Vitamins for kidneys and bladder: tips and advice

For normal functioning of the kidneys and bladder need regular maintenance and also need a variety of vitamins that will restore their functioning and to establish a normal work. The importance of the kidneys in the human body is difficult to overestimate.

The value of the kidneys and bladder

Kidney is the organ of the pair type, which is involved in filtering the blood, removes her from harmful substances, toxins coming out later with urine through mocevic. If you eat the right foods, you can greatly improve normal functioning of kidneys and their status.

The buds have a heavy load, for one minute, they are able to pass approximately one liter of blood. In the kidneys the blood is cleansed of toxins, toxins and noxious substances, dead microbes, unwanted products generated in the process of digestion or metabolic processes.

If there is kidney failure then the kidneys cease to perform their functions normally. There is a rapid poisoning of the whole organism decayed food, poisons and toxins. If there is no proper treatment, may occur, and death.

Every day our body is faced with the threat of infection. In order to protect it from development pathology need to be mindful of their health.

You need to start with the observance of simple rules:

  • Regular physical activity. You need to eat foods diet, and perform exercises that prevent stagnation and improve circulation. Load increase blood circulation and thus the activity output of harmful substances.
  • Protect yourself from infectious and inflammatory diseases. Follow the forecast and dress for the weather. Always remember that the loin should be warm. While ignoring the recommendations can become inflamed kidneys, and this will entail serious consequences.
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The kidneys and the bladder is affected organs. Disrupt their normal functioning can plain water for drinking, food and drugs. Infection that has penetrated into any part of the body, easily actively propagated on all the internal organs. That is why it is important to know what is good for kidneys and bladder and what is not.

You should also pay attention to the diet. You need to carefully select the right products that will help to facilitate the work of the kidneys and bladder.

What is good for kidneys and bladder and what is not

If kidney disease and bladder lead to the formation of oedema and high blood pressure need to reduce salt intake or completely remove it from the diet. You can add various spices, but in small quantities.

You need to exclude:

  • broths based on meat;
  • garlic, onion;
  • bananas;
  • radishes;
  • mushrooms;
  • bean;
  • cheese;
  • dried fruits;
  • nuts;
  • the by-products.

Consider what vitamins and foods are good for kidneys and bladder.

Nutritionists strongly recommend to include in the diet to eat:

  • fresh vegetables, steamed, stewed or boiled;
  • various cereals and pasta;
  • soups based on vegetables;
  • fresh fruits and berries;
  • fermented foods – kefir, sour cream;
  • vegetable oil;
  • a decoction of rose hips, it contains vitamins beneficial for the kidneys and bladder.

Also there are 5 major foods that are good for kidneys and bladder:

  • cranberry;
  • blueberries;
  • watermelon;
  • grapes;
  • pumpkin.

These foods contain a lot of vitamins which have positive effects on the bodies, but there are other products deserved to be considered useful:

  • fresh carrots, green onions, spinach, sweet pepper, sea buckthorn – rich in vitamin A.
  • freshly squeezed fruit juices;
  • milk;
  • apples, plums – have a weak, but still a diuretic effect;
  • buckwheat, rice, oats contribute to the regular work of organs.
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Also to products for the kidneys and bladder include herbs such as mint, chamomile, sage, calendula, St. John’s wort, bearberry. Remember these teas you can’t drink constantly and without prior consultation of a specialist.

Vitamin-enriched drinks

The recommended amount of fluid per day – this, of course, depend on the characteristics of the organism. The norm is 1.5-2.5 liters of fluid per day. While drinking mineral water is not recommended. Drinking regime should also have a medical character and implemented under the supervision of a physician.

Preference should be given to sour fortified beverages and fruit drinks made from cranberry or lemon. These cocktails perfectly eliminates the bacterial infections, if any. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise it is bad for the bodies. You need to give up coffee, it is able to increase the pressure.

Healthful fresh juices from parsley, carrot, celery. It is also an effective drink made from pumpkin, it is rich in many useful vitamins. In addition, it has diuretic properties.

Diuretic is also considered to be plum and Apple juice, so it is advisable to drink at least one glass of the «vitamins» a day.

Than to support the bladder and kidneys?

Folk medicine is full of recipes.

It is enriched with a large number of simple and effective tools that help to improve important internal organs:

  • if you have stones and fluid retention, eat every day 3 things almonds;
  • if the stones are just beginning to take shape, you can try: rose roots, pour vodka, insist month. Drink 20 drops, 5 times a day, drinking the right amount water;
  • you can eat dried or fresh currants, and candied;
  • melon is a treasure for the internal organs, so it is there in the intervals between the main meals.
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Remember that the internal organs need support. So you need to Supplement your diet with vitamins, therapeutic herbal teas, healthy food and vitamin drinks, which will help the bodies normal and smooth functioning, doing its job without problems. Follow the diet and drink per day one glass of fresh juice.