What burns my left ear — why it happens and what to do with it

What does it mean if your left ear is burning, why and how to get rid of?

If you are faced with the feeling of burning ears is not necessary in the first place to believe in numerous omens and superstitions. They have a place to exist, but remember that any redness in the area of the organ of hearing the evidence of the tide of blood.

Perhaps, in this area of the body is formed of a medical condition or for whatever reason expanded blood vessels. For this reason, the circulation increases. In this article we analyze the main questions: what is burning left ear and what does it mean if your left ear is burning?

General information and causes

Many people know firsthand with this symptom as burning part of the organ of hearing. Many people interpretiruya this inflammation with a lot of people will. In most cases they are contradictory. However, to know the real reasons why burns left ear is more important.

If you treat this problem from a scientific point of view, it is necessary to have an idea about the General information of the structure of the human body.

In the integument of the body are blood vessels. The heart, blood moves through the system.

In the case of active exercise or in the case of grief and stress, the heart starts pumping blood harder twice. Due to this, can blush different parts of the body.

First and foremost, red face and earlobes.

Because of the above reasons turn red or burning ears. However, the feeling of a burning of the cover may not be directly on the two ears, but only on the right or on the left.

Experts point to various causes and signs what is burning left ear in the evening or during the day. We will note the main of them. A long stay under the hot sun or in a hot room. In this case, the lobe is red due to blood flow. At this point, the body is configured to self-cooling.

Especially watch out for small children as it reddened on the heat indicates overheating. In this case, people are the following symptoms:

  • expansion of blood vessels in the neck, face and ear;
  • the lack of power of the brain;
  • the formation of edema;
  • a General deterioration in self-perception.
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Such signs are noted not all people, the immune status of each individual. However, remember that unilateral redness for no apparent reason a reason to see a specialist. Especially if the redness is celebrated with great frequency.

In addition, describes the authority may embarrass the individual characteristics of human skin. It is known that people with thin and pale skin, redness occur more often than the black man.

Another common reason is the activity of the brain.

It is important to know that active work always requires additional energy and nutrition.

When a particularly intense mental activity the blood goes to the brain. Therefore, in this case, you can redden your face and neck.

An interesting fact that in the case otlivanija of blood from the brain and relaxation after an active mental work, a person sleepy. For the same reason people can sleep after a meal.

In the case of severe stress or other emotional changes the blood first rushes to the brain and the organ of hearing. Usually it operates according to the following scheme:

  • first and foremost the man is a release of adrenaline in the blood;
  • further, this hormone actively gets into all the vessels of the body;
  • in the case of actions adrenaline is consumed alone;
  • in case of impossibility of elimination of epinephrine formed norepinephrine, which itself reduces the hormone.

The ears may be red and in the case of high blood pressure

In cases of hypertension, which is expressed in high blood pressure, a person marked redness of face, ears.

In addition, a clear symptom of inflammation is considered to be a headache.

Commonly the mechanism of redness of the ears works in a similar way as in cases of excessive brain work or long exposure to the sun.

However, there are several reasons for the redness of the ears in case of violation of pressure:

  1. Abnormal structure of the adrenal glands.
  2. The appearance of tumors.
  3. Active production of adrenaline and noradrenaline.
  4. Portal hypertension.
  5. Violations of the structure of the liver and kidneys.
  6. Heavy physical work and as a consequence of fatigue of the person.

These characteristics include dysfunction of the vessels of the intracranial region. In case of constriction or expansion of blood vessels of people notice the redness of the ears.

In case of problems with the production of the hormone called estrogen marked redness of the face, ears, and décolleté. Basically this feature is widely used by women in case of menopause. However, in some cases, it is found in men.

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There are two kinds of hormonal imbalance:

  1. Physiological.
  2. Abnormal.

In the first case, the manifestation of the imbalance can be in connection with age.

So, in the process of puberty there is an active increase. In addition, it is noted climacteric reason.

In the event of aging, you can undo the violation of hormonal background, and as a consequence red ears.

Last but not least common cause is prolonged use of headphone or earplug, as well as long wearing hearing AIDS. In that case there is poor circulation that causes a feeling of burning ears.

Which means when lit the left ear

Not always red ears – a harmless inflammation caused for example by heat. In some cases, systematic reddening of ears a symptom of serious processes in the body.


Often causes red ear are diseases such as:

  1. In the case of unilateral beauty in the ear can be an infectious disease. Pay attention to your health if you have severe itching, burning sensation, partial or complete hearing loss. In addition, symptoms may be shooting sensation and a feeling of pain in the ears. In this case, you probably have formed the otitis.
  2. Often the cause of redness can be dermatological causes: psoriasis, allergic reactions or eczema.
  3. Inflammation of the cervical vertebrae. Pay attention to this symptom if you have periodically hurt the ears.
  4. The formation of tumors in the ear.
  5. The emergence of fungal infections.
  6. Long use of antibiotics or other drugs. In case of overdose of the body first blush ears.

Self-treatment in case of detection of these diseases is unacceptable. When the first symptoms of the disease refer to the experts.

Treatment ears

In the case of systematic reddening of the ears, call a doctor. Remember that any inflammation it is easier to cure in its early years. So to put off going to the doctor is strictly prohibited.

It is important to understand that the redness is not independent of inflammation but a symptom of any disease. Therefore, let us examine the question of what to do if your left ear is burning?

If the reasons lie in the daily environment, you must follow a few simple rules:

  1. Regularly ventilate the room.
  2. In case of cold weather, remember to wear a hat.
  3. In the case of the active work of the brain do the ten minute charging.

In case of redness due to frequent disturbances, need to purchase sedative. However, before you buy talk with your doctor about the drug and dosage.

When symptoms such as stuffy ears, the appearance of extraneous noise and squeaking, as well as feelings of loss of hearing acuity, symbolizes the beginning of the otitis in the outer, middle or inner ear. The disease itself is a serious inflammation, which need time to cure.

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In case of illness of the outer ear specialist prescribes ear drops and physical therapy, including thermotherapy.

With the development of infection in the middle or inner ear is assigned a more serious treatment in the form of antibiotics and other drugs.

If the inflammation is ignored, the patient may lose the severity of hearing forever.

Conclusion and prevention

Do not be afraid of the redness of the ears, as this is a common symptom, especially in the summer. To facilitate the General condition of man, it is recommended not to abuse the air conditioning. As in this case, you can catch a cold and cause viral diseases.

Besides, it is necessary to strengthen the body and accustom it to heat. Exercise training favorably affects not only the brain and ears, but in cases of high blood pressure and on vascular system in General.

In the cold season do not go outside without a hat. Thus, you will protect the brain from temperature changes.

In addition to these simple rules, you must monitor the pressure and avoid stress. Pay attention to your diet and eat more hard fruits and vegetables.