Treatment of sinusitis laser: laser therapy, how to treat

How to treat sinusitis laser?

To date, one of the most unpleasant diseases is sinusitis. Inflammation of the maxillary sinuses can lead to dangerous consequences, so it is important to start treatment of the disease in time. The ineffectiveness of medical treatment or in case of advanced forms of sinusitis the patient to avoid surgery.

If the sinusitis has been treated with puncture, now patients choose bole gentle way of treatment. Laser therapy for sinusitis has gained popularity recently, but thanks to painless impact and positive outcome are firmly entrenched in modern medicine.

How to cure sinusitis

If the patient was diagnosed with inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, the patient should adopt a comprehensive drug treatment. Usually a standard course of therapy includes:

  1. Antibiotic therapy using the following drugs – «Amoxicillin», «Ampicillin», «Ticarcillin», «Gatifloxacin», «Moxifloxacin», «Ciprofloxacin».
  2. Combined local drop – «Izofra», «Polideksa», «Bioparoks».
  3. The antiviral medication «Rimantadine», «Tamiflu», «Amiksin», «Kagocel», «Tsikloferon», «Arbidol».
  4. Vasoconstrictor drops «Naphazoline», «Nazivin», «Otrivin», «Glycine» and others.
  5. Anti-inflammatory drug «Meloxicam», «Askofen-P», «Amelotex», «Hydrocortisone», «Voltaren», «Dexon».
  6. Antihistamines – «Zyrtec», «Suprastin», «Aerius», «Effective».
  7. Washing out the nose with fibrestore «Aqualor», «Aqua Maris», «Humer», «Dolphin», «No Salt.»
  8. The use of oils to moisturize the mucosa.

Remember! In some cases, if the patient has noticed the onset of the disease in time, then the patient is prescribed thermotherapy, inhalations and other methods of physiotherapy.

The mechanism of treatment

When drug therapy is ineffective, the patient is administered laser treatment of sinusitis.

The treatment takes place in several stages. Usually to cure the patient enough ten procedures. The patient is not necessary to go to the hospital, therapy can be carry out on an outpatient basis.


Before beginning the laser treatment the patient wash out nasal passages with the method of the Cuckoo. As the saline solution the doctor may use an antiseptic or salt mix.

The wash procedure the cuckoo may seem unpleasant, but it is necessary for a complete cure. It can help to clear the nasal passages of dirt, mucus and purulent discharge.

The basic procedure

After the reorganization of the sinuses, there comes the main part of treating sinusitis laser. When exposed to laser the patient does not feel unpleasant or painful sensations. During treatment in the nasal passages of the patient is the laser itself, and the doctor acts on the center of disease.

Passing through the walls of the nasal passages, the laser leaves small burns, but destroys the cause of the disease. The advantage of this treatment is painless and no adhesions. Why patients choose laser therapy more often.

After laser exposure, the patient is summarized nasal passages and the walls of the sinus, and pus excreted by natural means. Due to the narrowing of blood vessels, the patient noted improvement in nasal breathing and restores the function of the nasal cavity.

In addition, laser treatment does not desiccate the mucosa.


After laser treatment, the patient noted complete relief from the symptoms of sinusitis. The first result after the treatment can be noticed immediately after the procedure. The patient becomes easier to breathe, reduces the pain in the head, improved the main functions of the respiratory organ.

In addition, patients report a decrease in body temperature and reduce swelling in the mucous.


Advantages of laser treatment are undeniable. These include:

  • the absence of pain;
  • quick results;
  • the absence of mechanical damages;
  • the integrity of the skin.


Finding out how to treat sinusitis with laser, it is important to clarify bans on the procedure.

Laser therapy has the following contraindications and use limitations of the procedure:

  • with cancer;
  • if the temperature is above 38 degrees Celsius;
  • during pregnancy;
  • in the case of anemia;
  • with the disease of blood.


Laser treatment avoids puncture of nasal sinus, complicated period of rehabilitation and long-term use of medicines.

However, it is best to promptly treat colds or infectious diseases and not to bring the disease to complications.

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