Treatment of sinusitis Bay leaf: recipe and reviews

How to treat sinusitis Bay leaf?

When inflammation of maxillary sinuses need as quickly as possible to start treatment. Sinusitis is dangerous because quickly passes into the chronic stage and acute abundant mucous secretions, swelling of the mucous membrane, pain when tilting the head and any palpation of the region of the frontal sinus. To get rid of such kind of inflammation in several ways. Along with drug therapy, doctors may prescribe treatment with application of methods of alternative medicine.

One of such ways is the treatment of sinusitis Bay leaf. Useful medicinal properties of these leaves is known since the last century. Therefore, for the treatment of maxillary sinusitis it is recommended to use the recipes described below.

What is sinusitis

Sinusitis is an inflammation which is characterized by disease of the maxillary sinus. Inflammation of the maxillary sinus can be acute or chronic, but in either case, the disease quite frustrating. To get rid of the disease is necessary to determine the cause of the formation of sinusitis and start treatment with the elimination of this factor.

Most often, the inflammation only covers one cavity of the nasal passages, but may be localized in both maxillary sinuses.

In the formation of sinusitis patients complain of acute pain in the forehead, copious mucus discharge, feeling of pressure on the area inflamed sinuses.

Often the signs of inflammation with pain in the upper part of the jaw. Pain in teeth increases with the ingestion and swallowing of food.

All patients patients with impaired nasal sinus pressure, there are mucous or purulent discharge from the nose.

Among the causes predisposing to the formation of inflammation include:

  • violation of nasal breathing;
  • a deviated septum;
  • or vasomotor hypertrophic rhinitis;
  • adenoids;
  • various allergic inflammation of the nasal sinuses;
  • a weak immune system;
  • chronic inflammation of the upper respiratory tract;
  • untimely or inadequate treatment of catarrhal inflammations.

To get rid of inflammation of the maxillary sinuses in various ways, but in any case the treatment should be under constant supervision of an experienced physician.

How to treat Bay leaf

That the treatment was effective without relapse, you must follow the rules and advice of a healthcare practitioner.

Do not treat sinusitis yourself, as this can lead to more complex processes in the body.

You also cannot ignore the inflammation of the sinuses, as an abundant accumulation of pus or mucus is fertile flora for the development and reproduction of viruses and unwanted organisms.

With the defeat of the nearby organs possible dire consequences.

Usually qualified specialists prescribed medication sinusitis with the use of traditional methods. This combination helps to reduce the symptoms of the disease and to normalize the patient’s state of health.

The most popular recipe for the common cold is the use of decoctions and solutions of Bay leaf.

Bay leaf known for its many beneficial properties. It has a pleasant odor and taste, and medicinal properties of the plant allow to stop the development of bacterial infection. In addition, the Bay leaf contains a large number of natural antimicrobial substances and active ingredients which have anti-inflammatory action. So this plant is especially fond of in the treatment of acute inflammation in the nasopharynx.

Due to the active influence on the protective mechanisms of the immune system, the body begins to self-struggle, diluting mucus and normalizing nasal breathing.

In addition, the treatment of cold Bay leaves allowed in the home.

But before carrying out various manipulations with a given plant, ensure you know the allowed recipes.

Internal use

For internal use Laurel leaves it is necessary to note the positive properties of the drug. It is having immunomodulatory effect only when properly applied. To prepare the broth you will need:

  1. Brew three leaf plants in one Cup of boiling water.
  2. The broth should infuse for thirty minutes.

Cooked means you need to drink six times a day for sixty minutes before meals or after twenty minutes after application of food.

Do not use this prescription in case of chronic gastritis or ulcers. This is due to the active production of gastric juice, which causes the appearance of undesirable side effects when illness of the stomach.

In the absence of this factor from the patient, treatment in this way is valid for three weeks. You must then take a week break and repeat the course for prevention.

External use

With all the different inflammations in the stomach, the patient may need the use of Bay leaf directly on the affected area. To use the plant as compresses, drops, irrigation or inhalation.

To prepare the poultice, you must:

  1. Grind a hundred grams of the dried leaves.
  2. Then pour a mixture of one Cup water and bring to a boil.
  3. After that, the broth must be allowed to stand for one day in a dark and dry place.

After cooking, the decoction and tincture, you need to prepare yourself a compress.

  1. To do this, fold several layers of cotton cloth or gauze.
  2. Soak a compress in the broth, which you must warm up to body temperature.
  3. Put the cloth on the nose and nose.
  4. Lie in this position for fifteen minutes. At this time, cover the compress with a warm scarf.

Repeat during the day up to six times. At night, you need to put hot, but not hot compresses. Keep the bandage in the evening you need within one hour. To maintain effective result, before the night is recommended to drink hot hours with honey. To manipulate it you must within fourteen days.

The result after compression is noticeable on the seventh day of treatment. The patient has normal nasal breathing, reduces the swelling of the mucous membranes, actively moves mucus from the maxillary sinuses.


If the implementation of this method for any reasons was not possible, it is recommended that the introduction of broth directly into the nasal passages.

To do this, use a gauze wicks soaked in large quantity of prepared broth.

Immediately before administration turundae is recommended to flush each nasal passage.

Lavage you can also use pre-prepared solution of Laurel leaves.

For washing it is necessary to lean over the sink and remove purulent discharge with medical pear.


Another common method of treating sinusitis, Laurel leaves, inhalation.

To do this, boil five Bay leaves in a large saucepan.

Lean over the steam, previously covered with a towel.

Immediately after the procedure, patients will notice the abundant flow of mucus.

To remove it you can use a rinse or blow your nose.


Reviews about Bay leaf in the sinus variety. Many patients use this method since childhood and know firsthand about its effective result.

Maria Panychida: «Since childhood, the cold I treated the Bay leaf. Grandma brewed a few leaves in the pot, forcing me to breathe in pairs. When inflammation of sinusitis I remembered this recipe and used it as an adult. The result was stunning! The slime quickly began to leave, and after its removal normal breathing.»

Marcel Gavrilov: «When the son formed an acute sinusitis, the doctor prescribed a complex treatment. It includes application of lotions of Bay leaf. To this method I reacted with disbelief, but still decided to use. Used for two weeks. According to the son, breathing much easier already on the fifth day of use, and at the end of treatment it went at all.»


Treatment of diabetes requires a comprehensive approach, so without the help of a doctor is not enough. Do not use the methods of traditional medicine without a doctor’s prescription, as any use of the above-described recipes can provoke deterioration if you use the method correctly.

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