Treatment of rhinitis in children at Komarovsky: how to cure a lingering cold

How to cure common cold in children, according to Komarovsky?

Every child from its birth is faced with such a phenomenon, like a runny nose. In some cases, mucus from nose is a physiological reason. The mucosa of the baby is still not accustomed to contact with air, so it responds by mucus.

Quite different is the case with rhinitis, which is triggered by a negative factor. It may be cold elemental. Dr. Komarovsky on rhinitis in children, knows a lot, therefore, explains the reasons for its occurrence.

What causes a runny nose in children?

Rhinitis in children occurs as a result of the action of bacteria on the nasal mucosa. The root causes of children’s snot may be the following:

  1. Virus infection. Among all viruses, the primary cause of mucus in babies is the rhinovirus. Distinguish more than 100 varieties of this virus. The root cause of the infection are healthy virus carriers or infected kids. In the cold season, a disease is in the form of epidemics. The disease begins with a sharp rise in temperature and itching in the nasal channels. After a couple of days of selection acquires a greenish tint. This suggests that the associated bacterial infection.
  2. Staph. Very often when testing in the nose of the child it is possible to identify Staphylococcus aureus. Bacterium too resistant to antimicrobial medicines, so it is very difficult the usual method of cure. In the event of a lowering of the immune system the staph begins to rapidly multiply, causing new symptoms. Bacterial runny nose has a green tint, since the bacterial growth is observed, the output of the busy substances of the immune system.
  3. Allergic reaction. In the case of the child’s allergies begin to appear transparent snot. The cause of allergies can be dust, hair, pollen. Allergies can manifest on the tools used for the nose. When enclosed with a principal of a bacterial infection snot also acquire a greenish hue.

Important! The appearance of snot need the help of a doctor to determine the cause and get proper treatment.

When you need to, and when not to correct selection?

Popping the pus out of your nose just can’t. The underlying cause may be not medical in nature. The allocation may start from getting into the nostrils of irritants:

  • allergens;
  • dust;
  • viruses and microbes.

To get rid of conservative methods from the nozzle, if the increase in the quantity of discharge are physiological in nature, is not necessary. Examples of such phenomena:

  1. Mucosa of newborns is not yet developed and not adapted to the air. Therefore, when the runny nose in a child under 1 year is self-cleaning.
  2. Cleaning the nostrils from the tears that were there at the time crying.
  3. The reflex to over-dried air. In this situation, the mucosa itself tries to compensate the lack of moisture.
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With SARS the baby is not required to cure discharge. In this case, they perform a protective function.

When you troubleshoot common cold interferes with the normal operation of the gland, which operation is aimed at preventing the penetration of viruses and bacteria inside.

Thus, the treatment of rhinitis in children at Komarovsky is not required if:

  • not high fever;
  • highlight transparent and sufficiently liquid;
  • allocation quietly emerge from the nose.

Attention! If discovered a thick discharge with a pungent odor and a yellowish tinge, the urgent need to take action.

Tips Dr. Komarovsky on the treatment of persistent rhinitis

Dr. Komarovsky insists to choose a method of treatment depending on the nature of mucus and consistency. It is very important to maintain the moisture and not allow the surface layer of the nasal gland to be in a dry condition. This will trigger the propagation of malicious organisms.

It is very important to carry out the following activities:

  1. The child’s nose is constantly wet, to dig and wash.
  2. Ventilate the room regularly to do damp cleaning and to control the moisture level in the room.

Doctor extremely recommends narrowing the blood vessels drugs such as Galazolin, Naphazoline and Children. These medicines will not help cure the disease, but will only give non permanent relief. Will soon begin to show third-party effects. This will cause complications and severe illness.

Komarovsky advises to use children oil drops Valerian root. The drug is absolutely safe for health, does not have third-party effects. Have coats the mucosa, thereby maintains the necessary moisture level.

Infants the doctor prescribes Tocopherol. It is a natural purified olive and paraffin oil. To apply the remedy can be no more than 1 time in 3 hours. In both passages drip 3 drops.

About how to cure a lingering cold at the child the doctor knows quite a lot. Therefore, the Komorowski provides such professional advice:

  1. Regularly moisturize the air in the apartment, where the baby.
  2. Using the saline spray regularly to the nasal mucosa of the child. To purchase it is possible in every pharmacy, or mix it yourself. To do this in a bowl of warm water, add 1 small spoon of sea salt.
  3. Babies up to three years to lubricate the nose with oils that contain vitamins A and E. Effectively perform this action after using the saline.
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If you follow these recommendations, you can not just quickly cure rhinitis the baby and strengthen his immune system.

In order to prevent suppuration of the nasal cavity chronic, you need to start prompt healing of acute.

Attention! Only the timely identification of the symptoms will help to avoid complications.

Nasal lavage

If long is a cold, the doctor Komarovsky insists on treatment in combination with flushing passages.

To apply it is saline, as it disinfects and cleanses the nasal passages.

For solution preparation of 1 liter add 9 grams of salt. It is still recommended to use drug drug.

For washing you need to:

  • to prepare a disposable syringe 20 ml without needle;
  • to dial into the syringe the medication;
  • first to introduce the syringe in one pass, then in the other;
  • at the time of introduction of the solution, the child should try to involve his nostrils.

Perform all the actions very carefully. The liquid should not exit the other nostril. In this case, you can avoid complications. After performing these steps, take the specialized device and to suck the pus output.

How to drain mucus extractor?

To the child it became much easier to breathe, the doctor advises to use the aspirator. It is a relief to the outflow of mucus artificial method. This method will help to quickly get rid of stubborn crusts, and nasty mucus.

The extractor is pear-syringe and plastic tube. Before automatic cleaning you have to clean the nose with saline using a syringe without the needle.

You can purchase electronic aspirator is battery powered. Included are attachments. This will greatly facilitate the process of sucking snot.

Instillation of the nose

Cure runny nose possible with instillation of the nose. Parents can prepare the saline solution. For this purpose, 1 liter add 9 grams of salt. The whole mass mix well and dribble in both passages 2-3 drops.

The baby’s head to incline in a different direction. After backfilling to drain the mucus from the nose using a special device. Older children may close one nostril and to blow the mucus out of the second. The same repeat with the other nostril.

The prohibitions in the treatment of

Dr. Komarovsky is not highly recommends:

  • apply drops with antibacterial effect;
  • to use the medicine constricts blood vessels in the beginning of the cold;
  • to bury the child’s nose aloe juice or other vegetables.

To cure a runny nose in a child should be treated as carefully as possible. Not all medicines are shown to these children. For this reason, it is important to get expert advice.

Prevention of the common cold

Dr. Komarovsky suggests that it’s much easier to prevent colds than to engage in its healing. It is important to take protective measures, which include:

  1. It is necessary to teach a child to zakalivanie since the first days of his life.
  2. It is important to strengthen the child’s immunity at the expense of true distributed power. You need to learn how to choose the right vitamins to your child, to optimize the mode of wakefulness and sleep.
  3. The child constantly withdraw to walk. Fresh air is very healthy.
  4. Me regular massages, to provide courses of physiotherapy. Be sure to do morning exercises. The baby should be recorded in the sports section. All physical activity should be moderate so as not to harm the child’s health and do not cause complications.
  5. During SARS and other epidemics to wash the baby’s nose by means of mortar with salt.
  6. To maintain the necessary living conditions of the baby.
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When performing such simple actions can protect your baby from the nozzle. In these paragraphs there is nothing complicated, so you should listen to the advice of Dr. Komarovsky.


From the foregoing the result is that rhinitis does not always carries danger. It may be just an allergic reaction to the dust. Maybe just a little dried up mucous and the body began to be protected from excessive dryness. So you should learn to identify the symptoms of a good cold from a bacterial.

If the discharge acquires a yellowish tint and a strong odor, in this case, it is necessary surgery. Possible at home to do the washing and burying of the nose. Before using any procedures you should consult with a specialist.