Washing out the nose with Furatsilina in the sinus: how to wash, reviews

Is it possible to wash the nose with Furatsilina in the sinus?

Inflammation of the sinuses – sinusitis – one of the most common ENT diseases. Equally often pathology found in children and adults. Provoke a disease of wrong treatment or chronic infection, and the consequences can be quite serious, up to deadly sepsis.

During the illness of the sinuses become swollen, which causes stagnation of mucus and complicates the natural process of withdrawal. When sinusitis helps clear the nostrils Furacilinum. Usually the procedure is performed by doctors in the clinic, but you can deal with it at home.

The efficacy in sinusitis

For irrigation of the sinuses with sinusitis it is advisable to use antiseptics or antibacterial solutions. Often doctors advise to use Furatsilin, which can be purchased in the form of liquid or tablets for dissolution in water. The tool has almost no contraindications, it can be applied even to children and pregnant women.

Nasal lavage Furacilinum has the following advantages:

  • quickly relieves pain;
  • prevents bacteria;
  • removes stagnant mucus;
  • clears the sinuses for free breathing;
  • eliminates inflammation;
  • removes puffiness.

One of the obvious advantages of funds – lack of habituation. This deficiency is observed in many drops and sprays for the nose: with prolonged use, the body ceases to respond to their active ingredients, which effectiveness of the product significantly reduced.

To abandon the use of the funds will have people who often suffer from nasal bleeding. Also applies to the contraindications individual intolerance to the components.

Despite the availability and effectiveness of means to decide whether to wash the nose with Furatsilina in the sinus in each case, can only physician.

How to prepare a solution

The most convenient form of issue Furatsilina – prepared antiseptic solution, which can be purchased at the pharmacy, in a special container. In this case, the drug is ready for use by adults. If you plan to wash the baby’s nose, the liquid should diluted with a little warm water. Keep the bottle preferably in a refrigerator, before use, to hold in heat, and the solution is heated to a comfortable temperature.

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Preparation of the solution from tablets does not require special skills. Dishes, which is involved in the process should be sterile: it needs to be heated up or a few minutes pour boiling water. If the solution is to be stored for some time, it is necessary to take care of containers that can be tightly closed.

For single use only enough 20 mg Furatsilina – one tablet. To facilitate dissolution it is crushed to a homogeneous powder, then filled with 100 ml of warm boiled water. After 2-3 minutes, the medicine is thoroughly mixed until the disappearance of grains. If you do this have failed, the liquid is filtered through a gauze or sterile bandage.

Attention! Even one small whole grain trapped in the maxillary sinus may injure the mucosa and worsen the inflammatory process.

How to wash the nose Furacilinum

Immediately before the procedure it is necessary to release the nasal cavity of accumulated mucus. Just good to blow your nose, if necessary, for the hours used special drops. For washing, you can use the pear from the enema, a douche or a large syringe without the game.

How to wash the nose with Furatsilina in the sinus:

  1. It is necessary to lean over the sink, bath or basin. When washing the left nostril, the head is slightly tilted to the right and Vice versa.
  2. The syringe shallow inserted in the nose.
  3. Slowly injected the liquid. It needs to flow from the other nostril. One treatment uses about 150-200 ml of solution.
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Head tilt should be small, to throw back her back during irrigation is strictly prohibited. Otherwise, liquid can get into the ear and cause otitis media.

Rinse both sinuses alternately. It is also important to ensure that the syringe is not immersed into the nose too deep: it leads to an increase in the active accumulation of mucus and may cause damage to mucous membranes. Too sharp liquid discharge would not benefit the patient just starts to choke.

After washing you need to blow your nose repeatedly to withdraw from the nasopharynx remains of medications. For some time it is not recommended to leave the house. Avoid walking takes about two hours in the winter, and at least half an hour in the summer. Relax after the procedure, preferably in a horizontal position.

When compliance with hygiene standards and the identified sequence of actions, the effect of washing Furatsilina will come very quickly. During the first days of treatment to carry out the procedure every 3-4 hours. When pronounced symptoms subside, the number of washings can be reduced to 2-3 times a day. If you have an allergic reaction from the procedure will have to drop or pick up other antiseptic liquid.

Features of the procedure in children

Nasal lavage children performed with extreme caution. Baby you need to clearly explain how to behave. If the child is still an infant and keep the head alone can not, any procedure is best done in tandem with a pediatrician or nurse.


Olesya, 30 years old, Volgograd: «I Have chronic sinusitis, exacerbation immediately begin the flushing. Use a warm solution Furatsilina, after a cold is usually a sore throat. The doctor said to preheat the liquid before use. Early in the disease wash out the nose three or four times a day and then another to prevent morning and evening. In a day noticeable improvement.»

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Valentine, 28 years old, Ufa: «Some time went to «the cuckoo» to the clinic, then decided such a procedure to hold out of the house. Usually buy a ready-made solution Furatsilina, but sometimes doing it from tablets. Wash the nose every few hours. ENT procedure fully endorses. Turns out not only efficiently but also fairly budget.»

Of course, one lavage of the sinuses sinusitis treatment can not limit. The necessary multiple drug therapy. You need to deal not only with the unpleasant symptoms of the disease, but infectious inflammation. If for a long time «home» treatment is needed there is no effect, may need to be hospitalized.