Treatment of sinusitis honey at home: honey cake recipes

How to treat sinusitis with honey at home?

The standard treatment of inflammation of the paranasal sinuses is medical therapy. To get rid of acute or chronic sinusitis, you can use nose lavage, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs, vasoconstrictor nasal drops and other means. Treatment is usually by standard methods is about ten days.

But, sometimes conservative treatment is not enough. In such a situation, the doctors decide to use the recipes of alternative medicine. Decoctions of medicinal ingredients obtained in nature, help to reduce acute symptoms of sinusitis and improve the health of the patient. One of the popular methods is the treatment of sinusitis honey at home.

How to cure sinusitis

To get rid of acute inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, the patient should undergo a medical examination to determine the severity of the disease. Only after consultation the patient can begin treatment.

It usually consists of the following products:

  1. In bacterial lesions of the sinuses, the patient is prescribed the antibiotics Amoxicillin, Ampicillin, Ticarcillin, Gatifloxacin, and Ciprofloxacin.
  2. In the case of viral diseases, can not do without the following medicines Ingavirin, Kagocel, Lavomax, Cycloferon, Arbidol.
  3. Allergic sinusitis can be cured with the help of these drugs – Tsetrin, Erius, Suprastin, Letizen, Cetirizine.
  4. Regardless of the form of the disease, the patient should rinse the nasal passages. You can use specialized vibratory – Phrase, Humer, Marker, Aqua Maris, Dolfin, But-Salt, Quick, Dr. Theiss, These and others.
  5. To facilitate nasal breathing, use of vasoconstrictor drops – Otrivin, Tizin, Naphazoline, Nazivin, Nazol, ksimelin.

Important! In addition to drug therapy, to get rid of sinusitis is possible by means of physiotherapeutic procedures. It is best to apply thermotherapy, but only on the condition that no purulent discharge.

In addition, common UHF treatment, laser therapy and ultraviolet exposure.

Folk medicine using honey

If the acute sinusitis is characterized by symptoms, to get rid of inflammation of the paranasal sinuses will be more difficult. In this case, in addition to the standard treatment, the doctor prescribes honey therapy. She is not able to cure the disease completely, but the main goal of treatment of honey is the reduction of the symptoms of the disease.

Bee products are known for their healing properties. Based on honey made many recipes that can help get rid of diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract.

Applying honey or propolis, the patient can relieve yourself from the symptoms of maxillary sinusitis for a few days, and favorably affect the immune system. But first and foremost, honey is a natural antiseptic medication. It can be used to eliminate fungi, viruses and most bacteria.


To eliminate inflammation and provide beneficial effects on the mucosa of the honey, it is recommended that the warming of the sinuses. This method is relevant when inflammation of the maxillary region due to respiratory complications.

For the preparation of heat wrapping it is necessary to conduct the following:

  1. Heat on a steam bath to a small amount of honey.
  2. Add the dissolved product is in rye flour in the proportion of two to one.
  3. From the resulting mixture, prepare the tortilla and roll it thin layer.
  4. Attach the cake to the wings of the nose, clasping the maxillary sinus.
  5. Keep the compress for thirty minutes, then lubricate the nose cream non-greasy.

Honey cake in the sinus has a marked anti-inflammatory effect. The effect comes after the third application. The course of treatment in this manner can last up to fifteen days.

Important! One cannot do a heat treatment if the patient suffers from high temperature, or purulent accumulations in the paranasal sinuses. In this case, you will not only relieve symptoms, but will harm your health.


In order to prevent bacterial sinusitis or complications, doctors recommend to inhale the vapors of honey. Inhalation based on honey will have a devastating effect on malicious organisms. In addition, this procedure will strengthen the immune system.

For steam inhalation, you must:

  1. Boil one liter of water.
  2. Beforehand dip it in the water a small piece of propolis.
  3. When bee product has dissolved completely, inhale the vapor for ten minutes.
  4. Throughout the procedure, the patient’s head must be covered with a thick towel.
  5. During the procedure ensure that the pairs were not burning. To improve the effect in the broth, you can add two drops of iodine or aromatic oils.

Immediately after the procedure is forbidden to go outside or be in the draft.

Attention! Treatment of sinusitis by inhalation on the basis of honey are strictly contraindicated at high temperatures or in case of bacterial infection.


For the treatment of sinusitis, you can use compresses with honey. This procedure has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect and also helps liquefy mucous secretions. In addition, these packs have a healing effect.

To prepare the compress, you need to choose a basis for treatment. Usually honey is added aloe or beet juice. In the first case for making gadgets need to do the following:

  1. In a teaspoon of honey mix the juice from one aloe leaf.
  2. For best effect in the mixture add two drops of the celandine.
  3. Prepare turundas gauze and soak it in the mixture.
  4. Enter turundas in each nostril with vaseline.
  5. The lotion can be kept in for fifteen minutes. After that, remove turundas and lubricate the nasal passages with tea tree oil.

To prepare a poultice of beet, you must:

  1. Heat one teaspoon of honey in a water bath.
  2. Add to the mix five drops of fresh beet juice.
  3. Cool the resulting liquid and soak her tampons.
  4. Enter turundy in the nasal passages for exactly ten minutes.

In addition to these methods, alternative medicine can offer the use of bows and soap. For the preparation of lotions of these ingredients necessary to dissolve a small piece of soap on a water bath. Then add to the liquid the juice of onion and half a teaspoon of honey. Stir the mixture and moisten in it a gauze turundas.

Enter the compress-and-neck with inflamed side for thirty minutes.

Remember! Tampons in the nose from sinusitis can only be applied in the absence of temperature. This recipe can not be used to patients suffering from chronic sinusitis.

Drops with honey

Another method of treating sinusitis is to prepare drops based on honey. This remedy helps to improve breathing and restore function of mucous membrane. To cook drops you must:

  1. Dissolve a small amount of honey on a steam bath.
  2. Add in bee product a pinch of baking soda and aloe Vera juice.
  3. Enter the drug in the nasal passages, two drops in one application.
  4. Spend pre-rinsing the nasal passages with the help of specialized FirstView.

Treatment via eye drops will help to restore the outflow of mucus. However, before applying this recipe, you need to be sure there are no allergic reactions.

Honey in the nose with sinusitis will have a pronounced effect after the third application.


You cannot use the above methods with a special sensitivity to bee products. Other contraindications include congenital predisposition to allergic reactions, as well as the period of gestation and feeding the baby’s chest.

Do not attempt to cure acute sinusitis only with the use of these recipes. Unfortunately, traditional methods can only reduce the symptoms but will not cure the patient from the source of the disease.

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