Calcium during menopause: how to take and how to apply

The importance of calcium during menopause

A woman’s body is different, the cyclical changes that occur with a certain duration periods. Gradually, as a result reducing the activity of the organs that produce hormones, fading of reproductive function. This leads to the beginning of a new stage of menopause.

Most often, this period begins at the age of fifty years, but is often found in earlier or, conversely, late menopause. She is accompanied by unpleasant symptoms such as pressure spikes, hot flashes, mood swings and so on. But especially notable disorders of the skeletal system. For this reason, during menopause, doctors recommend taking calcium supplements.

The purpose of the application of calcium

Calcium is one of the mandatory elements prescribed for the menopause. This is explained in the following way. With age the quantity of this element in the body decreases. Moreover, in this period of life women significantly slow down the metabolic processes and metabolism. It can lead to the development of pathologies associated with increased brittleness of the skeletal system. To make matters worse, the process of calcium absorption is also impaired. Besides, on the background of menopause it is rapidly excreted from the body. This leads to a higher risk of developing such diseases as osteoporosis.

In order to choose the right products containing calcium, you need to go to the doctor and only together with him to determine the exact dosage.

Кальций при менопаузе: откуда его брать и как правильно применять

The effectiveness of the treatment depends on many factors. So before you start to take a calcium remedy, it is important to follow a few steps:

  • to exclude concomitant disease;
  • to determine the diet and the amount of calcium in foods;
  • to assess the likelihood of osteoporosis;
  • together with your doctor to pick the dosage and names of tools.

For the normalization of all processes related to the absorption element, it is sufficient to provide a day at least 1200 milligrams of calcium. The most quickly digested of salt, namely calcium gluconate. In menopause it requires six tablets per day. To improve the efficiency of the means recommended before the use of pills to grind. You can also wash down the drugs milk. Daily dosage, usually divided into 2-3 doses.

Кальций при менопаузе: откуда его брать и как правильно применять

It is especially important to emphasize that the calcium, even with its regular use may simply not be absorbed. Responsibility for the process rests with vitamin D. Accordingly, if you want to achieve excellent results, in parallel it is important to take products containing this vitamin.

Thus, if the choice fell on monotherapies, which contain calcium, you also need to take other means to improve its absorption. You can also pick up the complex, which includes this item, and vitamins.

Alternative methods of obtaining calcium

To at menopause in women did not develop osteoporosis, it is important to ensure adequate calcium in the diet. Accordingly, before the time period of menopause, you need to reconsider your diet. In a large amount of the desired element is contained in the following products:

  • fresh vegetables, particularly cabbage, broccoli, salads and turnips;
  • all sorts of fish and other seafood;
  • milk and all dairy products.

Кальций при менопаузе: откуда его брать и как правильно применять

This is a required products that should be available to women in the diet during menopause. If, however, decided to take an additional drugs, you need to correctly calculate the dosage given of calcium from food.

Not worth it at menopause to forget about traditional medicine. The carefully chosen recipes can not only make the amount of calcium in the blood, but also greatly facilitate the course of menopause. Just need to find out what is the composition of herbs you need to use to improve their condition.

There are many tips on the use of crushed chalk. For replenishing calcium enough one teaspoon. It is important to use pure chalk without additives glue. To improve digestibility, you can wash it down with milk. Also highly absorbable powder from egg shell. Preference it is recommended to give the quail eggs. The shell to dry, remove the inner foil and after that chop.

There is another recipe. You need to fill the shell with lemon juice. In a week you can start to make the tool a spoon a day. Great effect in the climax has a rhizome of Valerian. It will not only increase the amount of calcium in the blood, but also significantly improve overall health due to the soothing effect.

Кальций при менопаузе: откуда его брать и как правильно применять

In addition to the above, there are special herbal teas that not only help to improve the symptoms of menopause, but also increase the content of calcium in the blood. But to accept them is also recommended only after consultation with your doctor. If women are already signs of osteoporosis, preparations containing calcium, will be required.

Drugs for women

There are a large number of funds used to replenish calcium. Among them are drugs that have a pronounced effect:

  • Miacalcic. Tool from Swiss manufacturers. Contributes to the normalization of calcium-phosphorus metabolism slow down during menopause. The tool is quite expensive, but if you take it correctly, after 2-3 days, you notice a pronounced effect. Often prescribed for menopause, as well as in severe lack of calcium in the body.
  • Calcium D3 Nycomed from Norwegian producers. Also contributes to the stabilization of calcium-phosphorus metabolism. Available in different doses and with different number of pills in the package. Also at an affordable price. Taking the tablets is recommended before menopause to prevent. To calcium is better assimilated, it is recommended to wash down these drugs milk.

Кальций при менопаузе: откуда его брать и как правильно применять

  • Calcium gluconate is the most affordable product from domestic producers. You can take it for a long time, but it is better to consult the doctor and chart.
  • Natical. This already comprehensive tool. These preparations contain several components, which significantly improves their absorption and effectiveness. Produced by the Italian company.
  • Homeopathic remedy regulates calcium and phosphorus metabolism. During menopause easy to remove heaviness in the legs, eliminates cramps and strengthens the skeletal system.

Important: menopause can proceed hard enough. Accordingly, you also need to take other drugs. Most of them goes well with calcium means.

Treatment of osteoporosis

And so it may be that at menopause the woman has not used any funds, and pronounced loss of calcium led to the development of osteoporosis. In this situation, a special effect of vitamin complexes will not. It is better to take drugs that not only helps strengthen bones but also prevents the excretion of calcium from the body. We are talking about bifosfonata.

Кальций при менопаузе: откуда его брать и как правильно применять

Among the large amount of their following drugs:

  • Alendronate. The active component is alendronova acid. During menopause helps to stimulate osteogenesis. When menopause is assigned to one tablet per week, preferably on an empty stomach.
  • Actonel. Especially necessary for those who in this period is taking glucocorticoids. Promotes the activity of osteoblasts. At menopause is also assigned once a week.
  • Bonviva acts by ibandronova acid. During menopause helps to increase bone density and prevent fractures. The tool is very powerful and received when the climax only once a month.

Bifosfonatov important difference is the duration of the effect. But before taking such drugs, it is important to exclude contraindications.

During treatment, you may experience disorders of the stomach due to the pronounced irritant action. In some cases, pills are appointed only after the removal of pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract.

In that case, if a woman in menopause feels well and has no special deviations, the preference is better to give vitamin complexes and recipes of traditional medicine. More serious drugs are used only as directed by your doctor.

From this video you will learn what foods are rich in calcium:

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