Unpleasant smell from the ear in humans — causes and what to do with it

Why do man unpleasant smell from the ear?

Hearing organs susceptible to many diseases and often cause a lot of trouble. One of such diseases is considered to be an unpleasant smell from the ear. A person of any age can appear this phenomenon. The stench emanating from the depths of the ear canal, causing discomfort in daily life, in addition, the ear gradually starts to hurt.

In fact, only a few face the fact that unpleasant smell from the ear. The phenomenon is not as common and can be caused by certain infectious diseases that trigger the inflammatory process of the mucous membranes of the middle and external ear, colds and hormonal disruptions.

What are the ears of a man

The human ear is not only what we see. Hearing organs represent a complex mechanism, which is easy to break. A provocateur can be anything, ranging from pathogen-ending injuries, the common cold and improper hygiene.

Such failures in addition to inflammation provoke severe pain of a different nature. There is a risk of hearing loss, irritation and itching.

That is why over the state of their ears must be constantly monitored: to prevent colds, the right to remove accumulations of sulphur, taking care not to damage the eardrum and external auditory canal. In case of the slightest suspicion on illness, to seek help from the otolaryngologist.

Why ear smells bad

Causes of bad odor from the ears may be different.

First and foremost, they depend on the person’s lifestyle, from the nature of employment, chronic diseases and recent illnesses.

To determine the precipitating factor often require a number of specific studies, since visual inspection often is not enough.

Most often malodorous scent emanates from inflamed areas of the ear, which in turn appear from penetrating to the mucous pathogens. Ear pathology is accompanied by other symptoms that indicate changes in the affected tissue.

In children, the opinion of Dr. Komarovsky

Known in our country, Dr. Komarovsky has an opinion on why bad smell from the ear in a child. The doctor recommends when you feel the slightest suspicious smell from the ear or ear canal, immediately to go to the hospital!

Among the precipitating factors specialist identifies the following:

  1. Age peculiarities. The child at a certain stage of development may fail glandular secretion, which causes a copious sulphur, hence sulphur smell.
  2. Poor hygiene. The ears of children may simply be bad to wash, the sulfur is removed in time. All this leads to the stench emanating from the ear. Also can smell and behind the ears.
  3. Ears blew. The common cold ears there is a risk of the inflammatory process, there are boils, which are growing spontaneously burst and pus comes out.
  4. Infection. Any infectious disease stimulates the growth of microbes, inflammation, rotting of the tissues and, consequently, odor.

Whatever provoked the smell from the ear in a child, Komorowski interprets this phenomenon as one of the most dangerous and encourages parents to treat the ears of your child more carefully!

An adult

If the ears are not observed pathology, they should not proceed absolutely no smell. Often smells from the ear of an adult for quite understandable reasons, primarily dealing with the natural processes of physiology.

Light aroma of sulfur can come with hormonal changes of the body, which often happens during menopause in women, sometimes during pregnancy. In such periods, there is increased functioning of the gland secretions, which causes the emission of large quantities of sulfur.

Another reason inflammatory process.

To can become inflamed eardrum, auditory canal, colds or infectious diseases.

So like that it provokes laryngitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, chronic rhinitis, adenoids, secondary immunodeficiency.

Cause the stench and disruption of gland secretions, as well as long-term use of hormonal methods.

In fact, if you sniff, you can understand that it stinks from the ear at the person differently. The nature of the smell, you can guess what happens:

  1. The smell of sulfur tells about the malfunction of the glands, sometimes say «sulphur flowed».
  2. The putrid smell indicates the presence of pus, which covers certain areas of hearing, for example, was a festering boil and it was discovered.
  3. Rotten smell may indicate poor hygiene, when in the ears simply accumulates sulfur, dirt, appear pathogens.

Despite the causes of this phenomenon, a visit to a specialist should not be delayed! The main mistake is that the unpleasant smell from the ear in an adult is often left without proper attention.

Instead of trying to resolve the problem only in the early stages of the emergence, pathology develops, causing complications and the occurrence of ear disease, sometimes require surgical intervention.

How to approach treatment

If you feel or have baby smell from the ear, causes yourself to find out junk.

First, you need to seek the assistance of the audiologist.

The doctor performing the visual inspection, listening to complaints, and conduct, if necessary, additional examination content the ear cavity and establish a diagnosis.

In the future will determine whether you need hospitalization or was prescribed a course of drugs that you can take yourself at home.

Mainly prescribe ear drops, anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics, antifungal agents and means of local anesthesia.

Remember that if you are having persistent headaches, itches in the ear, in the ear canal hear the noises, the ear is inflamed or even there is swelling, you should immediately consult an otolaryngologist.

Yourself to cure this is impossible, and that postponing the consultation of a specialist, you only make it worse.

It is especially important to understand the danger of delayed detection of an unpleasant smell from the ear of the child, including a newborn. Treatment of children is more than a long time, because the baby can not really explain, what the parents notice a problem in the later stages.

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