Drugs at menopause: herbal and safe components

The choice of drugs from menopause with plant composition

Menopause every woman runs with its own characteristics. Someone from the first days starts to take hormonal agents. At the same time, in some cases, you can do drugs of plant origin. Active components in this case can be soy, Valerian, Cimicifuga and so on. Already on the basis of the components is determined by the effect of the funds. Thus, each drug has its own particular action, accordingly, only a doctor will be able to pick up the drugs during menopause, can reduce the frequency of hot flashes, normalizing sleep and pressure and improve your mood.

Classification of the means

All the tablets is of vegetable origin can be divided into two large groups:

  • Plant phytoestrogens. Their sources are soy and red clover. These components are often used when creating funds designated during menopause. Soy and clover, and their extracts are a natural substitute of estrogen. They can easily cope with such tasks as prevention of heart disease, normalization of the status of the vascular wall, improvement of metabolism and, in particular, acceleration of lipid metabolism. In addition, the active ingredients cleanse the body of women from toxins and prevent the development of malignancies. This reduces cholesterol levels, cleanses the blood vessels thus reduce the frequency of hot flashes and sweating eliminates the concern of women in menopause.
  • Selective modulators are the trigger for natural production of estrogen. In other words, these products do not contain hormones, but help to normalize the estrogen level in the body of women. Here, in addition to herbal extracts are often used homeopathic constituents of plant origin.

Препараты при климаксе: растительные и безопасные составляющие

Separately, you can select systems. Tools include not only the grass has estrogenopodobnoe action, but also other components, positively affecting the status of women at menopause. This group includes not only herbal medicines and dietary Supplements, but herbal tea.

Herbal medications do not stop the menopause and do not return «young» ovaries, but only soften the symptoms that trouble women during menopause.

When choosing products it is important to remember that all of them, despite the natural composition, have certain contraindications and side effects. For this reason, assign them can only be a doctor. Self-medication with menopause banned.

The drugs

Depending on the components, the preparations comprising components of plant origin, have a different effect. So, phytoestrogens act on the cells of the hypothalamus. As a result, decreases the rate of production of gonadotropin-releasing hormone. It already contributes to lowering the level luteinizirutego hormone. This eliminates the physiological deficiency of female hormones, which is manifested by decrease in frequency of flushes during menopause and to improve General condition in women.

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Препараты при климаксе: растительные и безопасные составляющие

Drugs with similar composition have also other effects:

  • light sedation;
  • the normalization of the nervous system;
  • improving the function of the autonomic system;
  • a gentle diuretic effect;
  • the improved production of secretions;
  • pronounced anti-inflammatory effect;
  • the elimination of heat.

The first signs of the effectiveness of the funds in the form of reducing the frequency of hot flushes and improve mood be a few weeks from the start of the application. On average, the duration of treatment of women is three months, but in some cases can continue for a longer period.

Препараты при климаксе: растительные и безопасные составляющие

Herbal drugs can be used before menopause and the onset of menopause or in postmenopausal women.

The most popular means

There are plenty of tools that are used in menopause. Quite often assigned Inokom. It is the perfect product for women with menopausal symptoms. It easily copes with almost all forms:

  • eliminates dryness of the mucous membranes;
  • reduces the frequency of tides;
  • aligns the mood;
  • normalizes sleep;
  • stabilizes the pressure.

Препараты при климаксе: растительные и безопасные составляющие

Thus, only one drug will help to eliminate most of the complaints of women and normalize their condition, improving quality of life. The active components of the drug is the extract of soybeans. He has estrogenopodobnoe action and quickly normalizes the female.

Long-term use possible side effects such as itching and nausea.

Equally reliable is the Angelique. Indications for its use are as follows:

  • the use of HRT during menopause;
  • prevention of osteoporosis;
  • pronounced menopausal symptoms.

The drug acts softly and causes no abnormalities. Used gynecologist after appropriate surveys.

Препараты при климаксе: растительные и безопасные составляющие

Drugs for women over 50

It is separately possible to allocate agents of plant origin used in the treatment of women who have reached the 50 year milestone. First and foremost, this is Astravel. The active components of the product are extracts of Cimicifuga, yams and nettle. Also used soy, vitamins and minerals. The drug is a dietary Supplement, thanks to which it is possible to eliminate characteristic features that occur during menopause. Despite the absence of hormones, these drugs have a positive impact on the level of estrogen in women and to avoid possible negative consequences such as osteoporosis and metabolic disorders.

The following drug – Feminology. There is also the active component is Cimicifuga and onion backache, and magnesium. An important advantage of the tool is that it is able to relieve pain with menopause and to reduce the frequency of hot flashes. By eliminating the spasm of normal urine flow.

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Feminal was valid due to the content of red clover. As a result, aktiviziruyutsya the work of the organs responsible for the production of estrogen. Thus, drugs based on clover are not hormonal, but perfectly cope with the task of normalization of the background.

Препараты при климаксе: растительные и безопасные составляющие

To strengthen the immune system and the normalization of well-being used red brush. The plant is a must for all women through positive effects on reproductive organs.

To improve the efficiency of the red brush is recommended to be taken concurrently with upland uterus.

Feiwell copes with the task of osteoporosis prevention. Active ingredients are substances derived from soy. They are phytoestrogens. Due to the vegetable origin they act gently, without any side effects.

Eliminate pain

Quite often during menopause drugs are used to relieve pain and other unpleasant sensations. In addition to the hormones with this task perfectly cope funds with components of plant origin:

  • Klimadinon UNO acts by Cimicifuga and racemosa. Eliminates inflammation and reduces the frequency of hot flashes.
  • Ladys. Formula menopause includes a large number of vitamins, minerals and acids. Normalizes the unequal system and speeds up metabolism during menopause.

Препараты при климаксе: растительные и безопасные составляющие

  • Limaland acts by β-alanine. A positive effect on the condition of the receptacles, whereby it is possible to dispose of the tides, pressure surges and mood swings.
  • Femicaps includes a large number of components of vegetable origin. Eliminates sweating, normalizes the heart and improves mood during menopause.
  • Menopace includes multivitamins and minerals. Helps to eliminate deficiencies, and relieve symptoms of menopause
  • Klimaktoplan and similar drugs normalize sleep and relieve this itch, causing irritation. In addition, thanks to this drug you can get rid of hot flashes.
  • Bonnisan includes extracts of soy, which has a positive effect on the hormonal level. Used in cases of severe menopausal symptoms.
  • Climaxed helps eliminate sweating, normalizes the heart and reduces the frequency of hot flashes.

Препараты при климаксе: растительные и безопасные составляющие

  • Tribestan is valid due to the content of the extract of jority. The substance is a natural estrogen, has a positive impact on the genitals.
  • Climact-Hel helps to eliminate hot flashes and other symptoms characteristic of menopause. A positive effect on the emotional state of women.

All of these drugs are herbal ingredients. Sometimes adding vitamins and minerals to maintain the whole organism. Accepted remedies for menopause, after consultation with the doctor who will be able to choose the exact dosage and the duration of the course.

Important: drugs are gently and do not contain chemical components, which eliminates the adaptation period.

Possible contraindications

Despite the fact that drugs do not consist of synthetic hormones, they can also have contraindications. First, drugs, which include extracts of soy, clover and Cimicifuga, cannot be taken in the presence of hormone-dependent tumors. They are due to the influence of the organs responsible for hormone production, can cause tumor growth.

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Препараты при климаксе: растительные и безопасные составляющие

Also keep in mind that Cimicifuga includes lactose, accordingly, when her intolerance use the drug. Caution need to use such tools in human kidney, liver and brain.

You can not use the drugs during pregnancy, as well as at elevated risk of epileptic seizures.

In addition to the above you should always remember that botanicals, such as extracts of soy, clover and so on, can trigger an allergic reaction. For this reason, the appearance of weakness, nausea and loss of appetite should stop treatment and see a doctor. Dangerous signs is a change in the color of urine and the appearance of icteric coloration of sclera. This may indicate liver damage.

Препараты при климаксе: растительные и безопасные составляющие

It is important to take into account the fact that some drugs are not recommended to start taking with preserved menstruation. In this case, to get rid of the tides can herbal medicines that do not contain phytoestrogens. In rare cases, such drugs can cause the appearance of unpleasant sensations in the stomach. It is also possible chest pain, discharge and spotting bleeding.

Before you start to drink these or other drugs, it is important to familiarize yourself with the contraindications. In addition, the doctor needs to warn you about the possible side effects and tell you what symptoms they manifest. Only then can you begin a course of treatment. Any deviation or change of state cause the cancellation of the drug and doctor’s visit. If needed, adjusts the dosage or changing the drug.

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