Warming nose with salt in the cold: how to warm sinus

How to warm the nose with salt?

Mucous discharge from the nose and shortness of breath can be cured by different methods, but there is one recipe, the use of which has been proven over the years. Heated salt from the cold helps to reduce the unpleasant symptoms that occur with colds and improve the condition of the patient. The procedure can be performed a variety of cereals, but salt is able to quickly eliminate all signs of acute inflammatory process in the nasal cavity. Carry out the procedure should not only in acute rhinitis, but in the case of the common cold due to hypothermia or trauma.

You must know that the heating of the nose with salt can eliminate the symptoms of the disease only at the initial stage of the inflammatory process. In protracted or allergic rhinitis such procedure will be useless. In preparation for thermotherapy, ensure you know the holding mechanism. Otherwise possible development of severe complications, up to inflammation of the brain.

Can I warm nose in the cold salt

Warming up procedures are used in almost every inflammation of the nose, but not all people know about the possible harm of this treatment. For example, in protracted cold or in case of purulent rhinitis this method of treatment is strictly contraindicated.

In addition, illiterate conducting a heat treatment can cause a number of dangerous complications.

Among the most dangerous consequences is the brain abscess.

To other contraindications of this method of treatment of rhinitis include the treatment of seasonal allergic rhinitis.

If the rhinorrhea occurred due to contact with the precipitating allergen, the heat can only create a good flora for the development of the disease.

To treat the nose by heat is not recommended for atrophic rhinitis. In this case, increase swelling of the nose, and there is a risk of dryness in the mucous part. In addition, salt treatment in this type of disease can result in the release of more mucus, or, conversely, poor outflow.

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It is best to warm the nose with salt in the case of the runny nose with frostbite or inflammation colds viral or infectious in nature. Warming up will be helpful in the following cases:

  • frequent sneezing;
  • severe nasal congestion;
  • dysfunction of sense of smell;
  • loss of taste;
  • for prevention in case of hypothermia.

In the treatment of salt-in this case inflammation should expect a widening of the blood vessels. Such a process will improve the blood circulation in the affected area, as well as deliver a large number of essential nutrients. This will speed up the healing process and improve metabolism. In addition, heat therapy allows:

  • to reduce stagnation in the blood vessels;
  • to reduce the swelling of tissues;
  • to speed up the healing process;
  • to reduce the amount of allocation of the mucous secret;
  • to improve nasal breathing;
  • to eliminate nasal congestion.

It is best to carry out the procedure with the help of salt in the evening. Since the properties of salt has a bactericidal effect, you can not only improve blood circulation but also to eliminate germs from the nasal cavity. Such influence will help to improve breathing through the nose.


Despite the proven benefits of treatment with salt, in this method, there are some serious contraindications.

In the treatment of copious discharge and severe nasal congestion, salt may increase the amount of mucus secretion and to create a pleasant flora for bacteria.

Often, this process leads to the formation of purulent secretions that accumulate not only in the nasal cavity, but in the maxillary sinuses.

Such a process leads to the formation of sinusitis. In addition, the accumulation of pus leads to headaches, shooting sensations, and feelings of pressure in the nose and other unpleasant symptoms.

In the formation of purulent inflammation under the influence of salt in a patient increases the risk of complications associated with the spread of the selection to nearby tissues and organs. If such inflammation is not cured in time, the patient may form acute otitis media, sinusitis, or abscess of the brain tissue.

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So warming with the help of salt is strictly prohibited in the following cases:

  • in the presence of any tumors;
  • in the case of pathology in the heart or blood vessels;
  • in the presence of purulent rhinitis;
  • hyperthermia;
  • complicated by inflammation of the common cold;
  • the adenoiditis;
  • tonsillitis;
  • bacterial inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose.

In all other cases such a procedure is even necessary, as it allows you to quickly restore inflamed nose cavity.

Features heating the salt

To perform this procedure, you must prepare in advance and know how to warm the nose with salt.

In addition to the main ingredient is salt, you will need a bag of thick cloth or linen napkin.

In addition, you can use a towel or a handkerchief.

  1. Then pour into the pan approximately one hundred grams of salt.
  2. Stir the salt every half minute.
  3. The formation of cod and color change ingredient in light yellow, remove the pan from the heat and pour all the salt in the bag.
  4. Applying the lotion immediately to the nose is not necessary. Make sure that it is not hot, like, with the pouch to the palm of your hand. If the inside temperature is about 38 degrees Celsius can be used for other purposes.

The duration of warming of the affected area should last about thirty minutes or until ostuzhennoy gadgets. Repeat this therapy every day should be about two or three times a day, depending on the nature of the inflammation. During the treatment the patient should lie on a hard surface. Immediately after the treatment you can’t go outside or be in the draft.

When warming up check the condition of the patient and the color of the skin.

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If the skin color has changed, you must stop the procedure because the possible formation burn.

In order to avoid the formation of burning or itching, the bag can be wrapped in an extra towel.

Thus, you can protect your skin from burns. At the conclusion of thermotherapy lubricate the skin with fat cream. After the procedure, the patient noted improvement in the outflow of mucus.

Before the procedure it is necessary to clear the nasal ducts with saline or special firstgov. Best rehabilitation of the nose using drugs such as Aqua Maris, saline or Dolphin.


There are several preventive measures. In order to avoid inflammation in the nose, you need to use oxolinic ointment. Lubricating the external nasal cavity a small amount of funds, you can avoid diseases of the mucous membrane of the part. This procedure is recommended in frequent contact with sick people or in a season of activation of respiratory inflammation.

In addition, you must follow the diet. Try to exercise and periodically to strengthen the immune system.