Useful if there are boogers out of your nose: is it possible to have and that will be

What happens if there are boogers from the nose?

The claim that eating boogers may be good for the body, a surprise to most parents. Mucociliary secret, getting into the digestive tract, is a threat to the health or promotes strengthening of the immune system?

Information on the healing properties of mucus, the effects of their use can change the ratio of adults to children’s strange habit.

Boogers: what is it and how formed?

The surface of the mucosa is lined with ciliated epithelium. To saturation goblet cells produce myconazole secret. Under the influence of unfavorable internal and external factors decreases the activity of the secretory function, the mucus is dry, the nasal passages are formed dry crusts.

They cause burning sensation and itching, causing the desire to remove them. Habit finger to remove dried snot in medicine is defined by the concept of «rhinotillexomania».

Learn why people eat boogers.

The composition of the boogers but dust and necrotic epithelial cells, forming nucleic acid, salt, mucoprotein. Mucin increases the viscosity of mucus, is responsible for the process of mineralization. Increased its concentration in nasal fluid is the root cause drying of mucus.

The main purpose of secreted appears protective, cleansing and softening action. The high content in the atmosphere of dust, foreign particles, infectious agents increases the fluidity of nasal fluid, which is a prerequisite for the formation of boogers.

Common sources of thick snot include the following unfavorable conditions:

  • the low humidity level in the room;
  • injury to the mucosa;
  • dehydration;
  • substitution goblet ekzokrinnye other cells.
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The systematic formation of crusts in the nose indicates a serious pathological disorder in the submucosal layer of the nasal mucosa. To differentiate the cause and create an effective treatment plan can only be otolaryngologist.

Is it possible to have a booger from the nose, what are the consequences?

Regularly clean the sinuses from dried snot – necessary, but to eat or not is a controversial issue. The opinions of experts about the benefits of eating a Koszul contradictory.

When behaviors associated with the process of self-discovery by the child of the new (the reflex to try all the flavor) panic is misplaced. The concern is, harmless if the action is regular.

How to get rid of dryness in the nose, you can find here.

NO konawaena!

What happens if there are boogers out of your nose all the time? Nothing fatal will happen. However, there is a clear risk of infection. When picking violated the integrity of the mucous membrane, microcracks, which creates favorable conditions for penetration of bacteria through dirty hands.

For reference! Uncontrolled picking your nose in an adult associated with the manifestation of depression and neurosis. The problem requires the intervention of a therapist.

A weighty argument «against», together with dried snot child deletes villous layer, which prevents the penetration of toxins, irritating particles, infectious agents. The reduction of natural protection level of dangerous localization of pathogens in the projection of the upper respiratory tract, the damage of healthy organs and systems.

Opponents of eating Koszul argue that there is a correlation between a bad habit and diseases of the pancreas, liver, kidneys, intestines.

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Drinking green snot on the background of immunosuppression increases the risk of spreading infection through the body, resulting in complications of the disease, protracted course of the disease.

In addition, the composition aconselho secret contained helminth eggs, which are resistant to enzymes, hydrochloric acid, therefore, has a positive root in the division of digestive organs.

The views FOR

With the defeat of respiratory ways people inadvertently swallows a portion of secreted, which runs down the back of the wall. Canadian scientist C. Napper has likened the process of eating snot with instinct, and the actions of microorganisms in shrimp – vaccination.

In conditions where the sterility and purity of the immune system is deprived of the ability to resist pathogens without additional resources. Disease-causing agents consisting of boogers, once in the body, activates the compressor mechanisms of the respiratory system, develop resistance to viruses and bacteria. This will allow on its own to neutralize the effect of strains in dangerous quantities.

Tip! To prevent the formation of dry crusts it is necessary to create favorable conditions: to establish the psychological situation, to control the humidity and temperature when necessary to exclude provoking factors.

Undeniable fact that habit of picking his nose is not without risk, therefore it is necessary to struggle. The child needs to convey information, that extract is Koszul and eat them, it is unaesthetic and unhygienic. Often just talking is not enough. Parents need to understand why the baby is konawaena, and look for an individual approach to the child.

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With age develops aversion to the use of your own nasal secretions.


There is no single answer, it is useful if there are boogers out of your nose. When there is the slightest threat of side effects, it is advisable to abandon the use of dried snot.

If aconselho secret has benefits, the body and so gets through the mucus, which involuntarily flows down the rear wall.