VETERANOV ointment in nose for children from the cold: instructions for use

How to apply antiviral ointment for nose Viferon child?

Attention to health is a crucial element of taking care of your own body, but sometimes diseases affect kids who can’t talk in detail about their worries. In that case, if the symptoms of the common cold or influenza, parents should take urgent measures to strengthen the immune system. Well established VETERANOV ointment in nose for kids is a great barrier against viruses.

To acquire the means for home treatment and prevention should those families in which the child often catches colds easily. This category includes kids suffering from acute respiratory infections more than 4 times a year. Despite the fact that pediatricians recommend the use of Viferon, it is best to additionally consult a doctor to rule out any side effects.

The drug

In the ointment Viferon from the common cold include the following components and ingredients:

  • interferon (Alfa-2b, recombinant, human) is the main active ingredient;
  • tocopherol azelate (0.02 g/g);
  • lanolin anhydrous (0,34 g/g);
  • medical petroleum jelly (0, 45);
  • peach oil (0.12 g);
  • purified water (0.3-0.9 g).

The main active ingredient present in the composition in an amount of 40,000. It has a pronounced antiviral effect, and actively strengthens the immune system.

You need to be careful in the choice of the drug, as it indulges in three dosage forms:

  • ointment;
  • gel;
  • drops;
  • candles (rectal, includes 3 different dosing means).

The choice of form depends on the age of the child.

Important! Before using this medication, you should consult with a specialist, especially if it is intended to use for the baby whose age is under 1 year.

Rules for the application of ointments for the common cold kids

Properties of ointment and gel are the same. The main difference between drugs is the concentration. Antiviral ointment for nose Viferon — dense and thick substance, yellowish-white. The form of a gel less viscous stretching. The color composition of the saturated white.

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Additional action – mild drying effect, without a negative impact on mucous membranes in the nasal cavity. The ointment is used when there is a need for moisturizing the nose. It is therefore important to observe the symptoms of the disease, to pick the perfect form of the drug.

Instructions for use of Interferon suggests that its use will be for:

  • treatment of influenza or SARS, in complex therapy;
  • the treatment of herpes infections of nature (1 and 2), the localization of which manifest on the skin or mucous membranes.

Rules for the use of an ointment:

  • the drug you want to squeeze in the required amount from the tube;
  • gently apply it on the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity (when cold).

Important: the pain or burning sensation does not occur. Discomfort also available. Amount of ointment for a single application should be small.

Features of use of ointments for the treatment of rhinitis children involve the differentiation of the product before applying. The diameter of the extruded ointment should match the age of the child patient:

  • 1-2 years – 5 mm.
  • 2-12 years – 5 mm (applying 4 times a day).
  • 12-18 years old (and adults) – 0,9 – 1 cm.

Attention! To use the drug in any form is impossible, if the child is under 1 year or has an individual intolerance to the components of the tool.

Instructions for use ointment Viferon:

  1. Application must be performed exclusively externally.
  2. For children 1-2 years ointment is put into the nose 3 times a day.
  3. Children from 3 to 12 years – 4 times a day thin layer to lubricate the mucous membranes in the nose.
  4. Children over 12 are treated 4 times a day (the amount of the drug, respectively, is increased).
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The course of treatment is not more than 5 days. If positive changes not, you must consult a doctor.

Additionally, the ointment can be used (like any other form of the drug), not only as a remedy for the common cold, but also as an effective prevention, which is held on the same technology as the treatment.

The result is full protection of the child from the virus for a period of 30-60 days.

In that case, if you use Viferon need for treatment or preventive effects for the baby and premature baby, then the ointment will have to give.

It is best to give preference to rectal suppositories. They should be used at the rate of 1 candle 12 hours of exposure. The treatment in this case is 3 to 5 days. Sometimes it can be increased on medical advice to 1 week. Viferon gel in the nose for babies up to a year is also not used.

The use of the gel is the optimal solution for treatment of children aged 2 to 4 years, as the concentration of active substance in it is reduced, but there are vitamins and organic acids. This form is most often used for preventive effect, does not allow penetration into the organism of various viruses, whereas the ointment is a great remedy to treat, it not only removes the symptoms, but also deliberately targets the root cause of the common cold viruses.

It is important to remember that to cure the common cold, the cause of which were bacteria, not viruses, the drug will not be able, as well as to protect from allergies.

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The manufacturer sets the expiration date of the unopened tubes of 12 months. After the drug began to use it, it should be stored in a cool place, such as in the refrigerator. The retention period in this case depends on package:

  • jar from polystyrene to 14 days;
  • tube aluminium 30 days.

The volume of drugs does not exceed 12 grams, so one package is enough for a full course of therapeutic effects or prevention of the flu season.


The use of antiviral ointment Viferon allows to reduce the likelihood of diseases caused by these pathogens. Application is simple, but will require adjusting the amount depending on the age of the child.

Despite the absence of obvious contraindications, consult a pediatrician it is necessary, as each baby has an individual health and immune system.

Forecast of application of the ointment favourable in most cases, rhinitis is non-allergic in nature and were not caused by the bacteria disappears for 5 or 7 days. The child receives protection from repeated viral infection up to 2 months.