Weak vessels in the nose treatment how to recover and how to strengthen the child

How to strengthen blood vessels in your nose?

The mucous membrane lining the nasal cavity, containing a number of capillaries. They perform the function of heating the inhaled air in the cold season. For several reasons, the vessel walls become brittle, violated their integrity, as a consequence, blood flow from the nasal passages (epistaxis).

Prone to bleeding mostly children and teenagers. The process is not pathological character of the phenomenon in the short and the blood loss is not significant. Over time, blood vessels are strengthened, and the problem goes away by itself.

The types and causes of nasal bleeding

Bleeding from the nasal passages are divided into two categories.

Front, occur due to damage of blood capillaries located in the anterior nasal cavity (area of Kisselbach-little). The bleeding is not profuse, the blood comes from the nostrils, it ends quickly, do not require medical intervention.

Rear — localization in the deep cerebral nasal passages. Damaged vessels of larger size. Blood runs down the back of the throat, copious streams. Bleeding intense, to be protracted and require medical intervention.

The causes for blood from the sinuses, there may be several. They are divided into local and General. Common reasons include:

  1. A blood disorder, which interferes with its clotting, anemia, thrombocytopenia, hemophilia.
  2. High blood pressure hypertension, and heart disease. Atherosclerosis, covering the vessels of the nasal cavity.
  3. Tiring physical activity, sleep problems, frequent stress, poor nutrition.
  4. The fever associated with infectious diseases.
  5. Chronic sinusitis, sinusitis, rhinitis, inflammation of the adenoids.
  6. The failure of hormonal background during pregnancy or due to age-related changes.
  7. Liver disease, allergic reactions accompanied by rhinitis.

To local causes include:

  • dryness of the nasal mucosa;
  • mechanical damage, injury;
  • the presence of a foreign body;
  • deformation of the nasal septum;
  • tumor formation in the sinuses.

Possible epistaxis is not an independent phenomenon, but an indirect symptom of a more serious illness. But whatever the reason, it is necessary to carry out treatment, weak vessels in the nose.

Attention. If it reaches reproductive age, the blood vessels remain fragile, it is necessary to take measures to strengthen them.

First aid

For nosebleed, to assist as a child and an adult, need clear steps. Not to panic and do a lot of purposeless movement.


  1. Torso forward, head down. Pinch the wings of the nose to block the nasal passages. Breathing is through the mouth. If possible, measure blood pressure, in the case of its increase, to take steps to normalize (applies to adults).
  2. To put on the nose of the ice, the cold helps constrict blood vessels. If there is no ice, would suit a handkerchief dipped in cold water.
  3. It is recommended to use vasoconstrictive preparations (drops, spray) decongestant. Alternatively, fit the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon, two drops in each nasal passage.
  4. Effective will be incorporated in the nasal cavity with a cotton swab soaked in 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide.

If measures bleeding not give a positive result you need to seek medical help.

Therapy to stop bleeding

In order to get rid of disturbing problems, you must eliminate the cause. It is therefore necessary to be diagnosed.

To exclude concomitant diseases that can cause the problem and to take responsibility for strengthening the vascular wall. If the bleeding vessel in the nose needed therapy aimed at stopping bleeding:

  1. Etamzilat sodium is accepted as oral or by injection. Its action is directed to stopping bleeding, the drug is not addictive, does not contribute to increased blood clotting (hypercoagulability), its reception is possible for a long time.
  2. Menadione (vitamin K), appointed in poor blood clotting.
  3. Aminocaproic acid, helps reduce vascular permeability and prevents the process of blood thinning.

Drastic measures to stop the bleeding caused by the necessity can be avoided if timely to take measures to strengthen the walls of blood vessels in the nose.

Recommendations for the restoration of the vascular wall

The frequent expiration of blood from the nose are, as in children and adults for a number of reasons. Dry air, formation of crusts by the ingress of dust particles on the mucosa. Removing them causes damage to the capillary system of the mucous membrane.

Bleeding in children can be caused by foreign object in the nasal passage. The fragility of the vascular walls, peculiar to children’s age, is a frequent cause of bleeding. There are many ways and recommendations how to strengthen blood vessels in the nose of the child and the adult:

  1. To exclude formations of the crust, is dug two drops dog rose or sea buckthorn oil in each nasal passage. This event will not allow drying of the nasal mucosa and the violation of the capillaries. Well suited device for humidifying the air.
  2. The cause of increased fragility of blood vessels, is a deficiency of vitamin C. the Recommended intake of ascorbic acid. Widely used drug Askorutin in it is based on ascorbic acid and vitamin Rutin. The rate of admission within 30 days.
  3. Well strengthens blood vessels calcium chloride (10% solution), take it at 0,5 spoons, receiving frequency and the course of treatment prescribed by a doctor.
  4. It is recommended to increase the amount of foods containing vitamin C: citrus fruits, black currant, green tea, kiwi. Proven decoction of rose hips.
  5. Effective way of strengthening blood vessels, is a saline solution. Lavage of the sinuses taken teaspoon of iodized salt to 0.200 grams of boiled water. Help. In order to strengthen the nasal blood vessels of the child, as the salt solution is used the drug, and Throat.

To strengthen the vascular wall and preventing nasal bleeding is well suited douche and bath treatments.

Traditional medicine

You can influence the problem of how to restore the vessels in the nose, recipes of traditional medicine. For the treatment of vessels used medicinal herbs and well-known products:

  1. For strengthening the capillaries of the nasal mucosa, preparing a decoction of the bark or fruit of viburnum. Raw materials are crushed, made a decoction in the proportion of two tablespoons of viburnum 0,200 grams of water. Boiled for 15 minutes, filtered, to drink a spoonful every 5 hours. Caution. Kalina has the property to lower blood pressure. To give the broth children is not recommended.
  2. For making funds will be needed plantain and herb yarrow. The plant is crushed, otzivite juice. Buried in the nasal passages, two drops (child one), several times during the day. Adults can ingest 20 grams 4 times a day. Important. An extract from the plant should be prepared fresh every day.
  3. In boiled water 0,5 litre add the squeezed lemon juice and honey in equal proportions (25 grams), infuse two hours, drink before bedtime.
  4. For the mixture taken in equal parts dried apricots, prunes, walnuts, raisins, honey and lemon peel. Crushed, mixed. Take the mixture in the random mode, two tablespoons (provided that no allergic reactions to components).

Traditional methods effective in combination with proper nutrition and prevention of nasal bleeding.

The diet recommended to include foods rich in vitamins, protein necessary for normal blood coagulation (cheese, liver, fish). Limit intake of alcoholic beverages, fatty and spicy food.


It is necessary to identify chronic disease in the body that can cause bleeding from the nose. To monitor your blood pressure, don’t push yourself exercise. Lead an active lifestyle (douche, douche, hardening).

If bleeding and frequent inconvenience, it is necessary to seek the advice of a doctor.

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