What and why is burning the ear off of a man: always in the evening

Why burn a human ear?

As soon as the ears blush, superstitious people are starting to remember, what could it be. This phenomenon is of concern to all, even our ancestors had on this account their opinion and understand that the ears are just so light you can’t. On national signs remember almost everything and only a few relate to the phenomenon seriously, trying to find the issues in traditional medicine.

The human body is a huge complex mechanism functioning. Ears are performing in this system an important role. A feeling of warmth in the ear just does not occur. Everything is more complicated than it seems at first glance. If this happens to you often, try to understand what happens and not looking for answers, reading people’s signs.

Causes of red ears

Hearing organs in the body perform not only the function of the ear, catching sound waves. They are also responsible for the vestibular apparatus, through which the man maintains the spatial balance and can move freely in a vertical position.

Therefore, it is important to take care of your hearing and pay attention to any deviation from the norm.

As soon as the ears or one ear gushing blood, there is redness of the organ, thus the person feels a slight fever.

Perhaps red auricle suggests that the body that something is happening.

Redness of the ear can be caused by the developing pathology and the manifestation of physiological characteristics of the organism.

What diseases can be caused by

From the point of view of medicine, this phenomenon is provoked by the development or the presence of certain chronic diseases. So aggravating factor are:

  • drops in blood pressure, for example, a sharp increase;
  • failures in a hormonal background, hence the relevant pathology;
  • catarrhal diseases of the throat, nasal cavity, organs of hearing;
  • infectious disease;
  • the development of bactericidal of microorganisms in the ear cavity;
  • the development of fungal diseases;
  • the penetration of the viral infection in the ENT organs.
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Sometimes, returning home in the evening, people feel heat in the ear. Why ears turn red tonight? Often this is due to the fact that after a long stay outside in the body begins to develop the pathology of catarrhal nature. Hence the heat in the head, ears, chest, face.

Perhaps starting to develop the flu, otitis media, meningitis, sinusitis or there is a failure of the cardiovascular system.

Why redness appears on one side

Scientists have discovered why one ear hot and the other cold: it turns out that more blood rushes to that ear, which hemisphere of the brain is more active.

For example, you can often notice that the child blushes one ear: if your left, it means that he logically thinks, straining his left hemisphere, the right – most likely he was ashamed for committing the act. The same thing happens with older people.

Mental labor causes the brain is in tension, and provokes a rush of blood to the organs of hearing.

Physiological characteristics of an organism

Today, doctors clearly answer the question, why burn the ears of a person. Medicine has long studied this phenomenon and relates a body’s response with certain physiological characteristics:

  1. The response to stress. Excessive blood flow to the brain, and therefore to the organs of hearing, occurs when a strong emotion, when the body gets in a stressful situation.
  2. Fatigue. The fatigue effect of strong fatigue, which causes the need of the brain in a large amount of blood.
  3. Overheating. When a person is in too hot place or unnatural conditions, the body overheats, he needed more time to cool down. Redness of the ears – this is one way to bounce back. The redness extends to other areas of the body – face, chest, arms, back, or all together, as after a hot sauna.
  4. The active work of the brain. Many people whose work is connected with mental activity, constantly burning ears when performance is reduced, and the thoughts and decisions no longer come to mind.
  5. Fright. When people are scared, there is an abrupt release of adrenaline that provokes a jump in blood pressure in the head.
  6. A reaction to medication. This happens with prolonged treatment, when the body is already «oversaturated» defined drug substances (e.g., antibiotics, anesthetics), and thus evinces his irritation.
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What can burn the ear off of a man

Healthy people do not notice problems in your body, for fun you may ask what burning ear, looking at people’s signs:

  1. A rush of blood to the right ear means that you are simply gossip, collecting stories, rumours, spreading good gossip, praise.
  2. The left ear, on the contrary, indicates something bad: you criticize, you slander, speak evil words, stipulating discussing.

Interesting. It is believed that the two ears burning at the same time can, only if someone mentions how bad and good side.

In the old days believed that to feel similar attitude can everyone. In confirmation, the signs were often the real facts of the events.

The ability of a person to feel a negative attitude towards yourself unique, just not all equally developed. The complex mechanism of the human body is thus able to respond to changing weather.

Thus, you can look for the answer to the question of why human ears are burning, and in medicine and in folk superstitions. Usually this phenomenon is of short duration and does not harm the body. But the frequent manifestations of a symptom, it is recommended to visit a doctor.