Treatment of runny nose and sniffles among children at the Komarovsky saline: recipe method

How to treat a runny nose with saline according to the method of Dr. Komarovsky?

The human body from birth, inevitably faced with an aggressive external environment, but not always it can counter such negative effects. One of the most common reactions to such an attack is cold, especially the frequently observed in children of different ages.

Despite the variety of medicines in pharmacies, with a focus on treatment of cold saline in children according to Komarovsky, the more that this tool multifunctional. The simplest sterile mixture of sodium chloride can be easily purchased at any pharmacy. Despite the low cost, this saline solution it is possible to cook at home range.

How to prepare a solution — a recipe from a cold Dr. Komarovsky

A highly effective recipe for the common cold Dr. Komarovsky, where one small heaped teaspoon (about nine grams) of salt dissolved in one liter of boiled water. Salt in heated water you need to fill up slowly, not forgetting to stir. In the end, it should be liquid with a salty taste.

If you do not follow all of the above proportions, the concentration will be incorrect, which will cause, or discomfort, or just the solution will not have the desired effect.

In each outer hole of the nose is buried not more than three or four drops. These manipulations need to be repeated three times a day, without fear that the resulting solution will cause overdose. It is important to know that home-made remedy for the common cold does not spoil at room temperature, but storing it can be no more than twenty-four hours.

As for inhalation, for conducting sessions in an inhaler or nebulizer saline is added to the maximum mark on the Cup. It occurs after inhalation through a mask included in the kit. One session should last not less than ten and not more than twenty minutes. Repeat procedure three times during the day.


  • if you use bottled water (water in glass or plastic containers), it is recommended to warm it slightly;
  • as for water from the tap, initially it is necessary to boil and then allow to cool to 36,60 C, which corresponds to normal human body temperature;
  • salt is better to take the first grind, because it is smaller and therefore has a better solubility.
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A description of the method

Dr. Komorowski strongly recommends to find out the true cause of the runny nose, then determine what type it belongs (bacterial, allergic or viral), and after start of adequate therapy.

An important fact, in his opinion, is the creation of maximally comfortable conditions, that is, maintaining a certain indoor climate. This refers to the measurement of temperature and humidity so that treatment is not delayed for a long time.

To provide the most effective therapeutic action of the saline instillation begins with the appearance of the first signs of the painful condition.

Other drops should be removed from the produced therapy in order not to provoke unwanted adverse effects. Drops, temporarily relieves (vasoconstrictor – Kselen, Rinonorm and others) do not use, so as not to provoke swelling.

It is important to understand that to rinse the nose with saline must be done carefully, especially when talking about babies. It is necessary to use special devices, which include:

  • pipette;
  • dropper bottle;
  • a bottle with a special nozzle-sprayer;
  • a syringe without a needle;
  • and a syringe with a narrow spout and small size.

Received means wash out the nasal passages as a child and an adult.

The introduction of a solution for the baby

Neonatal syringe to fill with warm solution, and then the child should be placed on any side. Then in nostril, located at the current position of the top-administered syringe or a rubber pear and slowly inject the solution before pouring it back. Similarly, the lavage of the other nasal passage, which of the child turn on the other side.

The syringe, equipped with a wide opening, is not suitable, because a powerful flow of wound fluid and mucous can get into the ear. In General, the treatment snot Komarovsky best to implement a syringe without a needle, where the pressure is uncontrollable.

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The introduction of a solution for small children

Due to the fact that the aqueous solution does not cause irritation, it is regularly used for the treatment of the youngest children. The child is naughty and burying allergic reactions it causes. The solution is readily available, so no need to waste time cooking.

Difficulties may arise due to the restlessness of young children, so moms and dads resort with all sorts of tricks. For example, offer the first saline drip allegedly loved a toy animal, and then to him. In other embodiments, it is possible to divert the child’s attention with bright books or other interesting items.

Easier to perform the procedure instillation of children older than three years. The child gets on a stool while holding a bowl and a tilt of the head is done until the moment has not yet occurred, the contact of the neck and chin. In this position a grown alternately enters the solution. In the end you need to blow your nose and raise his head.

The scope of application of saline


In addition to the treatment of the nasal cavity, the saline solution used as a gargle or to wash small wounds.

There is such versatility with the fact that the saline solution can remove the unwanted mucus in the nose and in the nasal passages by thinning.

Regularly rinse the mucosa can be purchased FireStore as Akvamaris, Dolphin, Humer, Dioxidine, or other such actions.

In viral rhinitis, as advised by Dr. Komorowski, excluded compositions containing antibiotics.

It must be remembered that this type of the disease prohibits walking on air just in case, if the measurement was found to have a high temperature, the rest – walking is essential for a speedy recovery.

Colds provoke an increase in fragility and permeability of vascular walls, therefore, to reduce these symptoms, the doctor recommends that you Supplement the treatment with this drug as calcium Gluconate, are sometimes included in the Rimantadine or, for example, Ascorbic acid. The feasibility of these tools identifies only the watching doctor.

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An alternative method of getting rid of rhinitis are sessions inhalations with the addition of saline solution, but sometimes this method is impossible for the younger and the more active children. Session inhalations easier to carry out using a special children’s inhaler, which in addition to the necessary functionality, has an interesting and, usually, striking design.

A more modern development in the category of such goods acts as a nebulizer, irrigating more space of the nasal cavity of tiny particles of saline solution, which transforms the camera.

The result of such careful treatment is the flushing of purulent masses of microflora and destruction of cells.

It is important to know that the inhalation is not suitable for high temperature and symptoms of intoxication.

Thus, the treatment of rhinitis according to the method of Komarovsky with saline is the best, especially for small children, but only subject to additional measures and with the authorization of a gynecologist.