Washing the nose with saline at home: how to wash

How to wash the nose with saline at home?

A runny nose is quite unpleasant symptom that negatively not only displayed at the level of human life but can cause a variety of undesirable consequences. Patients are recommended the timely treatment of rhinitis.

Effective method in this case is washing out the nose with saline at home.

Preparation of the solution

In order to rinse the nose with salt water you need to use a special tool. It can be bought in a pharmacy (Miramistin, Akvamaris, Chlorhexidine). This solution is characterized by sterility, which ensures safety in its application. In most patients, the question arises: how to make saline solution for nasal irrigation? For solution preparation it is necessary to use only sterile utensils.

Preparing a saline solution on the basis of bottled non-carbonated mineral water.

For solution preparation it is necessary to take one glass of water and add a teaspoon of salt.

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In some cases, you can reduce or increase the amount of salt in accordance with the sensitivity of mucous membranes.

When you use dirty unboiled water could get infections, which will lead to the aggravation of the situation.

If you use tap water before preparation of the solution must first be boiled. After that, the water is cooled to a temperature of 37 degrees and is used to prepare the solution. When using excessively hot water may burn. If the solution will be very cold, it will lead to irritation of the mucous membranes.

Doctors recommend cooking solutions on the basis of sea salt.

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It can be purchased at a pharmacy or specialty store.

It is recommended to ensure that the structure of the salt was not part of flavors and other components. To prepare a solution of sea salt is simple enough.

For this, 250 ml of water is added a few tablespoons of sea salt.

Preparation means for carrying out procedures for any interested person. Before you use saline solution for nasal lavage child and adult should consult a doctor.

Methods of procedure

Patients with colds quite often wonder: how to wash the nose out with saline? There are several methods of procedure, choice of which is in accordance with the wishes of the user. To eliminate mucus can be applied.

The syringe and syringe

Gidromaster typed in the 20-miligramos syringe. It is necessary for the pressure to pour water into one nostril and then the other. Thanks to the low cost of this method it is widely used for rinsing the nose.

The introduction of gidromaster is carried out in a nostril using a syringe. Using this method, the output of mucus is performed through the mouth.

Flow lavage

With this method, rinsed only if the man laid both nostrils. If a person Packed with just one nostril, then use this method is not recommended.

Attention! In this case, there may be ingress of gidromaster in Evstafieva pipe, damage to the ear canal.

During the procedure, the patient’s head is rotated to one side. In the upper nostril it is recommended to fill gidromaster. It will drain through the bottom. In order to avoid ingress of water into the throat and mouth during the procedure, a person needs to pronounce the sound «And». this will lead to the closure of the larynx and eliminate the possibility of ingress of liquid into the mouth.

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Active flushing

The method consists in the most rapid movement of fluids. For the procedure use the aspirator.

Washing steps are performed in the supine position.

In the nostrils of the patient a doctor is the introduction of two soft tubes.

The first of these is the injection of the liquid, and the second is its immediate pumping. During the procedure the patient is required to say «cuckoo».

This eliminates the possibility of getting gidromaster in the throat, trachea or lungs.

Use a mug Esmarch

This device consists of a reservoir for the liquid and the tip, which are connected to a soft tube. Positioning fixture is required at a height of fifty centimeters above the sink. The tip is introduced into the nostril of man.

The liquid is poured from a mug in a few minutes. During the period of rinsing, the patient is encouraged nasal breathing.

Gidromaster will be from one nostril into another that will ensure a comfortable wash. Initially, the tip is inserted in one nostril and then the other. Most of the liquid must pass through the clogged nostril.

Using a compression inhaler

This is quite a convenient method of rinsing the nose, for which it is recommended to use ready-made saline. Inhaler is spraying small amounts of liquid that need to breathe.

Rinse pipette

This method is most often used for eliminating fluid from nasal sinuses in children. Using a pipette saline gidromaster buried in the nose.


For rinsing the nose is a small kettle, which must be sterile clean. During the procedure, you must turn the head to one side. The water from the spout is poured into the upper nostril and comes out through the bottom. After that, you must head to turn in the other direction.

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There are several methods of rinsing the nose that allows the patient to choose the most appropriate option for yourself.

Important! Before applying a particular method, the patient is recommended to consult a doctor to eliminate the possibility of complications.

Rinsing the nose with saline is an effective procedure, which not only eliminated the allocation, but also kill pathogenic bacteria.