Treatment of sinusitis with homeopathy in adults and children: tools and preparations

What are the homeopathic medicines used for sinusitis?

Sinusitis is a complex disease. Most doctors believe that this inflammation lends itself to exclusively pharmacological products, without which, treatment cannot be achieved positive dynamics.

In addition to traditional treatment prove the effectiveness of homeopathic medicines from sinusitis, which in contrast to classical drugs safe different effects on the human body. Where it is appropriate to use homeopathy and when not to dispense microbicides?

The placebo effect or effective alternative to conventional medicine?

The inflammatory process in the paranasal sinuses occupies a leading position among the pathologies of ENT-organs. This disease is characterized by a long therapeutic interventions and the tendency to renewed inflammation after full recovery (relapses).

In most cases, sinusitis is a complication not treated until the end of rhinitis as a distinct disease can occur in exceptional cases.

The disease can occur in several forms:

  • the acute, which is characterized by inflammation of the submucosal layer;
  • chronic, pathological process affects bone tissue (is the result of running the treatment of acute forms).

Significantly complicates diagnosis symptomatic picture which has similarity with acute respiratory viral infection.

Of the distinguishing characteristics of yellow-green nasal mucus viscous consistency, pain in the nose, above the eyes, aggravated by the tilt of the head, coughing, sneezing.

Treatment of sinusitis with homeopathy in adults and children based on the principle of impact on the disease drugs with minimum concentration of active substances, large doses which provoke symptomatic picture of the disease.

The action of the therapeutic effect of homeopathic medicines is not fully understood, but research to assess the efficacy and safety of this treatment will show positive results.

Interesting! It is scientifically proven that the placebo effect can achieve high efficiency of 50%. The ongoing research processes of studies of the effectiveness of homeopathy has shown that in this case the result exceeds the treatment «drugs – dummies» two times. Clinical improvement in the treatment of chronic sinusitis observed in the first 2 months of therapy, the therapeutic effect persists for several years.

Since homeopathic remedies contain active substances in a minimum quantity, they have a prolonged effect, i.e., do not expect instant relief. When properly selected course of therapy the patient can see the deterioration that testifies to positive dynamics of treatment.

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Therefore, the acute form of sinusitis involves only a complex effect on infectious lesion, concurrent treatment with antibiotics and homeopathy. As monotherapy homeopathic medicine is the place to consider when viral etiology of the disease, with mild symptomatic picture.

Effective drugs concept it

The preparation of therapeutic treatment should deal with the homeopath in turn, the patient must strictly adhere to the assigned dosage and duration of therapy. Self-administration of drugs can be ineffective.

Homeopathy in sinusitis in children is common, due to the practical absence of side-effects, only natural ingredients and lack of toxic effects on the body. The daily rate of the drug may depend on patient characteristics (age, weight, emotional state and other factors).

Important! The advantages of homeopathic treatment – simulation of the immune defense of the person.

Prepared homeopathic remedies are implemented in the form of a spray, syrup, solid dosage forms. In therapeutic and prophylactic purposes the most effective:

  • Homeopathic pills «Cinnabsin». Multicomponent drug used in treatment of inflammatory processes of the paranasal sinuses acute and chronic. Has a pronounced anti-edematous and anti-inflammatory effect helps to reduce the production aconselho secret, to eliminate congestion of the mucous, enhances the activity of immune system cells. Depending on the etiology, form of the disease, the age of the patient provides the individual dosage. According to the instructions, for the relief of acute infectious process adults take remedy not more than 12 times a day, with an interval of 60 minutes. Children — the rate of application varies from 6-8 times a day, 1 tablet with an interval of 60-120 minutes. Individual hypersensitivity to individual components is a recommendation for the cessation of therapeutic action. Is not recommended drug in the therapeutic treatment children under 3 years of age, due to the lack of data on clinical trials in this age.
  • Intranasal spray «Euphorbium compositum», one of a kind the drug, which has antiviral activity. Thanks to the restorative action helps to improve blood circulation in the vessels of the mucosa, its regeneration. Therapeutic effect is manifested in the form of relief of nasal breathing, normalization of passage of mucus through the nose, reducing inflammation. It should be noted that this drug does not possesses a strong vasoconstrictive action inherent in decongestants. Prolonged use does not cause tolerance to the remedy, simultaneous or sequential reception of other nasal medication does not alter the effect of homeopathic remedies. The recommended dosage is in the range of six applications 1-2 spray in each nasal passage (adult population), three times a day one dose for children under 6 years.
  • «Teva» spray tool with a wide therapeutic effect. Popular in otolaryngology for treatment of rhinitis of various etiologies, sinusitis, pharyngitis, tubootitis (inflammation in the Eustachian tube). Among the advantages of tools – anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-edematous and antimicrobial effect that allows to eliminate rhinorrhea, reduce swelling of the mucous membrane, to reduce the sensitivity of the latter to allergic stimuli. In the first days of therapy may be increased production of mucus miconazole that is not a reason for discontinuation of the drug. The rate of application and duration of treatment is determined individually.

Important! Before application of homeopathic medicines it is necessary to clear the nasal passages by rinsing with saline or finished pharmaceutical products («Akvamaris», «Aqualor», «Dolphin»).

Homeopathy has no contraindications, except for the altered reactivity of the organism. No side effects allows to include drug therapy in pregnant women, nursing mothers, young children.

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In addition to finished products sold in pharmacies, the attending specialist may prescribe traditional medicines homeopathic actions, which may contain arsenic, belladonna, sulphur Hahnemann’s calcium, potassium dichromate, mercury, etc.

These products can only be purchased in special professional institutions engaged in direct manufacturing of homeopathic remedies.


Safety and no chemical compounds allows the use of homeopathy as a treatment for adults and children after prior consultation of the specialist. Severe forms of the disease involve treatment in combination with conservative methods.

Alternative medicine does not allow self-prescribing, which can lead not only to failure of treatment, but also to serious consequences.