Ultrasound for ovulation, indications and contraindications

Many would agree with the statement that a woman’s vocation is to become a mother. This is the most cherished desire and the most difficult job. But with all the twists and turns of the processes of fertilization, pregnancy, birth and child-rearing nothing can replace the happiness from the first smile or words of the baby. Therefore, the expectant mother is important to pay attention to planning pregnancy to maintain health and to bring into the world a healthy baby. The most accurate and modern method of determining the period of ovulation during pregnancy is the ultrasound monitoring of ovulation.

Control of ovulation is the first step to pregnancy

Successful fertilization depends on the monthly cycle of a woman. The important role played by its duration and regularity. The most important thing is ovulation. It is the process of release of an egg from the ovary under the influence of hormones. Ovulation is the period when the probability of conception is approaching 35%.

In healthy women, ovulation occurs mid-cycle, that is, in a cycle lasting 28 days she will be on 13-16 day. Of course, every body of every representative of the fair sex has its own individual parameters, and therefore the time of ovulation can fluctuate. It can be affected by environmental factors and the reactions of the organism: stress, weather changes, eating new foods or unbalanced diet, overwork, excessive physical exertion, especially the intimate life and hormonal changes.

Many obstacles await wanting to get pregnant woman on the way to a desirable state to stay in the heart of the baby. This leads to the importance of correcting the negative physical, chemical and psychological effects on the body of the expectant mother.

Monthly cycle reflects all the changes in a woman’s life. You must maintain a calendar to keep track of its duration and regularity of the onset of menstruation. The main phase of the cycle is for 8-12 months to identify the main trends of their occurrence. This will allow to approximate the time of ovulation. The method is good at home, but not always reliable and accurate. Therefore it is necessary to do an ultrasound on ovulation.

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Characteristics of ultrasound monitoring of ovulation

The importance of ovulation due to its one-time occurrence during the menstrual cycle and exceptional role in conception. Fertilization is possible in a matter of hours after its release from the ovary into the fallopian tube. The passage of time the egg becomes incapacitated, and conception cannot occur. For women who are planning a pregnancy soon, it is important not to miss the moment of ovulation, when the chance to get a rounded tummy is approaching its maximum.

Come to the aid of ultrasound for ovulation. The difference from other method is that a specialist can determine not only the actual onset of ovulation, but to answer the question, when will ovulation. With an irregular cycle usage tests, basal temperature measurement and control date will not be effective and reliable.

On the ultrasound, which the specialist tranvaginal by the sensor will be visible folliculi, to determine their size and condition. The increase in follicle indicates imminent rupture and release of an egg.

The study is carried out several times in the period between the first and second phases of the monthly cycle using ultrasound device. You also need to spend ultrasound to confirm the release of an egg. You should schedule it for 2-3 days after expected ovulation.

In addition to determining the sizes of dominant follicles during the ultrasound to determine ovulation you can examine the condition and size of the ovaries, the presence and quantity of follicles, presence of the corpus luteum and deviations.

Scheduling ultrasound

After understanding what happens during monitoring of ovulation by ultrasound, women wonder: when is it necessary to do the procedure and at what frequency. The answer lies in the duration of the menstrual cycle. After the completion of 1/3 of your monthly cycle, many follicles are dominant stands, which will give in the cycle the egg. Ovulation is provided with one follicle, but there could be more, it is not a deviation. If this is so, then possible multiple pregnancy.

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Women who are experiencing for the first time determination of ovulation by ultrasound, the first procedure is prescribed in the beginning of the menstrual cycle. It is necessary to clarify the activity of the ovaries to determine their ability to produce is able to ripen a follicles. Further ovulation is determined by ultrasound on day 9-10 of the cycle.

Second ultrasound to determine ovulation is 2-3 days after the previous one. Now it is advisable to monitor the dominant follicle and to control its size. If the doctor cannot monitor the follicle on the monitor, he noted that his regression, and makes the conclusion about the necessity and timing of the 3rd ultrasound procedures.

In the third stage of the study the dominant follicle reaches its maximum size and is ready to break the shells, its diameter is 2-3 cm. After the rupture of the follicular membranes of the ovum through the fallopian tube enters the uterus, where it can be fertilized before the end of the life cycle. If fertilization has not occurred, she dies and comes menstruation. They indicate that pregnancy does not occur.

Signs of ovulation

Surprisingly, the woman may need further research and determine ovulation, like nature gives her tips about the moment when a possible pregnancy. The individuality of the body of each women is that signs of ovulation, their presence and intensity are manifested in different ways. And even one woman for life ovulation can be felt (or not felt) different.

Those who trust in the body and able to listen to his tips, ovulation on ultrasound can confirm after they noted its imminent offensive on their own. Assistants in tracking ovulation at home can become:

  • pain and tingling in the abdomen;
  • the change in the nature of vaginal discharge (amount, color and consistency);
  • swelling and breast tenderness, the allocation of veins in this area;
  • increase internal (basal) temperature (subject to regular measurement);
  • hormonal changes;
  • sexual activity.
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Often women define the period yourself, noting the changes in the body. But the signs of ovulation ultrasound determines the reliability. Using the method is possible with high accuracy to know when is the opportune time for conception.

The importance of monitoring ovulation

Nice to see loving parents and happy children. But few people know how labor, faith and desire secured by such an idyll. Some people are lucky and pregnancy occurs immediately after the decision to have a child, someone comes to motherhood years. The fault of many factors: compatibility of blood groups of parents, individual characteristics, the presence of a regular sexual life and control of favorable periods for fertilization by spermatozoon.

Every woman, guided by beliefs and knowledge, selects the method of determining ovulation. The most accurate today is ultrasonic monitoring. Other ways will not give the exact answer to the question of when it will come. So impressionable at the planning stage a woman may not be assured of a favorable moment for conception, it is speculated and is in a fluctuating mood, which prevents pregnancy.

Couples who have seriously decided to have a baby and responsible approach to the process, it is recommended to perform ultrasound monitoring, in which the doctor will determine its offensive and recommend a time period for a successful conception.