Unilateral sore throat without fever: symptoms and treatment

How to treat unilateral sore throat?

Soreness in the glands can be formed due to infections of ENT-organs. Tonsillitis most often affects one palatal tonsil, but in extremely rare cases, patients can be diagnosed inflammation of both parts of the lymphoid tissue of the nasopharynx. Unilateral sore throat without fever often appears in children from ten years. The disease mostly diagnosed in people with weak immune systems and chronic processes in the nose and throat. Aggravation of angina accounted for the cold season, when the patient is not getting enough vitamins and minerals.

The symptoms and treatment of unilateral sore throat in each case is individual, so the development of the disease must be under the supervision of a qualified physician. It is best not to prevent the formation of the disease, therefore, patients need time to get rid of rhinitis and catarrhal forms of inflammation. In addition, eliminate infestation of the body by pathogenic organisms that include streptococci and staphylococci, fungi, and adenovirus. Eliminate contact with sick people, as strep throat is transmitted by airborne droplets.

Can there be a unilateral sore throat

Cause of acute inflammation of the tonsils is the infestation of the body by pathogenic organisms that cause serious symptoms. To catch a sore throat, the patient may be using shared objects which was previously touched by a sick person, as well as by airborne droplets.


To provoke an inflammatory process of the tonsils may banal hypothermia, and the use of very cold water or food.

Strep throat often affects only one side. This can occur due to the impact of air conditioning on one side of, or in connection with bathing in the cool river.


In addition, sore throat on one side may appear as a result of infection of the nasopharynx or goes untreated, the inflammation of rhinitis, laryngitis, sinusitis or sinusitis.

It is not necessary to exclude the ill health of the teeth as a sore throat often occurs due to tooth decay or in connection with the hit fragments of the tooth in the cavity of the throat.

In this process the necessary assistance of a dentist. The symptoms of inflammation will decrease immediately after elimination of the inflammatory factor.



Angina often appears on one side only in people who are long and loud. In this case, the growth of new tissue in ligaments, which leads to nodular laryngitis. Inflammation is not considered dangerous, but with late diagnosis, patients frequently forms an acute unilateral tonsillitis.

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The risk group includes singers, teachers. To cure inflammation, you can use the temporary abandonment of the use of the vocal cords. Otherwise, the inflammation can turn into chronic stage.


When more serious causes, angina is the result of abscesses.

This process occurs as a result of the development of bacterial flora, which leads to the accumulation of a huge number of microorganisms on the amygdala.

As a result, the patient noted a serious swelling on one side and the increase in body temperature.

Unilateral sore throat cure is possible only with the help of antibiotics. If modern medicine was ineffective, the patient is administered surgical intervention.

External stimuli

Another reason for the formation of a unilateral angina lies in the external stimuli. To provoke the emergence of disease can Smoking or professional activity, when the patient is forced to inhale chemical vapors.

Remember, acute tonsillitis higher level of contagiousness. Therefore, to get angina can completely any person. When illness should limit contact with healthy people, and if treatment is necessary to establish a quarantine.

The symptoms of inflammation

Acute tonsillitis in each case is manifested individually, but there is an overall clinical picture. Angina patients often complain of symptoms of acute viral respiratory illness.

In the catarrhal form patients reported viral infection of the tonsils. This form occurs with signs of poisoning the body. Patients complain of severe deterioration of health, pain in throat, fever.

If treatment is not received at this stage, the patient soon going on bacterial lesions of the gland. For such a period is characterized by the following features:

  • frequent headaches;
  • pain in muscles and joints;
  • chills and fever;
  • fatigue;
  • body temperature above 38 degrees, and in some cases it reaches 40 degrees Celsius;
  • hyperemia of tonsils;
  • sweating;
  • loss of appetite;
  • dryness in the lining of the sinus;
  • severe pain in the throat;
  • the increase in size of the tonsils;
  • swollen lymph nodes;
  • when you touch the lymph nodes the pain is worse;
  • ingestion of food or water in the ears are formed extraneous sounds and pain;
  • swelling of the tonsils;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • cramps;
  • the formation of plaque in the cavity of the throat;
  • purulent gaps on the mucous membranes.
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For bacterial tonsillitis on one side typical of the severity of the symptoms. At this time, the body temperature can be critical, and the patient’s General condition much worse. The Ambassador of the elimination of purulent follicles being of the patient comes back to normal and the signs of intoxication are reduced.

Usually for getting rid of the symptoms of tonsillitis should be about ten days. With proper treatment the relief can come quickly.

How to treat unilateral sore throat

With the development of symptoms of inflammation of sore throat, you must call a doctor or contact the medical centre itself.

For diagnosis is necessary to consult a physician or ENT doctor.

At the stage of diagnosis the doctor must determine the type of bacteria that caused the inflammation and specify pathogens on the oral mucous membrane.

In some cases, they may vary, so patients will require more complex treatment.

The primary therapy in the diagnosis of smear to exclude sticks Lefler.

At the stage of diagnosing specialist to find out not only the stimulus but also its sensitivity to antibiotics. Only after that the doctor can make a treatment of a unilateral sore throat.

How to ease the symptoms

To the development of the disease had less severe symptoms, doctors recommend to stick to therapeutic measures. It is necessary to comply with bed rest, take plenty of water, and to humidify the air in the apartment.

In addition, it is useful to wet cleaning several times a week, and ventilate the room every three hours.

To protect yourself, loved ones are advised to wear a medical mask and periodically change it. In addition, select patient individual appliances and utensils.

To avoid complications, the patient should be treated under the supervision of a physician and not to violate the rules of taking the drugs. To get rid of sore throat on one side at home, but when acute course of the disease are recommended maintenance treatment in the hospital. Otherwise there is a risk of serious pathology.


In the treatment of inflammation include the use of a range of medicines. For this patient prescribed antibiotics and powerful anti-inflammatory.

  1. When introducing the phase of sore throat on one side are assigned to systemic antibiotics – Amoxiclav, Flemoklav, Augmentin, Azithromycin, Cefotaxime, Cefixime, Levofloxacin. To determine the appropriate dosage needs doctor. To apply medications that for ten days, and also after reducing the symptoms of inflammation.
  2. A sore throat often accompanied by fever and aching joints. To reduce painful sensations are appointed antipyretics – Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Tsefekon, Aspirin. To take medication is necessary when the temperature is above 38 degrees Celsius.
  3. Moreover, the patient can help the body with warm water with addition of alcohol solution.
  4. In the course of treatment included debridement of the cavity of the throat and the use of aerosols and sprays. This perfectly appointed, Furatsilin, Chlorhexidine.
  5. Patient useful to wash out the cavity of the throat salt solutions with the addition of small quantities of iodine, as well as gargle decoction of herbs. You need to rinse every day about five times a day.
  6. For processing cavity mucosa of the nasopharynx, the doctor may prescribe the following spray — Hexoral, Throat, Doctor, Stopangin, Exalis. To clean mucous membranes is only necessary after gargling.
  7. In addition to these medications, the patient is useful to dissolve antiseptic tablets and pills. Most effective are considered Strepsils, Falimint, Septolete. If the patient has an allergic reaction to these medicines as an antiseptic, you can use honey or lemon.

Remember to get rid of a sharp sore throat with one hand, treatment should be comprehensive and under the supervision of a physician.


Unilateral sore throat causes serious complications. Often pain and intoxication of the organism causes otitis media, sinusitis, rheumatism, paratonzillit and lymphadenitis.

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When severe swelling in the throat formed sleep disorders that cause fatigue and compromised nasal breathing.

To prevent the risk of angina can be a doctor, which is important to apply at the first symptoms of the disease.