Treatment of cough in the adult folk remedies quick: folk methods, formulas and herbs

How to cure a cough with folk remedies from adults?

Coughing is a reflex process of the body, in the course of which the patient complains of severe involuntary exhalations. This is due to the penetration into the cavity of the respiratory system viruses, infections, bacteria or particles of foreign matter, e.g. dust or dirt. In addition, cough may occur as an allergic reaction to certain types of stimuli. Thanks to cough purification from pathogenic microorganisms and accumulated mucus, however, if the inflammation is left untreated, there is a risk of dangerous consequences.

To restore the function of the throat back to good health possible with medical treatment. Usually, patients are assigned to drugs to thin mucus, antitussives and otharkivajushchee drugs. In addition to conservative therapy, the patient can assign some methods of unconventional practices. Describe the most effective folk remedy for dry cough.

Standard therapy

Cough in the adult acts as the main symptom of colds or infectious inflammation of the respiratory system. In addition, the reflex process can act as an allergic reaction.

How to cure allergic cough will clarify in this article.

Any inflammation associated with lung function, you must cure as quickly as possible. For this, the patient needs to identify the root cause of the disease and to undergo conservative therapy. Typically, treatment is assigned to the following medications:

  1. The dry cough, which occurs over a long period of time, the patient is prescribed medicines that can suppress the cough center. The best preparations of this group are «Glaucine», «Pour», «Libeksin», «Tusupreks».
  2. To cleanse the lungs of accumulated phlegm mucolytics appointed – «Remens», «Mukaltin», «Helical», «Bromhexine» and others. These drugs are prescribed in case of wet cough.
  3. When the sputum viscous nature prescribed more powerful drugs – «Monoprint», «Muradin», «Fluimucil», «ACC».

For a comprehensive treatment of the patient can prescribe some procedures in physiotherapy. However, if the cough lasts more than two weeks should be treated with antibacterial drugs. Together with antibiotics patient prescribed a strong expectorant medicines and remedies to stop the progression of the inflammatory process.

Treatment of dry cough folk remedies

For a comprehensive treatment of dryness and itching in the throat, doctors often prescribe not only the methods of traditional medicine. Some home remedies for dry cough has proved its effectiveness, so doctors prescribe them as additional therapy.

Herbal concoctions and lotions can reduce the pain when coughing, thin out thick mucus, and significantly improve the patient’s state of health. In addition, traditional recipes increase the body’s immune system and can reduce the risk of recurrence and complications.

Licorice root

Quick treatment of cough in the adult folk remedies involves intake of licorice root. This drug is known to be a strong effect that is already apparent on the first day.

To prepare a decoction of the root of a plant need to boil one liter of water and add a small amount of ingredient. After that, stir the water and leave it to cool in a dark and dry place.

The broth will gather all the beneficial properties and after three hours the product can be used inside. Drink the solution in small SIPS for thirty minutes before taking food.

Treatment should continue until the complete elimination of seizures and restore functions of the throat.

For reference! Decoction of licorice root helps to reduce cough, to alleviate reflex process and eliminate mucus.

Mother and stepmother

One of the most popular herbs from dry cough for adults is the mother and stepmother, particularly the medicinal properties of the solution out of the plant. Its leaves contain mucilage, which is able to protect the throat during attacks of severe coughing. In addition, the solution from the plants improves the health of the patient and restores the function of the larynx after a week after treatment.

For solution preparation from this plant should:

  1. Put it on a slow fire pot with one liter of water.
  2. Add to the liquid three spoons of dry plants.
  3. Simmer the broth for thirty minutes.
  4. Then, remove the tool from the heat and allow the solution to stand in a dry place for one hour.
  5. Then strain the water and give the patient to drink the mixture.

One liter of decoction should be applied on the same day. The course of treatment should not exceed five days.


To improve the function of breathing and the restoration of laryngeal doctors advise to use the tri-color violet. The plant is in almost every home, so the patient will not be difficult to prepare a drug solution. For its production requires:

  1. In two liters of water, add a few leaves of tricolored violet.
  2. Boil the water and let the mixture steep for one day.
  3. After that the sheets should be applied to the inflamed areas, and the decoction taken every day for two hundred milliliters per day.

The course of treatment is one week. During treatment the patient will notice the improvement of health, reduction of apnea and restoring the basic functions of the throat.


For removing phlegm when coughing the patient often prescribed anise. Means known healing properties for a variety of inflammatory processes in the respiratory system, however, may cause a severe allergic reaction. Therefore, before using this tool make sure that no hypersensitivity.

Anise should be used as a lotion. To do this, prepare a solution:

  1. In one liter of water add three tablespoons of anise.
  2. Bring the broth to a boil and remove from heat.
  3. Allow to cool to forty degrees Celsius.
  4. Then dip in water gauze fabric, press it and attach to the sternum.

After the cloth has cooled, repeat the procedure. During treatment, all the Windows in the apartment should be closed. Immediately after treatment, the patient should not go outside or be in the draft.

The solution should be applied within fifty milligrams half an hour before eating. Integrated treatment will help thin out the mucus and eliminate the symptoms of a cough on the third day of treatment. All you should spend seven procedures therapy.

Interesting! A solution of Anis allows to eliminate the cough with colds and infectious inflammation.


To eliminate bouts of severe dry cough, you can use lotion with onions.

To prepare a lotion for this ingredient should:

  1. Clean the onion.
  2. Blend it to a pulp.
  3. The resulting mixture should be put on the gauze fabric. To the tool for best effect, add a few drops of olive or linseed oil.
  4. Assure onion in a cloth and apply to the throat for fifteen minutes. If during treatment the patient feels itching and other discomfort, the procedure can be extended to thirty minutes.
  5. After that lubricate the skin baby cream.

Important! Onion for cough in an adult helps to reduce the pain in the larynx, and facilitates rapid recovery in case of dry cough.

Repeat treatment every other day for one week. If during therapy the patient complains of tingling and redness of the skin, the procedure should be replaced by a different recipe.


The most popular folk recipe from dry cough is the use of aloe. The juice of the plant has a pronounced effect. It not only softens the inflamed area and normalizes the condition of the throat, but also significantly removes the bouts of severe coughing.

For medicinal purposes the juice from one of the sprigs of aloe should be mixed in two hundred milliliters warm milk. The mixture should be to add a small amount of butter. It favorably acts on the inflamed part and make it easier to cough.

Drink the solution every day should be five days in a row. To apply the product it in small SIPS one hour before eating. A day doctors recommend applying no more than four glasses of the drug.


Prolonged dry cough, the patient may benefit from boiled potatoes. Oddly enough, this method is known for its medicinal effects already on the first day of treatment. To prepare the medication should:

  1. Peel and boil some potatoes.
  2. When the potato is cooked, cook from it puree.
  3. After that, the tool should add a teaspoon of butter and three cloves of minced garlic.

For best effect in the mixture and the doctors recommend to add fifty milliliters of juice of onion. Carefully stir the mixture, take it before meals in small quantities. The course of treatment should last until the complete elimination of all symptoms of inflammation in the respiratory tract.


As a rule, the methods of traditional medicine are the only as one of methods of complex treatment. Not always alternative medicine can save the patient from painful fits of coughing, so don’t ignore the signs of inflammation and begin treatment at the very initial phase.

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