Homeopathic medicines during menopause: what are often used

The selection of homeopathic remedies from menopause

Menopause can not be called a disease, but, nevertheless, virtually all women have to take certain drugs. The reason is that hormonal changes affects the whole organism, with the result that begins to change blood pressure, there is fever, sweating and a sharp change of mood. But if hormone treatment is not always used, the fact that homeopathy in the climax is particularly appropriate.

The effectiveness of homeopathic remedies

Homeopathic medicines represent a certain structure, including the minimal dosage of active ingredients. This ensures soft impact on the organs and tissue without any side effects. The composition can include phytoestrogens, immunomodulators, components, increase regeneration, and so on.

It is especially important to emphasize that homeopathy can be presented in the form of monopreparations and in view of the complex. In the latter case, components not only have a positive impact, but also reinforce each other’s action, increasing the effectiveness of treatment. Due to proper selection of these tools help eliminate such unpleasant conditions like pressure surges, anxiety, sleep disturbances, reduce the frequency of hot flashes and reduce sweating.

In that case, if you decide to use homeopathic remedies, you should tune in to what their effect will not appear immediately. In most cases the course duration is not less than three months. A large part of the drugs can be taken for years, without worrying about side effects that occur very rarely.At

Гомеопатические препараты при климаксе: какие чаще применяются

When choosing homeopathic remedies, it is important to consider not only symptoms but also the individual characteristics of women.

Indications for the use of homeopathy through the change are as follows:

  • sweating;
  • the feeling of heat;
  • mood instability;
  • sleep disorders;
  • depression and apathy;
  • extreme weakness;
  • dry mucous membranes in menopause.
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Гомеопатические препараты при климаксе: какие чаще применяются

A list of the drugs long enough. At the same time, most often the preference is given to complexes that have an impact on multiple systems at once, significantly improving the condition of women. Available similar tools in various forms: it can be drops, tablets or granules.

Climaxed for women

Among homeopathic medicines large polarity is Climaxin. Thanks to him you can get rid of hot flashes, sweating, insomnia and irritability. The effect is ensured by the following components:

  • Bee venom helps to reduce pain, reduces swelling of tissues, eliminates irritability and tearfulness, and prevents depression.
  • Snake venom has a positive effect on the blood picture, which allows to normalize the functioning of the heart and get rid of the tides. In parallel eliminates the sweating.
  • Extract of black cohosh has estrogenopodobnoe effect, which enables to exclude the development of malignant tumors in the mammary glands and uterus.

Гомеопатические препараты при климаксе: какие чаще применяются

Like most drugs, comes in granules. They need to be dissolved under the tongue until dissolved. This allows active ingredients to penetrate directly into the blood vessels. To achieve the effect of only two pellets a day. It is recommended to take the remedy before eating. Drink homeopathic remedies can not.

When symptoms of menopause are allowed to gradually increase the dosage to up to four Climaxin granules.

Sepia Comp Matron

A similar composition has a Sepia Comp Matron. Components the product is a snake venom extract, black cohosh and extract from the glands of cuttlefish. An important advantage is the possibility of combining with other drugs. So, a parallel can be made hormones, vitamins and minerals.

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The result of the use of homeopathy there is the following effect:

  • stabilization of the emotional state;
  • acceleration of regeneration processes;
  • strengthening of bone tissue;
  • elimination of hot flashes and heat;
  • stabilization of pressure.

Гомеопатические препараты при климаксе: какие чаще применяются

It is especially important to emphasize that it is due to this means possible to stop the growth of endometrial cells and to minimize the likelihood of developing malignant tumors.

Unlike other medicines, Sepia Comp Matron is available in the form of drops. A single dose is 8-10 drops. They must be pre-diluted in 50 grams of water. Make the tool you need apart from food. The duration of treatment at least two months. Next organised break within a month. You can then repeat the course.

The product contains alcohols, it is important to consider in the appointment of patients with liver disease.


Copes with menopausal symptoms such drug as Climact-Hel. The active components of the means are venom, Sepia or cuttlefish ink extract, and Sanguinaria canadian. Due to this, there is the following effect:

  • reducing the frequency of tides;
  • elimination of headaches;
  • the normalization of the nervous system;
  • prevention of depression;
  • strengthening the immune system.

Гомеопатические препараты при климаксе: какие чаще применяются

It is important to emphasize that the active ingredients stimulate the ovaries and hypothalamus, which positively affects hormone levels. Pills need to dissolve in the mouth between meals. To drink or swallow the remedy is not advised as this adversely affects the efficiency. The optimal dosage is two tablets per day. To obtain a consistent result, the duration of supplementation with homeopathic components shall be not less than three months.

If the severity of symptoms and the presence of diseases induced menopause parallel the hormonal drugs and other medications, and homeopathic remedies can be combined with each other, but only after consultation with an experienced doctor.


Despite the fact that Remains is a homeopathic remedy, it is excellent affects the hormonal level of women during menopause. This is due to the impact of the following components:

  • Extract of black cohosh has properties similar to estrogen. It helps to stabilize the functioning of the ovaries and improve circulation. Due to this, normalize reproductive function and hormonal levels.
  • Sanguinaria also acts as a phytoestrogen, helping to stabilize hormone levels and eliminate symptoms caused by imbalance.
  • Snake venom has a positive effect on the immune system and improves blood circulation.
  • Extract glands of cuttlefish improves the functioning of reproductive organs and normalizes the condition of blood vessels.
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Гомеопатические препараты при климаксе: какие чаще применяются

Like the above drugs, Remains eliminates hot flashes, to get rid of sweating, improves blood vessels and the heart, normalizes metabolic processes and improves overall immunity.

Thanks to the application of Remains can normalize weight and prevent the onset of obesity due to hormonal changes.

At the request of the women can be used as tablets and drops. During the first days may take thirty drops, but subsequently the dosage is reduced to twenty. The daily dose of a tableted form is three units. To improve the efficiency of the drug should for as long as possible to keep the mouth and not to swallow. The course duration not less than six months.

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