Vitamins for ovarian: advice and tips

In order to maintain our organism in norm, you should feed it with nutrients and vitamins. Are no exception and female sex organs such as ovaries. To the ovarian reserve was normal, need to monitor their health, eat right, and take into account their age peculiarities. Today we will discuss what vitamins are good for the ovaries.

Healthy ovaries

The ovary is the organ that helps to conceive. If it produces immature eggs, or low ovarian reserve – this means that you need to look for the cause of the problem.

If you are diagnosed with low ovarian reserve, then you need to remember that the normal operation of the body depends on many factors. Many may be associated with the woman’s age and lifestyle, diet and addictions.

The absence of the right nutrients in our diet, hormone imbalances and stress can negatively affect the condition of the ovaries.

But today, if your ovaries fail in the work, to restore the previous function you can use certain foods, vitamins and herbs.

To sow doubt and give rise to consult a doctor should, if you can’t for a long time to conceive – it may indicate a malfunction of the penis.

Many women after an unsuccessful IVF attempts turn to alternative medicine and soon successfully get pregnant naturally. This method of treatment is more natural — it helps to maintain the normal operation of the ovaries, affects the maturation of the follicle and releases a Mature egg.

Consider the most popular reasons, which are the catalysts of a failure of the ovaries:

  • age 40;
  • the use of narcotic substances;
  • hyperstimulation;
  • contraceptives that inhibit ovulation;
  • body requires certain vitamins and nutrients;
  • imbalance of female hormones (low estrogen and progesterone);
  • depression, stress;
  • problems with the adrenal glands.
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Why grueling diet can affect the ovaries?

Everything we eat affects the fertility and ability to produce healthy eggs. Proper diet, enriched with antioxidants, can do wonders for the health of the reproductive system of women.

Antioxidants reduce the number of free radicals that cause rapid aging and damage DNA.

If the DNA is damaged, it is responsible for birth defects and problems with the chromosomes a child who is born from a woman in ages. Antioxidants are able to maintain sperm motility and quality.

To support the ovaries and stimulates production of Mature eggs to be included in the diet Tribulus, Maca, Royal jelly and coenzyme Q10 (an antioxidant).

The foods we eat, affect the production of hormones governing the reproductive system. It is proven that women who adhere to the right diet that includes vitamins and nutrients after a few cycles to restore the ovaries and ovulation.

You need to remember three rules:

  • the main thing is to minimize the consumption of dairy products, wheat products, soy, meat red varieties, especially that which contains a high level of animal fat;
  • eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, vitamins, and foods that enrich the body with necessary microelements and minerals;
  • to improve ovarian reserve will help the marine products and Royal jelly.

What vitamins are needed for recovery of ovarian?

To resume the normal functioning of the reproductive system is much faster if the complex of therapeutic measures to activate the vitamin. Can be assigned, vitamins private groups, and also complexes of multivitamins.

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List of vitamins that are useful for ovarian:

  • Vitamin A — taken in the form of drops of a solution of 10-20 drops once a day. Vitamin A is found in liver, cream, sour cream, egg yolks, Rowan, pumpkin, apricots, sea buckthorn, carrot, red pepper.
  • Group E is a powerful antioxidant that is assigned to 2 capsules per day. You also need to eat sprouted wheat, lettuce and vegetable oil.
  • Can be assigned to the drug «Aevitum» the combination of vitamins A and E one tablet per day.
  • Folic acid daily dose 5 mg.
  • Vitamin b — found in bran, brewer’s yeast and dark bread. Primarily used a combination of drugs «Neurobion», «Milham», «Neurobeks».
  • Ascorbic acid prevents oxidative aging of the ovaries, is used in large amounts in the form of injections and capsules. Vitamins b and C contained in honey, Royal jelly and pollen.
  • Iron — it needs blood. You need to eat pomegranates, raisins, nuts and beans.
  • L-arginine is an amino acid that is necessary for normal functioning of the ovaries. Milk, peanuts and oats contain the necessary arginine to the reproductive system.
  • Multivitamin complexes «the Alphabet», «Duovit», «Vitrum».

Vitamins have a strong impact on the work and functioning of the reproductive system, particularly ovarian. So do not forget that proper and balanced diet helps that body to 100% to perform its functions. Then women’s health will always be fine.