil, please note that the drug has a fairly thick consistency and a rich orange hue. Oil permanently stains the skin and is not washed from clothes or bed, so be sure to use overnight sanitary pads.

Aloe and honey in the treatment of cervical erosion

Honey and aloe Vera are widely used in the treatment of erosive process in the region of the uterus. These components can be used together or separately. Here are a few effective ways to treat the erosion honey and aloe Vera:

  • Honey douching for cooking you need to dilute a tablespoon of honey in a Cup of warm water, then hold douching resulting solution twice a day.
  • To strengthen the effect of honey douching can, if you also treat erosion honey candles. They can easily make your own – it is necessary to mix 50 g of honey, 5 g of tincture of propolis and about 130-150 g of butter. All components are thoroughly mixed and placed in a water bath until dissolved. Then you need to put the remedy in the fridge and after it cools down – twist of a mixture of small pieces in the form of candles. Candles it is recommended to put daily, for weeks. As a rule, at the expiration of this period, significant positive treatment outcomes.
  • Also to treat cervical erosion, you have the following compositions: mix the juice of Kalanchoe and liquid honey in the ratio of 3:1, honey and fish oil (1:1), fresh aloe Vera juice, and honey (2:1). Cooked therapeutic compositions are used for the daily swabs. Duration of use of tampons can range from 7 to 14 days – depending on the speed of the recovery process.
  • Mix natural honey, aloe juice and castor oil in a ratio of 1:2:1, mix everything thoroughly, then use for the production of tampons. Aloe can be used in its pure form – just enough to break in half leaf of a plant so that the flesh was outside, then wrapped in a sheet of gauze fabric and enter at night into the vagina like a tampon.

How to treat cervical erosion with a bow?

There are a number of methods of treatment of gynecological diseases onions. For example, it is possible to treat erosion roasted onions. To do this, take a small elongated bulb to make it in the top hole and pour it in liquid honey. Then it is baked, allow it to cool, wrapped in bandages, leaving a small tail bandage. Overnight baked onion should be introduced into the vagina as a tampon. In most cases, the first positive results of treatment are visible after two weeks of treatment.

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Fresh onion juice is used for tampons. Don’t worry – the burning sensation or discomfort if such treatment does not occur. In extremely rare cases, there may be light stinging or itching in the area of the cervix – in any case, should not interrupt medical therapy.

Medicinal herbs in the treatment of cervical erosion

For the treatment of gynecological diseases, traditional medicine recommends the use of a variety of medicinal plants – the most effective are considered to be upland uterus, yarrow, saxifrage, calendula, calamus root, chamomile and some others. In addition, to treat cervical erosion can potatoes or garlic, which are in any kitchen. Here are some effective recipes:

  1. Dry flowers of St. John’s wort in the amount of one tablespoon to put in the pot and pour two cups of warm water, put on low fire and simmer for at least 15 minutes. After boiling, the decoction of St. John’s wort, strain through a fine sieve, allow to cool and take a half of a Cup once a day, before eating.
  2. For the preparation of the following medications will need dried or fresh horsetail. The plant should be ground using a blender or grinder, then pour 0,3 l of warm water, put on low heat and simmer for 20 minutes. After the broth horsetail has cooled, it is recommended to use for everyday douches.
  3. Nettle has long been known for its hemostatic and wound healing properties. This unique plant has found its application in the treatment of cervical erosion. The use of nettles is as follows – pick fresh nettles, then chop the pre-washed the plant through a meat grinder. From the obtained pulp press juice for treatment of the disease will need it. Dipped in the juice of the nettle gauze and insert into the vagina once a day. Best before bed, leaving the tampon until the morning.
  4. A very effective remedy for various gynecological diseases, is the root of bergenia. To prepare the medication will take two to three tablespoons of dry and pre-powdered root. Pour two cups of hot water and put in a water bath. The mixture should simmer at least an hour, after which the decoction of bergenia insulated blanket and put in a dry place for 24 hours. Through the day the tool is used as douching, which should be done once a day.
  5. Cure cervical erosion will help ordinary wormwood. Must be put in enamel container with one liter of pure water two or three tablespoons of dry sage, put on a small fire and simmer for tool for 15 minutes. Ready broth is filtered and used for daily douching. Before carrying out douching decoction of wormwood should be diluted with warm water – one part of broth is necessary to take 10 parts of water, preheated to room temperature.
  6. Broth upland uterus is very popular among women with various gynecological pathologies. For its preparation you need to pour two tablespoons of dry grass, which can be bought at any pharmacy, two cups of hot water, put a small fire and boil for about 15-20 minutes. After that, the broth upland uterus, strained through a gauze cloth or a fine sieve and use for tampons or douches.
  7. Garlic also gives a positive result in the treatment of cervical erosion. Chop a large head of garlic, then put the garlic pulp into a container with one liter of hot water and leave to infuse for a day. After this garlic infusion used for douching.
  8. One large potato must be cleaned and mince or grate on a coarse grater. The obtained potato slurry wrap in gauze cloth, moisten the swab with potato juice and insert into the vagina every night before going to sleep.
  9. For the treatment of cervical erosion, traditional medicine recommends the use of tincture of eucalyptus. For this you need to dilute a teaspoon of eucalyptus tincture with a Cup of warm water, all mix well and apply to the vaginal douching.
  10. In many recipes, alternative medicine uses plantain, and treatment of cervical erosion was no exception. Tear a few fresh plantain leaves, wash under running water and chop through a meat grinder. The resulting slurry together with the juice and leaves put in a gauze cloth to form a tampon and insert in the vagina every night. Treatment plantain is quite long – at least 3-4 weeks. But many women in their reviews confirm its high efficiency.
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