Unpleasant feeling in your nose like water

What can cause a feeling of water in your nose?

If in the case of tilting or turning the head you feel the sensation of water in the nose, needs to be examined in the office of ENT. This symptom signals the beginning of the inflammatory process in the mucosa. X-ray examination will determine the exact cause and to determine further medical treatment.

Usually the feeling of perelivania water to okolonosovykh sinuses is due to bacterial infection of the body. However, in the case of certain factors the cause of the disease may be due to the viral infection as well as allergic reactions to external stimuli. It is important to determine exactly why in the nasal cavity occurred in this process, otherwise there is a risk of dangerous complications.

What can be inflammation in the nose

Acute or chronic disease in the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses is called sinusitis. There are many different forms of diseases of the respiratory organ, but most often patients are diagnosed with inflammation of the paranasal sinuses or sinusitis, and also disease of the frontal sinus or ethmoid labyrinth.

Sinusitis and etmoidit not less dangerous than the sinus infection. In each case, the patient is tormented by certain symptoms. An unpleasant sensation in the nose as if came the water acts only as one of the signs of illness. In addition, the patient may receive the congestion of the nasal passages, loss of smell, feeling of pressure between the eyebrows, elevated body temperature and several other factors.

In addition to inflammation of the frontal or paranasal sinuses, the patient can be diagnosed steroidit. This disease affects the walls of the sphenoid sinus, which causes dizziness, nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, fever.

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In all cases of inflammation the patient should receive comprehensive medical treatment. Otherwise there is a risk of infection of the second sinus or involvement of all paranasal sinuses.

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The reason for the formation of such processes lies in a weak immune system or in an ordinary complication of rhinitis. In addition, inflammation of the nose can occur from colds, flu, acute respiratory infections, due to viral or infectious entry.

As a rule, pathogens infections affect the mucous membranes in just a few hours. If the patient has not taken any measures, the disease moves through the respiratory tract. Consequences if untreated, life-threatening patient.


Why there is a feeling as if the nose is exposed to water. This symptom complain most patients suffering from inflammation of the mucous membrane. This factor causes irritation of the patient, so it is important to determine the true causes of.

Allergic reaction

The most common factor in the education of the feeling of water in the nose is an allergic reaction. Unfortunately, to cure the disease is impossible until the patient will establish the contributing factors of inflammation. The main types of irritants include pet dander, dust, bloom, certain foods, cosmetics.

After removal of the stimulus, this symptom will pass by itself. But for complete cure, the patient should receive comprehensive medical treatment, which includes nasal rinses and taking antihistamines.

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Viral infection

The second reason for the feeling of moisture in the nose is considered to be an inflammatory process, caused by a viral lesion of the nasopharynx. Most often, this moment coincides with decreased immune system when the body’s defenses can not cope with the attacks of infections.

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To cure a viral inflammation, the patient is prescribed a nasal rinses with saline solutions, taking anti-inflammatory drugs and improve the efficiency of the immune system with vitamins and minerals.

Bacterial reproduction

If the feeling of the water caused by the development of catarrhal inflammation, the patient should pay attention to the color of the highlighted secret. If the mucus is found a yellow or green tint, probably in the respiratory tract occurs, bacterial reproduction.

At this time, the patient may increase the temperature of the body, appear swelling of the nose, disturbed nasal breathing. In addition, patients often complain of poor sleep, loss of appetite, drowsiness, fatigue and loss of efficiency.

Cure bacterial inflammation in the upper respiratory tract is possible with antibiotics, vasoconstrictor and combined drops.

Hormonal changes

The feeling of the water in the nose may occur due to hormonal changes. Often from this symptom affects teenagers. In addition, young people may notice the appearance of a nasal voice.

As a rule, the symptom resolves on its own and does not require additional medical interventions.

For reference! Often the feeling of the water are affected and pregnant women. As in the case of teenagers, treatment is not required.

Other reasons

In addition to these reasons, okolonosovykh inflammation of the sinuses can cause the formation sinusitis, frontal sinusitis, sphenoiditis. In this case, the feeling of the water in the nose will be accompanied by pain and heaviness in the nose, strong swelling of the mucous membrane, tearing, dysfunction of sense of smell.

To get rid of acute symptoms by using antibacterial therapy, anti-inflammatory drugs, vasoconstrictor drops and physiotherapy.

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The effectiveness of the treatment the feeling of water in the nasal cavity depends on the root cause of such a factor and the literacy of your doctor. Usually medication helps to eliminate the symptom on the second or third day of therapy.

If the nature of the inflammation becomes complications, the patient is prescribed antibiotics from the group of macrolides, cephalosporins. In other cases, to get rid of the feeling of water, you can use local drops for constriction of blood vessels. If you feel better, medication can be replaced by physical therapy.

If the feeling of the water accompanied by severe pain, the patient can not do without surgery. This is especially true for bacterial sinusitis or sinusitis, when there is a risk of complications.