Treatment of the common cold in babies folk remedies

How to cure cold at of the baby folk remedies?

Mucus in newborns occur because of the many precipitating factors. To get rid of a cold important when the first manifestations of acute rhinitis has certain complications. Not only that, he can cause the formation of otitis media, sinusitis or sore throat, and greatly affect your overall health. Rhinitis in newborns and toddlers up to three years accompanied by shortness of breath, pain in the temporal region and a raising of the body temperature.

To take any medicines in this case can only be a doctor. But if possible, go to the doctor in the near future, you need to get rid of rhinitis. In this case, parents are turning to alternative medicine. Learn how to cure runny nose in babies folk remedies in today’s article.

Than you can use when cold

Rhinitis in newborns has many specific effects. Often, the common cold becomes the root cause of hearing loss, acute otitis media in the middle or inner ear, inflammation of the paranasal or maxillary sinuses and so on. All the obvious reasons to cure common cold in newborns need to be cautious.

Children have a weak immune system and untimely cured rhinitis dangerous for the baby.

Runny nose often provokes the occurrence of acute respiratory diseases.

The treatment of children in infancy should be monitored by a qualified physician.

Often specialists, along with drug therapy can assign methods from the folk medicine.

Often rhinitis in newborns treated with decoctions and solutions that are instilled into the nasal passages. Healing properties have root oak and raspberry, rosehips, Bay leaves, chamomile flower, nettle, mother and stepmother, mint, sea-buckthorn, dandelion, sage, celandine and many other herbs.

It is important to understand that taking these herbs and medicinal plants on their own after consultation with your doctor. You can never predict how a child will react to a drug, so don’t risk the health of your baby.


When a certain Allergy to any medicinal substances you can’t take the plants, which is composed of these components. As well as the treatment it is important to monitor the health of the child and the manifestation of any allergic reactions stop taking decoctions or solutions.

Remember that the treatment of newborn methods of folk medicine can provoke deterioration of health. Often, this factor appears due to the inaccuracy of the execution of the recipe, or in violation of dosage. In addition, when treatment with traditional methods is not excluded allergic reactions.

Other complications include blockage of the Eustachian tube, which can be triggered by the accumulation of mucous secretions. On the anatomy of babies and infants nasal passages are narrow and even with a small accumulation of mucus, and the ducts of the Eustachian tube can get clogged and cause nasal congestion and ear. To determine this factor by yourself is difficult, so you need medical help.

Separately it should be noted that in the first months of life the baby is not able to breathe through the mouth and the common cold can become a serious problem.

At this time, the baby often cries and is cranky, refuses to eat, sleeps badly at night.

In the case of acute inflammation, the doctor will prescribe a comprehensive treatment, wherein the treatment of the common cold in babies folk remedies quickly and effectively helps to reduce mucus and to normalize the breathing.

Therefore, in addition to medication, your doctor may prescribe lavage of the nasal passages, the use of different broths and hydration of the mucous passages.

How to apply the methods of traditional medicine

To start the treatment of rhinitis in infants, you must determine the cause of its appearance.

If rhinitis is a physiological occurrence, it does not require medication or any other intervention.

In this case, it is sufficient to monitor the health of the child and in time to eliminate mucus.

If the rhinitis is infectious or viral origin, required more stringent treatment. The goal of therapy – the elimination of mucous secretions and normalization of nasal breathing. In addition to medication and traditional medicine, it is necessary to take into account other factors.

For example, in the methods of traditional medicine includes humidifying the air and prevent drying of the nasal mucosa. The air in the room of the baby should be moist and clean. Besides, don’t forget to conduct daily wet cleaning and dusting.

But the main factors treatment traditional medicine include:

  1. Nasal rinses. This procedure is necessary each time before using nasal medication and to drain mucosal secretions. This exercise helps to normalize nasal breathing.
  2. For suctioning of mucous secretions take advantage of the specialized devices. Aspirators can be mechanical or vacuum, but regardless of form, carry out the manipulation with this tool, you only need the outer part of the new pass, putting the straw too far.
  3. With highly elevated body temperature, give your child a decoction of Laurel leaves and berries, and also prevent drafts and eliminate water treatment.

Other methods of treatment include the use of breast milk. It has many useful properties and with instillation of a few drops in the nasal passages, there is improvement in the outflow of mucus and restore breathing. But keep in mind that after fifteen minutes you need to wash the nose. If this rule is ignored, it may develop bacteria and other pathogens, as breast milk contains large amounts of antibodies.

To consolidate the effect, you can use the known method of treatment with the help of aloe juice.

To do this, cut one leaf of aloe and put it in the fridge for three hours.

After that, collect all the juice of the plant and dilute with purified water in proportion of one to one. Then insert the tool into each nostril.

In the absence of such plants in your home, you can use sea buckthorn oil. Purchase medicine at the pharmacy and dilute two drops of the remedy in a single drop of purified water. After you enter in the nasal passages of the child two drops. Immediately after the introduction of the drug, close the nose with a pellet on for twenty minutes.

In addition, it is useful to spend a few inhalations. As a medicinal component, you can use Bay leaves or eucalyptus. With the same purpose, many parents used oil.

These methods have a effective effect only in combination with drug therapy, which must appoint a physician. Self-treatment of the child might be hazardous to his health.


At the beginning of the inflammatory process, which is accompanied by a runny nose you need to go to a medical facility. Inflammation of the respiratory tract in infancy is dangerous, as it has a number of complications. To avoid them follow the advice of doctors and do not break the dosage of drugs.

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