What is a yeast infection in women?

Each of the women knows firsthand about this disease, as thrush. Poor environmental conditions, poor diet, lack of attention to the needs of your body, bad habits — this is just a small list of the reasons due to which the female body «protests» and makes it known to a girl about something with her health not so. What is a yeast infection, well informed girls who have indolent disease takes a chronic form, and despite careful treatment, the growing in certain periods of time.


Disease in women caused by the proliferation of fungi Candida. It is a mistake to believe that these microorganisms have invaded the female microflora from the outside and violently attacked her. In fact, a small number of these bacteria safely «home» in the oral cavity, intestinal tract and vagina of women. But when there is a failure in the internal organs, impaired hormonal balance, or the girl «forgot» about caring and decent attitude toward his body (lack of basic hygiene) — fungi begin to actively proliferate without encountering «resistance» by protective cells.

The vaginal microflora of women, 98% are lactobacilli. Antibodies and immune cells are «on guard», not letting malicious viruses and microorganisms from the outside. The disturbance of this balance leads to the fact that she easily gets infected with infectious diseases. Many women are treating them with antibiotics. Along with the uninvited «invaders» are killed and members of the native microflora. And its recovery also takes a long time.

Do not confuse with urogenital candidiasis, thrush, because in the first case, the fungus Candida affected the urethra, and the infection can penetrate deeper, causing inflammation in the ovaries. Genital candidiasis (also called thrush) in the early stages can be treated quickly and recovered fully, but with urogenital infection treatment sometimes takes several months.

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Factors conductive to the smooth reproduction of fungi Candida, very much:

  • An improper diet. Category women taking care of their health and do not eat some products in immense quantities, and others to ignore. Food should be varied and balanced in composition. A large number of sweet, flour, fat, smoked, spicy, salty causes a disturbance of metabolism. Against this background, the fungi feel very «cozy.»
  • Failure to comply with hygiene. Women need to do the cleaning at least 2 times a day. If this is not possible (long drive, camping, etc., at least 1-n times per day). The perineum should be wiped dry with a clean tissue from front to back, so as not to put in the vagina microorganisms from the intestines. If you ignore this procedure in the folds of the labia accumulate a secret, which very quickly begins to decompose. It is an ideal environment for breeding of foreign bacteria and fungi. If some part of decomposing smegma will be entered into the vagina, trouble is inevitable.
  • Hormonal medications. Of the many methods of contraception the most simple, and therefore very popular is the use of hormonal contraceptive pills. It is enough to accept 1 time a day little pill about the problem of unwanted pregnancy can be forgotten. But the composition of the vaginal mucosa is quite different, more thick and viscous. It can also trigger the development of candidiasis.
  • Antibiotics. These drugs effectively act on pathogenic microflora, it is killed and a large number of lactic acid bacteria. The body of the female becomes receptive to alien microorganisms.
  • The weakening of the protective forces of the body. The immune system may be weak due to the lack of nutrients in the body, frequent stress, starvation, recovery in the postoperative period, and so Fungi, without encountering the resistance of the antibody to freely breed in a moist environment.
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Not to start treatment, not understanding the true cause of the disease. Otherwise, you can get the result on the principle of «one treat, another cripple.» Difficulties causes and treatment for genital candidiasis in pregnant women because strong drugs can affect the developing fetus, and the weak not to act.

Folk remedies are good to combat yeast if it is not caused by pathological processes occurring deep in the body.

The psychological background to the development of thrush

There is a perception that women, whose sexual life is not arranged, and whose life views do not accommodate such concepts as «respect» and «love» to the man, and bring upon themselves various urogenital diseases, including genital candidiasis.

A controversial statement, but the truth is present in it. The fact that pessimistic, touchy, vindictive nature create the energy field around myself, which attracted all the negative: trouble, strife, sickness, problems at work, etc., is obvious. We can only wish such women to learn to look at the world through the eyes of another person and to accept him as he is.

Signs of thrush

If a girl gets sick for the first time, abundant cheesy discharge cause her a shock. Is that happens to women? Adding to this the recollection of his recent intercourse with the unfamiliar man, she runs the risk to get a blast of negative emotions. The first stunning and, of course, incorrect guess would be: «I contracted a venereal disease.» But no. Things are not so bad, and knight is likely not to blame for what happened to his friend. Experience a lovely lady, a pleasant one. This:

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  • swelling and redness of genitals;
  • intense itching, which gradually increases to 2-3 day, causing severe irritation, and then gradually subsides;
  • abundant cheesy discharge (normally, the mucus should be transparent, and the development of thrush it is painted in white or yellow color);
  • pain when going to the toilet;
  • discomfort during intercourse (there are two options: either remorse for what the partner may be infected or unpleasant feeling caused on a physical level).

Only once the girl no longer doubted that she had clear signs of a genital candidiasis, it calms down a bit. It is unpleasant, but gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, chlamydia and other sexually transmitted diseases are «enemies» much more serious.

An accurate diagnosis is established after a thorough examination, which includes examination of patient, taking a smear from the vagina, studies of bacterial seeding. In the fight against genital candidiasis in women of all good, and popular, and medical. Do not ignore one thing, giving an undeniable preference to another. After examining the features of his body, most women will learn not only how to treat but also to prevent the occurrence of thrush.