Unpleasant sensations in the ear — causes of discomfort

Why in the ear having discomfort and discomfort?

Unpleasant sensations in the ears can occur in each of us, and as it usually happens, completely at the wrong time. Quite often, such phenomena do not represent a strong pain, but still bring some discomfort.

So should I be concerned with the appearance of these troubles? To find out, it is necessary to determine the cause of their appearance. This is what will be discussed further.

The ear is a unique organ of the human body

The organ of hearing provides a vital connection of man with the surrounding world, with which we are able to identify different sounds and to navigate in space.

Help. It is interesting that the ears are «working» all day. They continue to catch the sounds, even when the person is sleeping. However, the brain ignores all extraneous noise, allowing the body to relax.

The structure of the auditory analyzer is a very complex system compared to the other senses as well. That explained the specificity of functions, because the authority is responsible not only for hearing.

Take a closer look to the anatomy of the body and the specifics of its functioning.

Department Structure Function
Outer ear Department

Ear shell,
auditory canal, eardrum

Protection against the penetration of pathogenic organisms (production of sulfuric AMIS) The beginning of the process of sound processing, that is, its catching
The middle division of the ear

The tympanic cavity,
the auditory ossicles (stapes, incus, Malleus),
Eustachian tube

Performing the transmission and amplification of sound Pressure equalization
The internal ear

The analyzer of the hearing:
round and oval window,
the organ of Corti

Start of processing of the incoming sounds, and that auditory receptors that transform them into impulses. Last through the auditory nerve into the brain

Vestibular organ:
semicircular canals,
of the otolith apparatus

Is analizatze of finding a body in the environment and signaling to the brain. Response signals provide the observance of a balance

The above information will allow a clearer understanding of the causes of discomfort in the ear.

The discomfort in the ear: the characteristic

Discomfort in the ears – a common characteristic of all the sensations that appear in the ear cavity.

They can be completely diverse nature, origin and influence on the entire body.

From these factors depends on the method of their elimination.

Discomfort may manifest itself variously. The most common of these are:

  • pain;
  • noise;
  • congestion;
  • pressure;
  • burning;
  • surge;
  • sensation of movement;
  • itching;
  • the feeling of liquid shimmering.

Each of the above sense is characterized by its nature of occurrence. In addition, you should pay attention to the nature of sensations. For example, pain can manifest different intensity: sharp, mild, aching.

The feeling of tinnitus also varies by the nature of manifestation. So, it can be compared to the hissing, whistling, clicking.

If there is a sense of movement, it may seem that in the ear cavity as if something is moving, crawling, tickling.

The actual nature of the unease can lead to accurate diagnosis of the disease. But still the doctor can’t make conclusion based on mere sensations of the patient, therefore, conducted additional tests.

Unpleasant sensations in the ear: the causes

Most of the factors of unpleasant sensations in the ears depends primarily on the development of ear diseases.

Also from the accounts we cannot ignore the impact of other systems, especially the vascular and nervous.

A certain percentage of cases discomfort and chill in the ear falls on the individual influence of certain environmental factors.

To provoke discomfort in the ear can the following reasons:

  1. The otitis.
  2. Tympanitis.
  3. Atomikos.
  4. Deviations in the structure of the cavity of the ear, nose, or throat.
  5. Chronic pathology.
  6. Infectious diseases.
  7. Neoplastic and other lesions (polyps, adenoids).
  8. Abnormalities in the vascular system.
  9. Allergic to irritants.
  10. Breakdown.
  11. Stress.
  12. Hypothermia.
  13. The penetration of water.
  14. Pressure surge.
  15. The influence of loud sounds.
  16. Hurt ears and head.
  17. Failure to comply with hygiene.
  18. Foreign body in the ear.
  19. The formation of cerumen.

Sometimes discomfort may be idiopathic, which means the impossibility to establish the true reason for their appearance. Perhaps it can be affected by hormonal changes, especially of the body or mental disorder.

Important! If the ear has an unpleasant sensation, it is not necessary alone to wonder what provoked him, but even more so to try to treat. My feelings and assumptions rather share with your doctor.

The appearance of any discomfort in the ears tells us that in the body there are any deviations. Well, if it’s just the impact of environmental factors – wind, frost, which over time are themselves.

But if it’s something more serious? After all, the reasons for this phenomenon are many, and some can be a serious threat to human health. That is why you need to listen carefully to your own body, is our chief helper and adviser.

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