Treatment of neuritis of the auditory nerve folk remedies: reviews

How to treat auditory neuritis folk remedies?

Pathological inflammation of the auditory nerve called the cochlear neuritis. This disease can lead to serious consequences, so to treat disease it is necessary at the first symptoms. The neuritis is localized in the inner region of the ear and affects the nerves responsible for the transmission of impulses to the brain.

Before treatment it is necessary to identify the root cause of the disease. Only after identifying the factors, the doctor prescribes the treatment of neuritis of the auditory nerve.

About the disease

Cochlear neuritis — an inflammation of the nervous system that is manifested by dysfunction of the organ of hearing. At this time, the patient begins to lose some hearing or losing hearing at all. This disease occurs mostly in men over fifty years. Most often neuritis is common among residents of large towns and cities. This is because the constant noise in the background of the city affects the ear on negatively.

Often patients ignore signs of inflammation, confusing them with the natural aging process, but it is not.

To determine these characteristics is possible only with the help of a qualified doctor, so when severe hearing loss, refer to the otolaryngologist.

After careful examination, the specialist will prescribe treatment.

However, before the therapy is necessary to find out the symptoms of the inflammatory process.

The acute phase of inflammation is characterized by the absence of pain, but hearing is deteriorating. Acute neuritis appears unexpectedly.

Therefore, you should know that sudden hearing loss is the first sign of the beginning of the inflammatory process. At this time, it is important to react in time and to go to a medical center. Otherwise, you may lose hearing permanently. In addition, note the following signs:

  1. The formation of extraneous noise.
  2. Squeaking, the rumble and the feeling of bubbling.
  3. Dizziness.
  4. Nausea and vomiting.
  5. The formation of strong pain in the head.
  6. The increased body temperature.
  7. Cough, the appearance of cold.
  8. Shooting pain in the ears.

When to seek medical help early, the prognosis is favorable. To the patient after treatment is fully refundable hearing. In the case of ignoring of the process, there are serious health problems.

Traditional therapy

Once you went to a specialist, the doctor will perform an external examination, and further requires a study of titanomachia and audiometry. In some cases, can not do without an assessment of the conduction of sound waves and determination of difference in hearing different sounds and noises.

Based on these data, the specialist determines the course of treatment, which includes the use of antibiotics and additional medicines:

  1. Most often patients are prescribed diuretics «Hydrochlorothiazide».
  2. Medications to improve blood circulation in the brain — «Cavinton».
  3. Medicines for the normalization of metabolism «Cocarboxylase».
  4. Throughout the course of treatment needs to take antiviral medicines — «Ingavirin», «Arbidol».
  5. The Antibiotic «Amoxicillin».
  6. Anti-inflammatory drugs, «Ibuprofen», «Ortofen».
  7. After the patient felt the improvement of health you need to drink a course of vitamins.

In some cases, patients ‘ diagnosed with the toxic neuritis of the auditory nerve. At this time, patients are forbidden to use methods of treatment of neuritis of the auditory nerve folk remedies. However, in other types, when the symptoms less acute and the symptoms suggest treatment of neuritis of the auditory nerve folk remedies, check with valid methods.

Remember that the treatment of neuritis in the case of education because of professional activities first need to change jobs, and only then to start treatment. Otherwise, medical therapy will be pointless.

Treatment alternative medicine

People’s ways when neuritis can have a beneficial effect.

However, before applying this therapy, consult your doctor.

Otherwise, you can not only complicate the situation, but also completely deaf.

After your doctor allows recipes, described below, feel free to use folk medicine.

Propolis with alcohol and olive oil

Often patients with facial palsy are the product of beekeeping. Honey and propolis has long been considered an effective tool in the treatment of inflammation in the ears. To apply this method you need to buy fifty grams of propolis and 100 milliliters of alcohol. These elements must be mixed, pre-warmed to a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.

After the propolis will dissolve, the saucer with the mixture you need to wrap it in a towel and shut in a dark cupboard for one week.

The mixture during this time, configure themselves and be ready to use. For best results, after seven days in solution it is necessary to add three tablespoons of olive oil. Wrap the mixture in a compress and apply to the affected ear, and then add a tight bandage. Repeat this therapy every night for ten days.


There is another method that has been popular since ancient times.

For acute pain you need to chop the onions to a pulp and add to the mixture one teaspoon of honey.

Mix thoroughly the resulting mixture, and then add one egg.

The mixture should be stirred until the state foam, and then should proceed with the preparation of the dressing.

To do this, purchase a linen cloth or gauze bandage. Wrap the mixture in a compress and apply to the ear morning and evening at least five times.


An effective method in the treatment of the auditory nerve is the use of mustard. They come in several types, but the neuritis is recommended to use a mixture of honey. For its production you need to purchase the honey and vegetable oil, and a tincture of propolis to prepare a pre -.

For this small amount of propolis needs to be frozen in the refrigerator. This usually takes one day.

Then grate the product of beekeeping on a large grater. The resulting mixture should pour boiling water and leave for 15-20 minutes.

During this time float on the surface of the husk, from which you want to delete, and then drain the water.

After that, the mixture should pour two cups of vodka and leave to infuse for one week. Don’t forget to stir the mixture every day.

After seven days propolis infusion, and you will be able to continue the course of treatment.

Then mix all the products described in equal proportions and mix thoroughly. Apply the mixture on a sterile gauze flagella and attach to the affected ear. Previously the ears to lubricate the baby cream and close with one layer of cheesecloth. This is necessary in order to avoid possible burns.

The dressing should keep for about two hours, depending on the condition of the patient. Repeat the procedure one need in a day for two weeks.

Therapy garlic

There is another method of alleviating the patient’s condition when neuritis.

For this you need to chop the garlic and add a few drops of tea tree oil. This mixture must be transferred to the cheesecloth and insert into the ear canal.

Watch out that your traffic does not injure the skin of the patient. The procedure must be performed every day for three days two times.

Keep turundas in the ear no more than 15-20 minutes.

With the appearance of burning sensation gauze flagellum to pull, and the ear washed with warm water.

Calendula tincture

In the treatment of neuritis, it is useful to make a tincture of calendula.

To do this, mix three large spoonfuls of the marigold flower in one liter of hot water.

Of the mixture to steep for several days.

Then the infusion must drink half a Cup morning and evening.

Reviews in the treatment of neuritis of the auditory nerve folk remedies

Maria Orlova: «When neuritis I have formed a strong shooting pain. And I was born with strong allergies, so the use of many medicines and tablets is prohibited. My doctor advised me to apply lotion with propolis. Tincture of propolis I made myself, as a pharmaceutical drug causes in me mistrust. The infusion mixed with honey and olive oil, and then applied to the sore ear. Pain gone in two days, and neuritis finished ten days later comprehensive treatment.»

Ivan Strekalov: «the child was formed neuritis. The baby often cried and complained of shooting pains. Consult with your doctor. He appointed a poultice with honey and oil. My mom advised to apply crushed onion mixed with tea tree oil. This oil I have not found, so I replaced the olive. The result was surprising. The child has calmed down after the first procedure, but the pain finally has gone in the morning.»


It should be understood that the neuritis is not a joke disease and the prognosis depends on its classification and stage. If you have sought medical help at the first signs of the disease, you can cure inflammation without complications.

Remember that in acute diseases self-treatment can seriously aggravate the situation, and the methods of traditional medicine to cause harm. Therefore, every action in the treatment you should discuss with the ENT doctor.

In chronic stage of the disease the prognosis is extremely disappointing, as fully to restore hearing is very difficult. At this time, alternative therapies can only alleviate the condition of the patient and reduce pain.

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