Treatment of ear infections at home — how to cure

How to treat ear infection at home?

Ear inflammation can occur quite suddenly and cause serious pain and other unpleasant characteristics. In the process of inflammation of the ear patients complain of hearing loss, the appearance of congestion, the formation of bubbling in the middle ear and the feeling of the audience. When such symptoms in patients are most often diagnosed otitis media.

To get rid of such inflammation is possible only through an integrated approach that includes not only medical treatment but also physiotherapy. But not always, the patient has the opportunity to visit a doctor soon. How to treat ear infection at home let us examine in more detail, because this remains one of the most important.

Of the inflammation in the ears

Pain in the ear passage and other signs of inflammation often appear unexpectedly, forcing the patient by surprise. The main signs of the formation of inflammation aren’t always noticed, so the patient can not expect the formation of otitis media or other ear inflammation.

To previous factors for the disease include:

  • hypothermia, or prolonged exposure under exposed sunlight;
  • lack of hygiene;
  • too frequent use of q-tips;
  • sulfur tube;
  • violation of the integrity of the skin;
  • complications of flu and colds.

In addition to these factors, there are many other reasons. In each case, the disease individually. Therefore, to establish the root cause of the disease is necessary in the office of ENT.

Drug treatment at home

After diagnosing the type and nature of the ear disease, the doctor prescribes the necessary treatment. Most often, patients with otitis media do not hold in clinics and the treatment takes place at home.

For getting rid of pain, feelings of itching and return of hearing acuity to the patient are often necessary antibiotics «Chloramphenicol», «Amoxicillin», «Augmentin», «Cefuroxime», «Ceftriaxone», «Ampicillin».

They have antiviral and anti-inflammatory effect. But antibiotics are not part of the treatment if the symptoms of the patient is not urgent, and pain — tolerant.

  1. If the inflammation is flows without pronounced symptoms, experts prescribe ear drops with antibiotics «Otofa», «Kandibiotik», «Garson», «Sofradeks», «Normaks». These drugs are considered to be combined with medicines for one week eliminate all symptoms of otitis media and its causes.
  2. If the pain becomes unbearable, put in the ears anti-inflammatory eye drops, «Drops» or «Otinum».
  3. In addition, the mainstay of treatment includes vasoconstrictor drops. Need to take locally. The best medicines against the disease is considered «Nazol», «Galazolin», «Naphazoline»,».», «Otrivin».

To apply the products needed for the prescribed dosage, which should be clarified with the physician in advance.

If inflammation of the patient tormented by fever and severe pain, take painkillers and antipyretic drugs.

Throughout the course do not allow the patient to be out in the cold and try to keep my ears warm.

If the inflammation has moved to a purulent phase, self-treatment is dangerous to continue. Therefore, please seek professional medical help.

In this case, patients lavage of the ear canal of pus and strong antibiotics. In especially serious cases are assigned to hormonal medication.

In the further course of treatment will last for physiotherapy.


Treatment of inflammation of the ear in the home involves not only medical therapy. To completely get rid of the disease the patient has to undergo thermotherapy.

This will rascality in the pan a small amount of salt. At the correct temperature, it becomes yellow color. After this, enter the mixture not synthetic pouch and attach to the wrist.

Thus, you did not check if Sizzling compress. Then attach the bandage to the ear and hold until the salt has cooled. Immediately after the procedure the patient feels relief and improved circulation.

Repeat procedure twice a day until complete disappearance of pain. Note that to carry out this operation allowed in the absence of purulent secretions, and when a tympanic membrane.

Salt can be replaced by any of cereals.

Blue lamp

Treatment of otitis media in the home is simple, if the inflammation occurs without striking symptoms.

In this case, in addition to medications, you need to speed up the healing process of the affected tissues.

For this you better use the blue lamp.

The antibacterial heat and light will allow you to restore the integrity of the cells.

Blue lamp is the popular name of the medical device reflector of Minin.

Treatment blue light is caused by the ability to generate infrared radiation.

Do not use this method for perforation of the tympanic membrane or purulent inflammation. Additional contraindications says:

  • poor blood clotting;
  • violations of neuralgia;
  • vegetative disorders;
  • a tumor or cyst in the ear or over the ear device;
  • throat cancer;
  • disruption of the vascular system;
  • poor circulation;
  • injury to the ears.

Don’t use this therapy for insect bites or immediately after puncture of the ear lobe.

Homemade recipes

Often to eliminate signs of inflammation doctors are allowed to use traditional methods.

Good local antiseptic is considered onions.

Chop it as fine as possible and add to the mixture a small amount of garlic juice. Stir the resulting slurry and wrap in wrap.

The ear must be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide.

Drip into the ears, ten drops of three percent hydrogen peroxide is pre-mixed it with water in the ratio of one to one.

Keep the medication in the ear for at least ten minutes.

During this time, the peroxide will dissolve the excess wax and other dirt.

To withdraw the drug from the ear tilt the head on a saucer. The fluid leaves the ear alone.

After this procedure, lubricate the ear of baby fat cream and then apply a poultice of onions. Keep the bandage for at least one hour, and with the appearance of discomfort, remove and rinse the ear is not hot water.

Propolis tincture

Many patients know about the benefits of tincture of propolis.

Bee product has many useful properties and can help in getting rid of otitis of the middle or external ear for a short time.

If ear inflammation are disturbing you quite often would be wise to prepare propolis independently.

To do this, pour one hundred milligrams of product of beekeeping with two glasses of purified alcohol. Leave the tincture in a dark place inaccessible to children.

After fourteen days the tincture will be ready to use.

Introduce the tincture into the ear morning and afternoon for three drops in each ear. And in the evening soak gauze flagellum in a large amount and gently enter the ear canal. Leave turundas in the ear passage all night, and next morning flush the ear with warm water.

Tincture of chamomile

Chamomile flowers have long gained fame in the case of the treatment of otitis media in the home. Prepare a decoction of chamomile only in the spring.

To do this, enter two kilograms of flowers and fill them with water and lots of sugar. The resulting mixture, close the lid and put it on one week in a cool place.

Seven days later the flower will secrete a juice which is necessary to collect the spoon and use the pipette to enter into the affected ear three times a day.

The course of treatment with infusion of chamomile can last up to fourteen days.

Calendula tincture

How to cure ear infection more gentle way? This is the question asked by young mothers in the formation of the disease in young children.

When otitis media toddler, it is recommended to prepare a tincture of calendula.

It has a positive effect not only on the condition of the ears, but also on the organism as a whole.

If the inflammation is acute symptoms, purchase a tincture in the store, and bury three drops every day.


When the diagnosis of otitis media is important not to introduce into the auditory canal foreign objects, and to steam treatments. Poison herbs should be used wisely and in reasonable doses.

If the ear is formed pus, and no use of any alcohol-containing medicines, as well as the use of tinctures and decoctions.

Aggressive components of the drug can adversely affect the eardrum and cause damage to its integrity. In addition, medical alcohol causes injury to the skin.

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