Warming nose with a cold: is it possible to warm the child, and how to warm up

Is it possible when cold to warm the nose?

A runny nose is one of the most common problems in the world. He can be as independent disease, and one of the symptoms that developed on the background of another disease. Modern medicine has a large amount of money for treatment of this condition.

However, many people still rely on only traditional treatments. One of these is the warming of the nose when cold.

Is it dangerous heating of the nose

Warming up the nose in rhinitis is a long – known folk method of treatment of rhinitis.

This method works by raising the temperature of the skin on the heated area of the nose.

This circumstance provokes an activation of LIFO and blood flow.

In the case of a patient of inflammation, such activation will lead to its rapid flow and ease the mucus.

However, despite the popularity among the population, there are a number of contraindications for the procedure vyhrievane. Use heat only if the person has clear discharge. The procedure is shown in the case not complicated by rhinitis, triggered by the virus.

Important! If there is a patient elevated temperature to carry out the procedure is prohibited.

Efficiency of heating in allergic rhinitis is negligible. However, it is easy to confuse with a virus, because this form of cold provokes congestion and mucus (transparent). If heat is used for allergic reactions, it just won’t give any result, but in some cases the procedure can harm the body.


So, use heat impossible during the development of the patient purulent processes. It is forbidden to warm up the nose at:

  1. Purulent sinusitis (inflammatory process affecting the paranasal sinuses). The diseases in this group include sinusitis, frontal sinusitis, ethmoiditis. Due to the development of these diseases is often observed blocking the flow of the sinuses, causing pain in the head, difficult nasal breathing.
  2. Bacterial rhinitis. In most cases, bacterial lesions of the nose extends to the throat, sometimes even in the lungs. This type of rhinitis is accompanied with mucus yellow-green color.
  3. Adenoiditis. With the development of the disease there is a decrease in immunity. In most cases, the disease affects younger age groups. To recognize the adenoids can be pain that spreads to the back of the nose. Swallowing pain is felt in the ears.

Warming up of the nose in the case of a patient of the diseases described above, may trigger the spread of the inflammatory process in other parts of the head. As a result, may develop otitis media, sepsis, meningitis, abscesses. This is a dangerous disease that threaten the patient’s life. In the case of the above-described types of rhinitis, it is strictly forbidden to carry out warming up of the nose at a cold child. In children, these complications may cause serious harm to the body.

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To apply the method not in the case of high temperature and during long-term course of the disease. The procedure is most effective in the first few days from onset of runny nose. During long-term course of the disease and existing infectious process, warming can cause the spread of infection to the ears, eyes, sinuses, and brain.


When you can warm the nose to solve a cold? Use this popular method of treatment is possible if:

  • the person has clear discharge;
  • his body temperature does not exceed thirty-seven degrees;
  • the patient no chronic diseases and problems with the cardiovascular system;
  • there is a belief that a cold was not caused by the allergen;
  • in the nasal cavity of the patient has no polyps, cysts, and other entities.

If the person has purulent discharge, fever or other factors related to contraindications, it is recommended to consult a qualified professional. Self-treatment in this case may lead to serious complications.

How to warm up the nose

There are several options how and what to warm up the nose. But regardless of the method chosen, there are a number of rules that should be followed always.

  1. First, you cannot use the objects heated to a temperature over fifty five degrees.
  2. Secondly, after the procedure the patient should take the supine position (lying need to thirty minutes).
  3. Thirdly, in the room where to place the heating should not be drafts. In addition, the patient forbidden to leave the house for at least two hours after rewarming.

Warming up the blue lamp

In medical facilities for the procedure of using blue light. The therapeutic effect of the use of blue light is achieved by infrared radiation, which has the property to penetrate into the deeper tissue of the nasal passages.

Thanks to this device possesses following therapeutic effects:

  • improves the blood flow;
  • strengthens the vascular wall;
  • reduces the intensity of the pain;
  • allows you to destroy certain pathogenic organisms;
  • a positive effect on cell regeneration;
  • normalizes nasal breathing.

Help! Reflector of Minin (blue lamp) is present in the free market, so it can be purchased for home use.

In the case of rhinitis, the blue lamp to warm up the bridge of his nose. Distance from the device to the nose should be less than twenty centimeters. The patient should feel the warmth from the lamp. Eyes during the procedure should be kept private.

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One therapy session should last about ten minutes. Warm nose with congestion should be two or three times during the day. If everything is done correctly, rhinitis can pass within three days.

Measures of folk medicine

Folk medicine offers a broad range of tools that can be used for heating. Most often the procedure uses eggs, salt, potatoes. There are methods of warming using various grains and sand.

You can select the following tools, which are used to warm the nose:

  1. Rye flatbread. Mix honey (one teaspoon) with the same amount of rye flour. After mixing the ingredients, heat them in a water bath for up to thirty six to thirty seven degrees. Of warmed the mixture to make small cakes. This tool should be applied to the sinuses (frontal/maxillary), after cover them with a small bag of polyethylene. In thirty minutes the pellets should be removed.
  2. Camphor oil. To heat the substance up to forty degrees (use water bath). After heating to RUB the bridge of your nose area sinuses. It is useful to spread by means of the foot. After rubbing, is applied to the nose candy. To keep her you need to cool crushed oil.
  3. Buckwheat/salt/sand. To heat the selected substance in the pan. After heating to sleep in a small bag, or cloth. Attach to nose and hold up to thirty minutes.
  4. A boiled egg. Boil an egg (hard boiled). Wrap in a piece of cloth and applied to the sinuses. Hold the egg up to need until it is completely cool.
  5. Millet. Pour into the pan ½ Cup of grits. Heat the millet, after allow to cool. Pour into a pouch. Wait for the millet to cool to the optimum temperature for the patient. Then attach the bag to the nose and hold for ten minutes. The procedure should be done three times a day. However, the last time to warm up the nose is necessary before sleep.

Attention! Used for warming the egg after the procedure must be disposed of. To use it in food is strictly prohibited.

Is it possible to warm the nose when cold the child described above means? Moxibustion can be used for the treatment of rhinitis in young children, however, it is necessary to take into account the anatomy of the child’s body. In this age, the skin on the nose is quite delicate, so the heat of the substance is needed to lower temperatures. Also it is recommended to apply to nose additional piece of fabric.

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The measures described above folk medicine it is better to use in combination with medical treatment. They can relieve symptoms and improve the General condition of the patient. If after the application of these means the health of the person has deteriorated, it is necessary to consult a specialist. Continue heating in this case is not recommended.


Thus, the warming of the nose is one of the popular ways of struggle against the cold. This method is also used in medicine (reflector of Minin). Use it makes sense only in the early stages of the occurrence of rhinitis. In the future, the warm nose will be ineffective.

In addition, there are certain contraindications to warm up. With the development of some types of rhinitis procedure is not only useless, but also can harm the body. So before doing the warming, it is recommended to consult with your doctor.