Ulcer in the nose: what to do and how to get rid of it

How to get rid of pimple in your nose?

The appearance of acne on the skin is quite common due to overactive sebaceous glands. Rashes in the nose is a more serious problem, which delayed treatment may lead to purulent processes and the spread of infection via the bloodstream.

How to get rid of pimple in nose depends on the cause of its appearance. To define the etiology of rash in the nose will help our specialist how to make a competent course of treatment.

Causes of rash in the nose

Pimples in the nose are not related to chronic dermatosis of the skin. The nature of the symptoms of rash on the eve of the nasal passages is directly connected with the penetration of the viral and bacterial agents, subject to the availability of immunodeficiency in the patient.

With a healthy functioning of nasal mucosa, pathological microorganisms are removed from the nasopharynx with the function of self-purification. When supercooling of the organism, presence of a respiratory disease, the protective function of the mucosa is weakened and the appearance of lesions in the nose will not keep you waiting.

The development of local inflammatory processes can result in internal damage to the mucosal (cracks, sores, etc.), external causes (frequent picking your nose with dirty hands, rubbing a handkerchief) and the inner route of infection (herpes infection).

The usual habitat of the herpes virus is the mucous membranes. This inflammatory process manifests itself in the form of a bubble filled with fluid, and is a consequence of primary infection of man. Fever and high body temperature – the main symptoms of the activity of the herpes virus.

Migration of primary inflammation in the eve of the nasal passages is called the secondary «cold». To trigger this process a sufficient number of factors – from strict diets to changing climatic conditions.

It should be noted that cold sores you’ll be relapsing in nature, with obligatory periods of remission. Therefore, the hallmark of virus infection is its persistence (precipitation will periodically appear in the primary region of occurrence).

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For reference! Migration of herpes can occur of the genitourinary system, the borders of the lips.

Pustules in the nose, accompanied by severe pain and a significant increase are a sign of boils. The main reason for the development activity of the strepto — or staphylococci in the hair follicle.

This focal infectious disease is especially dangerous, the spread of purulent masses in the bloodstream at the break of the abscess may cause the formation of thrombus, inflammation of the lymph nodes and the development of infectious processes in the brain.

So, before you squeeze a pimple in the nose is to visit an otolaryngologist, which is less traumatic way to help cope with the local inflammation.

Helpful information about what and how to treat furuncle in nose

Ways to treat rashes

The cause of the rash determines the further treatment. For example, some pimples can take place by themselves, without the use of pharmacological products. Others require the use of not only antiviral drugs, but also funds with antibacterial activity.

Method of conservative treatment of colds rashes is built on the elimination of viral infection, the elimination of the symptomatic picture and the strengthening of local immune protection.

For reference! When the diagnosis of furunculosis in a patient takes place the opening of the purulent center in a hospital.

Addressing the symptoms

Lesions in the nose may be accompanied by unpleasant sensations – pain, itch, remove that using antiviral drugs in the form of ointments. High selectivity and minimal toxicity observed in «Acyclovir», «Zovirax», «Sivaraksa».

Virostaticski the medication allows effectively eliminate symptoms of inflammatory signs within 5-10 days. It is necessary to treat not only the damaged area, but the entire painful area around the rash.

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The daily rate equates to 5-6 procedures, with a minimum of every four hours. For processing of the damaged site is to use medical gloves in order to avoid the spread of infection.

Important! When treatment is necessary to observe good personal hygiene, avoid contact in the form of kisses with healthy people, as the use of antiviral ointments does not give protection against infection.

For the treatment of acne bacterial origin should use the ointment with antibiotic action – «Baneuoqin», «Levomekol», «Chloramphenicol», and so the application of ointments specified in the manufacturer’s instructions.

How to fight the infection

The elimination of the infectious process is directly linked to strengthening the immune defense of the patient. Enhancing anti-viral protection occurs when included in the therapeutic regimen of medicines, which consists of the active ingredient is acyclovir.

These drugs can be used orally, topically (burying the nose), rectally (candles). The increased therapeutic effect facilitates the simultaneous administration of drugs with acyclovir in different formulations (pills to combine with candles, drops).

Quite an effective representative of the group is the drug «Viferon». With normal immune status, the daily rate of the drug is equal to four times the use of the drug at 200 mg, with mandatory compliance with the interval of six hours.

Dosing and treatment can vary depending on the age and individual characteristics of the patient.

Support local immunity will help antiviral nasal drops – «Ingaron», «Interferon». Assigned to a short course of 5-7 days, 2-3 drops three to five times a day.

To see the full list of antiviral drugs in the nose can be found here.

How to get rid of pimple in nose at home

The use of recipes of traditional medicine will speed up the healing process and reduce discomfort.

The affected area can be lubricated with sulfuric slurry. Clean sulfur from the matches, slightly diluted with water. Less effective lubrication of acne essential oils (eucalyptus, fir), as well as using valokordin or camphor alcohol.

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Application of sea buckthorn oil or garlic and honey ointment (grate 1 clove of garlic, add 1 tsp. honey), will allow in the shortest time to dry up rash.

Because inflammation inside the nose preclude the use of various kinds of lotions or compresses, an alternative method of exposure are inhalation procedure. For this purpose, you can use any herb (mother and stepmother, chamomile, calendula, St. John’s wort, oak bark). 250 ml. of boiling water – 20 gr. a dry mix.

This amount would be enough for a single inhalation. Inhale the vapors for 5-7 minutes, three times a day.

Important! Independent effects on lesions in the nose require prior consultation with the doctor.


What to do if the ulcer in your nose? In the first place to go to the doctor. Any independent actions that could trigger additional problems for the patient.

Careful observance of the instructions of the expert will allow to cope with the discomfort in the shortest time, and the resulting recommendations will help to avoid rashes in the future.