UFO nose and throat at home: how often can do to a child

What is a UFO nose?

There are many methods used in otorhinolaryngology for the treatment of pathologies associated with the mucosa of the nasopharynx. Traditional measures in combination with physical therapy, shows good results.

One of the most common and is often prescribed in various diseases associated with the ear, throat, nose, is ultraviolet irradiation (UVI).

The principle of operation of UFO

Physiotherapy UFO is based on electromagnetic beams of various sizes. Their range of action to 400 nm. The wavelength of ultraviolet radiation, depend on the patient’s diagnosis:

  • shortwave radiation has antiviral, bactericidal effect, destroys toxins, kills pathogens Staphylococcus;
  • medium wave activates the body for the synthesis of vitamins, improves the immune system, have analgesic, anti-inflammatory effect;
  • long rays possess photosensitizing properties.

In otorhinolaryngology is used UFO to treat a number of diseases associated with the nasopharynx, which include:

  • sore throat, UV exposure is assigned in the first stages, if there is no purulent formations and at the closing;
  • sinusitis or sinusitis, use of ultraviolet irradiation to improve the effect of medical treatment;
  • adenoids (in children), the application procedure will have a disinfecting effect on the mucous membranes of the nasal passage and relieve swelling;
  • when cold, ultraviolet irradiation destroys bacteria and viruses at all stages of the disease.

Effectively proved to physiotherapy ultraviolet waves in the treatment of pharyngitis. As at the time of exacerbation and chronic form.

When ultraviolet waves

Local irradiation of UV rays starts the process of chemical reactions in the tissues, while a small quantity of histamine, serotonin, a metabolite of vitamin D. They entering the bloodstream, increase blood flow, which delivers leukocytes to the site of inflammation.

Attention. UFO assigned strictly by clinical indications and with a certain time limit.

There are contraindications, in which ultraviolet radiation is not acceptable:

  • when the diagnosis of cancer;
  • if you are hypersensitive to sunlight;
  • the presence of autoimmune lupus;
  • inflammatory process accompanied by purulent formations, high temperature or fever;
  • bleeding tendency due to fragility of the vessel walls;
  • if the history of present illness hypertension, gastric ulcer;
  • tuberculosis in the active phase;
  • renal failure, thyrotoxicosis.

Important. Before using UFO, you need to have a consultation with a physical therapist, to assign an individual dosage.

Especially if the procedure is carried out by UFOs throat and nose at home. The frequency of procedures is determined by a physician as necessary.

Physiotherapy nose

In every office for physical therapy is the apparatus that generates the required amount of the ultraviolet light for ultraviolet irradiation. Also, there are portable devices attached instructions on how to do UFO nose and throat at home.

It can be applied to both adults and children. Procedure:

  1. Produce heating of the lamp to stabilization of its parameters.
  2. Included with the apparatus includes tubes of different sizes, for different application areas. The tube is inserted into the screen of the radiator and is injected into the exposure zone.
  3. For irradiation of the nasal mucosa, it is necessary to pre-flush the sinuses. To enter the tube 5 mm, and irradiating for 2 minutes. Every day the dose is increased from 2 to 6 min (increasing every day), course of treatment up to 6 days.
  4. Pharyngitis, is taken a suitable sterile nozzle, exposed back of throat. The procedure is performed every day. The initial dose of 0,5 brought to two within four days is added at the 0.5 dose.
  5. After the procedure and disconnect the machine from the mains, it is recommended for 30 minutes to be at rest, taking a horizontal position.

If it is used, ultraviolet irradiation for treatment of diseases associated with the nasopharynx, it is necessary to consider not unimportant factor. People with fair skin type (blonde or redhead) are less resistant to ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, the time for the procedure should take less.

On the use of ultraviolet irradiation, except in cases of contraindications, no age restrictions.

How often do UFO nose and throat of the child that the procedure was good, not harm? Pediatricians recommend the use of the apparatus, in the period of exacerbation of the disease. Especially in the off-season outbreak. After the consultation with the doctor and strictly age-appropriate doses. In the presence of chronic tonsillitis, and physical therapy with ultraviolet light is carried out twice a year.

The ability of the procedure during pregnancy

Pregnancy introduces restrictions in the use of medicines. If a woman is sick, and traditional treatment methods can bring more harm to child than good mother. The question arises whether it is possible to do UFO nose during pregnancy? It is possible, after consultation with the doctor, he will determine the time for the procedure, sequence and dose.

As a rule, if no comorbidities at risk, the parameters are the same as in ordinary patients.

Physical therapy with the use of UVI for the woman and future child, completely harmless. The ultraviolet irradiation destroys bacteria and germs, so it will be a good alternative to nasal drugs. Many of them are contraindicated, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy.


UFO physical therapy can benefit the body, enhance the effects of medical treatment. But when used correctly.

Only a doctor can determine the feasibility of the procedure, the dosage of irradiation taking into account the clinical picture of the disease.

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