Turundy nose in the sinus: how to do turundy with honey

How to make turundas for the nose in sinusitis and rhinitis?

In the treatment of diseases of ENT organs, experts use different methods. A very conservative method — introduction into the nasal cavity with a cotton swab that is saturated with the drug. What is turundy nose? Under the pellet mean a piece of gauze or bandage, rolled into a ball.

Turundy nose while sinusitis can include a variety of means, which suppress inflammation and reduce swelling of tissues.

Turundy nose with sinusitis

For the treatment of rhinitis and sinusitis, in addition to the internal ingestion of drugs, use local effects on the nasal cavity. A great option — drops and nasal sprays. Despite this, specialists commonly use another method of treatment — turundy nose in the cold. They found their wide application in traditional medicine and in folk.

For therapeutic procedure, the roller is dipped in the drug infusion and inserted into the nose.

Size turunda should be good to enter into the nasal passage, with its end should look.

This is necessary for rapid retrieval.

This procedure allows for close contact with the nasal mucosa and maxillary sinuses. With their help it is possible to use both traditional pharmacological drugs, and drugs of traditional medicine. The time depends on the product, and need to be discussed with your doctor.

For the local treatment of sinusitis is used a large number of folk methods. One of the common components is honey, which is perfectly dilutes and removes phlegm. Also effective propolis, aloe juice, beets, carrots, onions and garlic.

Efficiency turundae proven, because the active substance acts in the place of defeat for a long time.

Turundy have the following effects:

  1. Displays the pus.
  2. Liquefied mucus is beautifully displayed outside.
  3. Promotes ventilation of the sinuses.
  4. Removes the inflammatory process.
  5. Reduces puffiness.
  6. The applied substance on turundas anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action.

Before proceeding to the treatment of sinusitis in a similar way, it is necessary to remember some rules. If funds for turundae are purchased in a pharmacy before applying it is important to read the instructions, and become familiar with contraindications. The use of drugs strictly on prescription. Because each stage of the disease involves certain medications.

If for the treatment of used folk remedies, it is necessary to observe the reaction of the body. Some components can cause an allergic reaction in the form of a burning sensation.

Turundy prohibited to use children up to three years. Children under 16 years are not allowed to use components which can cause burns of mucous. During pregnancy and lactation period turundy you want to apply to your doctor.

Before installing pad, be well to clear the sinuses. This course rinsed nasal saline, which you can prepare yourself or buy at the pharmacy.

The main advantages of this method of treatment:

  1. Gauze can be made own, it does not require buying expensive materials.
  2. To use turundy at any spare time.
  3. The procedure is simple.
  4. The drug stays in the nasal passage and doesn’t spring back.
  5. Close contact of the drug with the mucosa and maxillary sinuses.

Manufacturer turundae nose

How to make turundeki nose at home? In appearance resembles turunda cotton-gauze swab.

Turundy usually made of improvised means.


From the cotton pre-rasputyvat, and twist the swab, bend in half and end connect with each other. A cotton swab is soft. A great helper is a toothpick. The wool is wound around a toothpick, then the toothpick is removed and the tampon is compacted in the process of twisting.

Cosmetic cotton pads

Still one of the most convenient materials for the manufacture of turundae are cosmetic discs. The material is perfect as it is less shining and perfectly curled. Turundy can be made of different sizes, depending on the application.

If a cotton pad divided into two parts, each of which is cut in half. Received four blanks can be rolled into the form of a pouch.

If tampons require a more dense, then each disk is divided into two parts, each separately rolled in a tube. Further, the cushions must be folded in half and twisted into a tourniquet. Turundy ready to use.


Turundy of the bandage is most commonly used in the hospital environment. For this purpose, the bandages cut into leaf 10-15 cm. After that the bandage is wrapped inside the edge trim.

Installation turundy in each nasal passage should be performed with extreme caution. For insertion, the patient must go. Turundas soaked in a drug that is inserted into the nasal passage and rotating move up to the bow course. All movements must be implemented slowly.

Honey in the treatment of sinusitis

Med — most often used in the treatment of ENT organs. Turundy with honey in the nose help to eliminate edema and reduce inflammation, boost immunity and suppress the development of pathogenic flora.

Honey is often used at the initial stage of the disease.


  1. Cleaning of the sinuses from dust, mucus, pus. For this we use the decoction of chamomile and calendula, with the addition of a small amount of honey. Rinsing of the nose is better done with a syringe or pipette. Pour the infusion in each nostril, then blow your nose. The procedure to carry out three times. Further turundy wet in this solution and put it in the nose. Duration is one hour. After an hour, remove turundy.
  2. Very effective honey with aloe. For the procedure need to mix equal proportions of honey and aloe. After flushing of the nose, to introduce soaked in this remedy a tampon for two hours.
  3. Cleans the nose, honey and soda. Can be used with points, and you can just dig in each nostril.

This treatment has a positive effect as it uses natural components.


Levomekol ointment antibacterial effect, used for the treatment of purulent sinusitis.

Part of the chloramphenicol, inhibits the viability of microorganisms due to inhibition of protein, which is essential for the pathogenic flora.

The treatment effect on streptococci, staphylococci, and pyogenic bacteria.

The drug is effective when the causative agent is bacterial infection.

Independently difficult to determine the cause of sinusitis, therefore, to apply the ointment only after passing the appropriate tests.

After the consultation with an expert in sinusitis, you can use turundy with Levamisole in the nose.

For this you need to make two turundy. One of turundae well lubricated with ointment and to put in one nasal passage. Exposure time of 20 minutes. During the procedure it is advisable to lie down. After the procedure to remove the swab. Repeat steps with the other nostril. The procedure is preferably carried out three times a day. Last time done before bedtime. The course of treatment is 5 days.


Very often to treat sinusitis, drugs used in the content of adrenaline.

This component is a a strong antiseptic, constricts blood vessels.

Turundy nose with adrenaline is indicated for sinusitis at an early stage.

It is not necessary to self-medicate because instead of a positive effect can harm the health.


Experts the field of otolaryngology agree that the medication in combination with traditional methods are producing positive results.

If there is acute sinusitis, which is accompanied by fever, headaches, General unwell you should immediately contact a doctor and use medications. Once managed to suppress the symptoms, you can switch to the traditional methods.

Therapeutic therapy that involves the use turundae simple and safe. After all, it is enough to make some turundae, moisten the medication and to enter into the nasal passage for awhile.

What drugs to use, tell the doctor. Depending on the stage of the disease, not all drugs from sinusitis will be effective.

Common contraindications include personal intolerance to the components of medicines. The choice of recipes is very large, so everyone can choose for themselves the most suitable and sparing option. The use of complex therapy in a short period of time, will allow to cope with the dangerous disease called sinusitis. Be healthy!

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