Uterine prolapse: what to do when the pathology and the possible consequences

Prolapse of the anterior wall of the uterus – is a topic that many women are not voiced aloud. Prolapse of the walls of the uterus, are familiar to many women. Or they at least once in my life heard of this. But why is the loss of the front (rear) wall of the uterus and than it threatens?

Why the uterine wall fall?

The omission of the front (rear) wall of the uterus and vagina is a pathology which in most cases requires immediate surgical treatment. During this, there is a prolapse of the genital organs. Face the problem, can women of different age groups, but at risk ladies from 50 years and above, then each of the second faces a problem.

When the sexual organs are placed correctly, they provide the muscles of the pelvic floor. So when the walls weaken, the front (rear) wall of the vagina and uterus begin to fall.

Also the front of the vaginal wall closely to mocevic, so when there is a prolapse, the probability that the bladder will move also increases. The same applies to the rectum, which is located at the rear wall.

It is clear that these functional changes affect all pelvic organs. That’s why women with such disorders often have problems with menstruation, discharge of majevica and intestines.

Also there are five degrees of pathology:

  1. When the front wall is not much lowered, and the cunt gaping.
  2. Occurs prolapse of the front (rear) wall of the vagina, rectum and majevica.
  3. The cervix drops lower from the norm to the entrance to the vagina.
  4. Partial loss of the walls, when the neck below the entrance to the vagina.
  5. Complete prolapse, is complete eversion of the front (rear) wall of the vagina.

So, why is uterine prolapse? The first and main reason is heavy labor. In medical practice, describes a situation where the uterus drops and even drop out of virgins. Such cases are rare, it is associated with weakness of the connective tissue, with excessive physical exertion, severe bronchial asthma, when the girl pretty much straining during bouts of cough, also cause constipation are chronic in nature.

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In fact, if a woman is not sexually active, and she has no children, then this problem should not to touch her.

Uterine prolapse: what to do?

Of course, to go to the doctor and begin treatment. To therapy has been designed and matched correctly, you must consider the following factors:

  • how dropped uterus what degree;
  • is there another gynecological pathology;
  • the necessity of preserving the fertility;
  • the degree of risk with regard to surgery and anesthesia;
  • the degree of disruption of the rectum, majevica and sphincters.

Conservative therapy

Based on these aspects, the specialist will develop the optimal treatment. Therapy can be both conservative and operative. If a woman is approached during the initial stage, it is possible to drug treatment, which includes drugs based on estrogen.

The woman may be appointed as an ointment the composition of which metabolites and estrogens. The ointment should be introduced into the vagina. Conservative treatment consists of therapeutic massage and exercise program. Women with pathology can not engage in heavy physical labor. In the case where such treatment is not successful, doctors recommend surgery.

Using fallopian rings: of is necessary to discontinue

If the degree of pathology of severe and surgical intervention is not possible, it is recommended the use of gynecological rings (necessary to discontinue). Rings are made of soft, elastic silicone, which readily adopts the desired shape. They come in different type and size. The diaphragm serves as a support, it rests in the wall and fix in the correct position the cervical canal.

Long use of the ring, they can form lie. Typically, the pessary is prescribed to older women. If the patient uses the contraceptive ring should be regularly douche decoction of herbs, potassium permanganate, furatsilina. Twice a month the necessary inspections and visits to the gynecologist.

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Also women suffering from loss of the walls of the uterus needs to adjust your diet. Their task is to establish a normal digestive tract and avoid constipation.

Special exercises with prolapse of the walls of the uterus

May appoint experts to wear a special brace or physical therapy. Exercises work for the restoration and strengthening of the vaginal muscles. Also, such a physical exercise it is possible to apply for preventive purposes.

Therapeutic exercises:

  • Stand on all fours, inhale to lift the arm and leg (opposite), make it 6 times and swap.
  • All fours, inhale head down, with much to involve the muscles of the perineum and pelvis, exhale, head up, back straight, repeat 10 times.
  • Lie on your back, arms at your sides, legs raised from the floor as our measuring stick behind your head, touching the caremat, repeat 10 times.
  • Lying on your back, in turn, raises feet for each 10 times.
  • On the back, raises the pelvis, pulls the muscles of the pelvis and perineum and return to starting position, repeat 10 times.

Exercise successful gynecologist Arnold Kegel is also effective in dealing with this problem.

Prolapse of the uterus: wearing the brace

Bandage refers to a conservative approach of treatment along with hormone replacement therapy, physical therapy and fallopian rings.

Thanks to the elastic straps, he gently fixed and supports the abdominal cavity. This creates the correct pressure on the reproductive organs and uterus, as far as possible limiting their mobility.

The bandage is chosen by the doctor individually, depending on the degree of prolapse of the uterus. It is safe, hygienic and easy to use as it is made of high-quality, elastic materials. From time to time, the degree of contamination of the bandage should be washed with soap or powder.

What is threatening the loss of the walls of the uterus?

Pathology such as prolapse of the front (back) walls of the uterus and refers to a number of serious gynecological problems. Therefore it is better to learn about the consequences, so questions arose and the woman immediately noticed if at least one of the characteristic symptoms, went to the doctor.

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  • When the walls begin to shift, they start to pull the other bodies nearby. This applies to the rectum and majevica. The problem is accompanied with frequent constipation, the intestine is pinched. Added to this are the attempts, which substantially exacerbate the problem. Subsequently falls the intestines, and it already does not Bode well.
  • Together with the rear wall omitted and vaginal. In severe cases, there is excruciating pain that leads to injury of the organ. Subsequently erosion, which can grow to the cervix. Such processes complicate treatment.
  • The sooner the woman will go to the doctor, the better for her. You need to remember the self is impossible, and restore intimate tissue – a painful and lengthy process.
  • Due to the fact that the wall is pushing on the bladder, there are various diseases of the urinary tract, for example, cystitis and others.
  • The consequences can affect the pelvic organs. There is a real threat of loss of the intestinal loops.

Summing up we can say that necessarily if you experience any discomfort in the reproductive organs need to urgently visit a doctor. From such pathologies as uterine prolapse no one is immune, and if time does not take measures, the consequences can be dire.