Uterine fibroids: the treatment of folk remedies. Tips and recipes

Many women face the problem of the formation of benign tumors in the uterus and trying to figure out is it possible to cure fibroids and what medication and folk remedies are the most effective. After analyzing the symptoms of fibroids, which include failures of menstrual function, prolonged menstruation, pain in lower abdomen, uterine bleeding, it becomes clear that many herbs can help in solving some of the problems, and correct use will help to avoid surgery.

The causes of formation and typology of the fibroids

To ensure that the treatment led to a positive result, you need to understand that any medical appointments, including folk methods, must be consistent with the doctor who takes into account the symptoms and the causes. Among the root causes of the appearance of uterine fibroids, is dominated by the following factors:

  • contraceptive low quality of the spiral, multiple abortions, which remain damage on the walls of the uterus;
  • sexually transmitted diseases or gynecological nature.
  • disruptions in hormonal sphere;
  • the effects of surgery;
  • a weak immune system;
  • lack of exercise;
  • obesity.

Types of fibroids in accordance with the location:

  • intermuscular;
  • submucosal;
  • abdominal.

There is diffuse form, which spreads through the walls of the uterus, but is more marked hub of its kind. If there is a negative growth of the tumor, then surgery is unavoidable. In the not complicated forms of fibroids can alleviate the condition using complex medicines and natural remedies from the Arsenal of folk medicine. Techniques spread quite a lot. This ingestion, lotions, tampons, douching, compresses, etc.

Herbs that eliminate adverse reactions from fibroids

Fibroids, particularly its nodal form, causes a variety of disorders in the functioning of the uterus. For this reason, it is advisable to select and include in the comprehensive treatment of herbs that help to eliminate the detected pathology.

Regulation of the menstrual cycle

Knowledge of the properties of different herbs and fees allows you to effectively neutralize disturbances in the menstrual cycle. If concerned about the frequent delay of menstruation, the flowers of tansy in the form of decoction. Relieve pain during menstruation able chamomile. Effective enough hops or cuff drug. If diagnosed uterine atony that can help in the oregano or cloves field.

Stop uterine bleeding

If developing uterine fibroids provoked bleeding, to reduce their possible folk remedies, if you know the properties of herbs, has long been used to treat similar diseases. A positive impact on improving blood clotting and shepherd’s purse and yarrow. Helps to quickly stop the sudden bleeding nettle.

You can make a mixture of equal parts of nettle leaves and fresh or dried yarrow. Every day from morning to insist one and a half tablespoons of the raw material in 300 ml. of boiling water. When the infusion has cooled, drink after meals of 100 ml.

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Mug allows you to not only help with problems related to bleeding, but also used to treat seals. Rhizomes are dried and crushed to a powder. In the evening two cups of boiling water poured 5 grams of raw materials. Should insist under a warming cap for 12 hours. The next day infusion is divided into four portions. Such therapy course, involving a month of the reception facilities a fortnight break.

Herbal teas from fibroids

Amplifies the impact, if properly prescribe treatment and to choose the mixture of natural medicinal components.

  1. Taken dead-nettle (flowers), Melissa, marjoram, sweet clover in the ratio 4:2:2:1. Enough in the evening pour boiling water (200 ml) spoon of herbal meats and leave to infuse overnight. The next day, drink the infusion in three divided doses.
  2. Mixed Helichrysum, St. John’s wort, hawthorn, buckthorn, calendula, chamomile in the ratio of 3:2:2:1:1:1. In the evening a pinch (no more than 12 grams) collection placed in a thermos with two cups boiling water. Strained infusion to drink a glass before eating (about half an hour). The length of treatment is three months.
  3. The collection is made in equal proportions of celandine, yarrow, Maryina root with the addition of pine buds, marigold, sage and propolis. 25 grams of raw material is aged for two weeks in a liter of alcohol. Taken three times one teaspoon at a time.
  4. Incorporate hawthorn berries and rose hips, roots of elecampane and sweet, added grass motherwort, St. John’s wort, horsetail, mother and stepmother at a ratio of 2:5:1:2:3:2:1:1 respectively. A handful of the mixture in the morning should pour boiling water (two cups), stand in a water bath for 20 minutes. Take cooled and strained infusion by separating into three parts before eating (about thirty minutes).
  5. Collected rhizomes of Valerian, St. John’s wort, nettle, celandine, motherwort, flowers of cornflower and camomile medicinal (100 grams of each component) and transform into powder using the grinder. In the morning a Cup of boiling water pour two tablespoons of the collection. Should insist to cool. To drink in three divided doses before meals. Through a two-month course is a one-month break, and then repeat.

Grass – immunomodulators

To comprehensive treatment quickly helped get rid of uterine fibroids you need along with folk remedies, promotes the resorption of tumors, strengthen the immune system. For this it is necessary to pay attention to such herbs as leuzea caroloina, Eleutherococcus senticosus. Helps Rhodiola rosea, Hedysarum tea, Manchurian aralia.

Improves the immune system, together with intensification of the immune system a blend of aloe, minced (one Cup), which poured wine (two glasses) intervenes and honey (half Cup). The composition is mixed and 5 days aged in a cool, dark place. About an hour before meals three times a day should take a teaspoon of the mixture for one and a half months.

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Anticancer plants

Trying to enter in the Arsenal of home remedies a variety of anticancer plants to get rid of the fibroids, hoping to avoid surgery, you need to remember that some of them are toxic and require caution and observance of precise dosages. These include mistletoe, Hemlock, Amanita muscaria. Included in the medical complex celandine, cinquefoil swamp. These plants are widely known in folk medicine, because they are all designed to treat all types of tumors.

There is a list of herbs that specifically contribute to the deliverance from uterine fibroids. They are not poisonous, and the use of such natural means aimed at reduction in the rate of hormonal background, allowing you to avoid surgery. For the treatment upland uterus is hoard, cleavers. Can be used the prickly Thistle or Shandra ordinary. A decoction of these herbs can be used to wet the tampon introduced into the vagina.

For example, to make a tincture of celandine in the home, is necessary to maintain the grass in vodka for about a month (weight ratio 1:10). To take on the scheme in the morning before eating, dissolving the necessary amount in boiled cool water. Add follows every day, one drop (the first day drink one drop) until the portion reaches 15 pieces. After that is the countdown. After drinking the last one drop, repeat the course only required two months. Such methods require special caution.

Medical tea

In the presence of uterine fibroids helpful plants, which are used as raw material for cooking and medicinal tea which is drunk instead of the usual Ceylon or the Indian equivalent. It is sometimes possible to do without surgery, if folk remedies are becoming regular components of the daily diet.

Wonderful properties endowed with sprigs of cherries, which are easy to cook in the spring when is a seasonal crop. Need to thin shoots, which are washed, dried and stored in a kitchen cupboard in a closed paper bag.

Used effectively by the same procedure as regular tea. Put in a teapot a pinch of raw materials and five minutes later, the fragrant drink is ready. Can lovers of traditional teas just to add some twigs to his favorite brew.

In parallel with a positive effect on the fibroids to help lose weight able broth to which 20 six-inch sprigs are placed in two liters of cool water and brought to a boil. Five minutes after removing from the fire, the pan should wrap. After about thirty minutes tea is ready. To enhance immunity, you can add honey.

In the Arsenal of medical techniques from people interested in folk remedies, certainly is the amazing chaga mushroom. Tea allows to do without surgery if diagnosed fibroids. There are different ways of cooking. The most accessible method is to place small pieces of mushroom (≈ 200 g) in hot water (one liter). Boiling liquid should be about 15 minutes. After cooling drink the tea it is useful all day. Even simpler drenched with boiling water, chaga (≈ 250 grams) to survive 7 hours in one-liter jar of boiled water.

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Pharmacy Shilajit has long established itself as an effective tool. It should be used for oral administration, instructional preparing according to label directions and dilute with water in the ratio 2.5:10 and drench the tampon to the vagina.

Local procedures

Proven methods to local use of various extracts, infusions, ointments, vegetable raw materials provide an opportunity to significantly strengthen the therapeutic effect. In the Arsenal of folk healers are lotions, tampons, baths, compresses with a specific purpose.

Reduced nodal fibroids, if daily to douching or tampons put a decoction of burdock roots or sorrel. Analgesic effect of the decoction of chamomile, which is often used to treat inflammation.

A poultice at home no less effective than tampons. They are placed on the belly, focusing on the sector position of the uterus. An example of good heat retaining poultices as follows. Boiled barley (≈ 200 gram) until soft. While it is still hot, is added to a decoction of melilot – flowers, which is done in advance. The mixture is laid out on a cloth napkin and placed on the lower abdomen. Kept to cool. Just one procedure per day during the week.

The most effective tampons that are soaked in different kinds of herbal drugs. It can be infusion of roots of bergenia (50 grams kept for 8 hours in 350 ml. of hot water). For irrigation to two teaspoons of tincture diluted in 300 ml of warm water. This treatment is recommended two months. Sometimes there is a significant improvement, allowing you to avoid surgery.

The use of folk remedies for the fibroids is not without burdock. The juice of the roots mixed with sea buckthorn oil and honey in equal volumes becomes a wonderful remedy. Enough to moisten the swabs in it every night and leave in the vagina until the morning to turn back even a multinodular tumor, allowing to do without surgery.