Unilateral sinusitis: symptoms treatment at home

How to treat unilateral sinusitis?

Sinusitis is a disease, which is one of the most common in ENT practice. Such diagnosis is every day put hundreds or even thousands of people. Sinusitis called inflammation of the nasal mucosa, which is accompanied by symptoms of intoxication.

The main feature of unilateral sinusitis believe that the process of inflammation includes only 1 maxillary sinus.

The main signs of the disease

The symptoms and treatment of unilateral maxillary sinusitis depends on what stage of development is the inflammatory process.

Sinusitis can be:

  1. Sharp.
  2. Chronic.

In acute type of the disease there are pronounced signs of pathology. Having trouble breathing, and other symptoms of the inflammatory process.

If we talk about the chronic type, it occurs in the absence of adequate therapy. If acute sinusitis is not treated, there is a pathological change in the mucous membrane of the sinuses. These changes lead to the development of chronic inflammation.

Attention! In acute type of the disease the pathological changes of the mucosa are not observed, thus correct treatment can achieve cure of the disease and its symptoms.

The symptoms of acute and chronic sinusitis the fundamental differences has not. Otolaryngologists diagnosed based on the following characteristics:

  • Pain in the region of the nose, face, head, ear and teeth, which is localized in one side. The pain may radiate to the upper jaw, resulting in the patient the feeling that he is suffering from severe toothache, which gives to the head.
  • The increase in body temperature, malaise, drowsiness, lethargy and weakness are typical signs of intoxication, viral or colds.
  • Respiratory failure. In most cases, patients complain of nasal congestion, which is localized only in one side. Due to congestion there is severe breathing problems, so strong that at night people can not sleep. A feeling of lack of oxygen.
  • In addition, there are quite abundant mucous discharge from the nose, they can have purulent. The secretions are often streaks of blood. In this case the smell comes from them rather unpleasant, which also can alert and even scare the patient.
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When you access specialist patient diagnosis put on the basis of medical history. In addition, diagnosis is based on the implementation of certain procedures. Studies conducted if the doctor is not sure of the diagnosis or wants to verify that the appointment was done correctly.

What procedures are in diagnosis:

  1. The endoscopic study.
  2. CT or x-ray of the sinuses.

Together with the assessment of clinical images, the results of the study will be sufficient for setting the correct diagnosis and prescription of adequate therapy.

Therapy of unilateral sinusitis

The answer to the question about how to treat unilateral sinusitis depends on what stage of development the disease is.

Therapy can wear:

  • conservative;
  • surgical nature.

If we talk about the conservative treatment method, it involves taking certain medicines.

What medications you can use during therapy:

  1. Antiseptics.
  2. The immunomodulators.
  3. Vitamins.
  4. Antibiotics.

Antibiotics is an important aspect of medical therapy. In addition to these drugs, doctors are advised to use vasoconstrictor nasal drops, solutions for hygienic procedures.

Important. The composition of the solution for irrigation of the sinuses include antiseptics, they have a local effect on bacteria and viruses and help to get rid of accumulations of mucous secretions.

Operative or surgical therapy is not as scary as it may seem.

There are several varieties of surgical intervention, most often the doctors conduct:

  • Puncture or puncture of the sinus with the aim to release it from the purulent content. The puncture is carried out most operations, it is easy to perform and very high efficiency.
  • The cuckoo is another procedure, which can be attributed to surgical procedures. The essence of the procedure is to lavage of the sinus with a special solution.
  • But the most difficult operation to perform think hamartoma, spend it rarely, only when running the type of disease. When there is a risk of serious complications, such as inflammation of the meninges of the brain (meningitis), brain abscess, etc.
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The operation is performed only in the case if traditional treatment does not produce the desired effect, or the patient turned to the doctor too late and treat it with medicines does not make sense.

Alternative medicine therapies

Folk remedies will help to cure sinusitis, but it is not necessary to use only alternative medicine. Replace conservative treatment such treatment is not. But it can become a good addition to medication.

What folk remedies can help get rid of inflammation:

  1. Ointments and essential oils.
  2. Herbal teas and infusions.
  3. Familiar to many products.

Ointment can cook the recipes to be very complicated do not differ, their ingredients often include essential oils that have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and softening effect.

Decoctions and infusions of herbs can be used for both internal and external use. Drinking these drugs to increase the activity of the immune system.

Familiar to many products (propolis, honey, etc.) have integrated action, they not only help relieve inflammation but also recover faster after the disease.

Help. To the help of alternative medicine are often used in the case if you want to enhance drug therapy in the treatment of chronic sinusitis.

But do not forget that treatment of unilateral maxillary sinusitis in adults in the home can cause complications. Therefore, do not delay treatment to the doctor is fraught with consequences.


The most popular drugs of alternative medicine:

  • The first recipe can be called simple, is to dissolve in a glass of warm water, 1 tablespoon of honey. When the solution has cooled, they will need to wash the nose. The procedure is recommended as often as possible. Honey has powerful antiseptic, but it can lead to the development of allergic reactions.
  • Is mix equal proportions of the following herbs: chamomile, yarrow, Dianthus, calendula. When the mixture is ready to grind it in a coffee grinder, then brewing water. To 1 Cup of boiling water you will need 1 teaspoon of the mixture. Broth to use will be ready in 30 minutes, it should drain, cool to room temperature and to wash their nasal passages 3-4 times a day.
  • To get a good ointment is to mix 2 tablespoons of aloe juice with 2 drops of oil of menthol and complement medicine dioxidine ointment.
  • You can prepare a salve using only natural ingredients: honey (4-5 tbsp, melt in a water bath), onion juice or garlic (1 teaspoon), little olive (1 tbsp). The ingredients are mixed until a homogeneous mass, then give her a little stand in a warm place and in use. Keep the cream recommended in the refrigerator.
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One of the best drugs for the treatment of sinusitis consider aloe Vera juice, it can simply be instilled into the nose, after the hygiene procedures.


To summarize, we can say that the sinus disease is serious and can lead to serious consequences. For this reason, when the first signs of the inflammatory process should immediately contact the doctor.