What happens in the ear diseases of external, middle and inner ear

What happens in a human ear?

Ears is a complicated apparatus in the human body that carries many functions. The ears allow you to hear sounds of different frequencies and are responsible for the balance of man in space. However, this paired organ is susceptible to many diseases and infectious lesions. This most often happens in the course of the disease with a cold or flu, but also because of the significant reduction of the immune system.

Penetrating the ears, bacteria and viruses provoke the onset of otitis, tumors, fungus on the ear, and other unpleasant inflammations. The most dangerous disease is considered getting an infection in the brain through inflammation of the middle or inner ear, therefore especially important to know what happens in the ears.

What is the ears

A person’s ears have a unique and nothing on a similar structure, which includes the outer, middle and inner part. Each region has its specific function and in case of germs or infections, it may be broken, causing severe pain and a feeling of stuffiness in the ears.

To the outer part of the organ of hearing applies the auricle and external canal. Further along the auditory passage is the drum area and the middle area of the ear of the person. This region is located the auditory ossicles, which convert the sounds and transmit them further to the inside.

The inner ear is localized in the bone part of the head. In case of inflammation of this region, a person experiences severe pain in the head. The function of this region is the conversion of sound frequencies into impulses and transmitting them to the brain. In addition, the inner ear is responsible for balance of the human body.

The inner area of the person is the most complex in structure of the ear and for that he was called the labyrinth.

Disease of any part of the listed areas of the organ of hearing is quite dangerous, therefore requires immediate treatment. In the case of ignoring inflammation in the ear a person can lose the ability to hear forever.

However, this phenomenon occurs only in the case of a running inflammation, but in most cases, the disease in the outer, middle or inner part of responding to medical treatment and physiotherapy.

More often than other inflammation in the ears occurs in people whose professional activity is associated with elevated sound pressures, but also with conglomerations of dust and dirt.

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In addition, at-risk swimmers and people who work in Nightclubs, on the site. In addition, people with chronic inflammation of the affected ears from a thicket, than others.

Classification of inflammation

Inflammation of the organ of hearing can be divided into several classifications:

  1. Congenital disease, which in humans, there are anatomical or physiological changes in the structure of the ear. They can be hereditary in nature or appear as a result of violations of fetal development. In this case, a person says congenital hearing loss, microtia and other illnesses.
  2. Inflammation of the ear can arise from trauma of the outer, middle or inner ear, as well as due to mechanical action. Most often this type appears as a result of accidents, traffic accidents, industrial injuries and others. This type includes also perforation of the eardrum due to incorrect cleansing of the ear or in the event of a sharp and loud sound, e.g. a gunshot.
  3. The third kind of classification of inflammation include the infiltration of viruses and infections in the outer or inner region, which provoke the appearance of the disease. In this case, the disease agent penetrates into the ear through the external auditory meatus. Further, a person suffers from otitis, fungi and other types of inflammation of the ears.

Inflammation of the ear are common, and the number of a form of ear disease, a great many, so it is important to determine the classification of the disease in a specialized doctor. In no case do not self-medicate.

After determining the type of inflammation is necessary to identify the nature of the disease. It is of two types:

  1. Acute inflammation. In this case, the patient experiences a sharp pain, congestion in the ears, significant hearing loss and other symptoms.
  2. A chronic form. In this case, the patient experiences slow development of the disease. Chronic inflammation of the ear caused due to improper treatment of the ears, in case of neglect of inflammation or delayed treatment. In addition, this species may occur due to hereditary predisposition or disease development.

Diseases of the external ear

In most cases, disease of the ear depends on the human immune system. So if it is in order, and physiologically, the auricle is not damaged, the inflammation usually does not appear.

In the case of trauma to the outer shell or long-term use of antibiotics, the probability of formation of inflammatory process.

To the list of precipitating factors for the appearance of inflammation is the environment, hygiene of the organ of hearing, ventilation and lack of cleaning in the bedroom.

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Inflammation in the outer ear, provoked by multiple factors and all cause itching, burning, disease of the external auditory canal. These symptoms cause pain that is aggravated by taking food and in the process of communication.

Another common symptom in inflammation of the external part of the ear is the formation of boils and bumps in the sink area. Most often this disease occurs in people with diabetes.

Remember that the self-destruction of the boil only provokes a complication of the disease. Therefore, do not take treatment measures without consulting with a qualified physician.

Most often inflammation in the outer ear affects those people, whose professional activity is connected with water. So, swimmers or coaches often come under pressure when diving into the water. Any prolonged contact with the liquid provokes the appearance of external otitis or fungus.

Therefore, specialists recommend to use special ear plugs when swimming in the summer season or when playing in the pool.

Inflammation of the middle ear

This area of the ear is connected not only with internal and external ear, but with the Eustachian tube and the nasopharynx. So a middle ear infection is much more common than disease of the outer part.

The middle part of the organ of hearing are prone to inflammation, more often than others. So inflammation in this area occurs with severe pain, stuffy ears, hearing loss, and other unpleasant symptoms.

Disease in the middle ear adversely affects neighboring organs and cause inflammation of the entire ear. Improper or delayed treatment of inflammation in the middle ear cause the appearance of chronic otitis media and facial paralysis. In extreme cases, there is meningitis.

Otitis in the middle ear occurs most often in young children. This is due to the anatomical structure of the ear of the baby, and also frequent colds, catarrhal inflammation and a weak immune system.

The wrong treatment or the wrong diagnosis of the disease can cause a purulent discharge, which cause the perforation of the tympanic region and its curvature. In this case, the patient experiences severe shooting pains and stuffy ears.

Often after the course of treatment of purulent inflammation in the ears, scars are formed and the bumps are formed. In more severe cases, deformation of the work of the auditory ossicles. In this case, require surgery to restore the middle part.

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The inner ear

The most dangerous inflammation among the diseases of the ears is considered a dysfunction of the inner ear. In this case, diseases of the ear can be as pathological, and the ensuing.

Regardless of the form the person experiences loss of hearing acuity, a feeling of stuffiness, severe shooting pains, nausea and dizziness. Pay attention to balance. If he has difficulty with body balance, you must immediately contact the doctor.

Therefore, the most frequently occurring inflammation in the maze are considered to be hearing loss, labyrinthitis, Meniere’s disease and otosclerosis. In the treatment of these inflammation of the in most cases helps medication but for more complex situations is assigned to surgical intervention or hearing AIDS.

In addition, answering the question of what happens in the ears, often allocated fungal inflammation. They can strike all parts of the hearing organ, causing severe itching and pain. So, fungus of the ears or atomikos occurs in case of weak immune system or chronic inflammation.


It is very important to take care of the organ of hearing, as any cold-related illness can seriously impact human health.

Therefore, in cold seasons, wear a hat, and children, regardless of the weather, you should wear a cap.

Clean the ears once a week with the help of special drops. Do not use sharp objects such as matches, paper clips, cotton swabs for cleansing the ear canal.

Thus you can cause cracks and wounds on the delicate skin of the ears. This will trigger inflammatory processes. In addition, with this cleanse you can compromise the integrity of the eardrum, and cause the appearance of cerumen.

Do not ignore the disease in the nasopharynx and ears!