What is dry heat — how to make at home

What is dry heat and how to make it at home?

Today everyone at least once in life suffered from diseases of the ears, including the external, middle or inner ear infection. It is quite unpleasant disease, accompanied by multiple symptoms. In severe diseases specialists prescribe antibiotics, and when milder forms of treatment of ear drops or topolchane.

The heat treatment has a number of advantages. For example, it can be done at home and it promotes a productive recovery. Today we will understand the concept of what it is dry heat.

About the concept of dry heat

It is known that the method of thermotherapy used since ancient times.

The first who used this method are considered Egyptians. They put a compress on affected areas with mud springs.

Famous scientist Hippocrates used heat wraps. And the people of Rome engaged in the construction of baths for the treatment of various diseases.

In the modern world thermotherapy looks a lot easier, but the efficiency is proved by time.

It is known that the heat treatment improves the healing process and sistematizirovat blood circulation in the body, especially on affected areas. Using a comprehensive treatment, together with medical drugs and thermotherapy, the recovery of the patient occurs much faster.

In particular, the heat treatment contributes to recovery in the event of external and otitis media. However, before the beginning of warming up the affected ear, make sure of the correctness of the diagnosis, the doctor — otolaryngologist.

Heat therapy has a number of contraindications. For example, it is prohibited to apply with the ruptured eardrum and also:

  1. Purulent otitis.
  2. An elevated body temperature.
  3. Abruptly appeared a process of inflammation of the ears.
  4. The appearance of fluid in the ears.
  5. Acute inflammation of the body, for example, sinusitis.
  6. In the case of internal bleeding.
  7. The risk of occurrence of inflammation of the appendicitis.
  8. In bright varicose veins.
  9. On svejesobranna bloody wounds.

Heat therapy is recommended when such indicators as:

  • painful sensation of cold;
  • sleep problems;
  • swelling in the ears;
  • redness tragus or external ear;
  • pain in the ears and the head;
  • pain when eating;
  • hiss, hum, jingle, rattle and squeak in the ears;
  • feeling of stuffiness in the ear.

Remember that dry heat increases blood flow to the inflamed organ. It provokes vasodilation and increase in metabolic rate, as well as:

  1. Antibodies more effectively reach the painful area.
  2. Effective removal of dead tissue and unwanted elements.
  3. Effective reducing the pain.
  4. Improving the nutrition of tissues.
  5. Relaxation of the muscles.

It is thanks to these indicators, experts recommend this therapy, as treatment and recovery problem area is much faster.

However, independent the purpose of this physiotherapy can have a negative impact on your health. Therefore, the procedure can only be done with a doctor’s prescription.

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Worth noting that specialists recommend the application of dry heat, much more often than wet.

This is because dry heat is less intense. It is almost impossible to burn yourself or harm to General health and also suitable for the treatment of dry heat at home.

How to make dry heat in the ear

Dry heat is of several types. When choosing thermotherapy, it is necessary to pay attention to the symptoms of the disease. So, if you have frequent headaches or you notice a significant hearing loss start the treatment with dry heat.

So, if you want allow the use of dry heat in the form of salt.

Commonly, this type of therapy occurs in the process of rehabilitation of the person. Make sure that the patient was not purulent discharge.

It is known that this method takes first place in alternative medicine.

Because of its crystalline structure, salt retains the heat a long time. Thanks to this activity, salt is effective in reducing inflammation and improves the overall human condition.

Salt therapy

For purchase table salt. Then pierce it in a pan to a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. Let the mixture cool down: it should not be hot or hot.

Pour salt in a bag and attach to the sore spot. Keep the compress until the salt has cooled. Usually it takes from 30 minutes to 50. After the procedure, lubricate the affected area with one drop of olive oil.

After the operation, swelling and pain will pass in a matter of minutes, and the human condition would greatly improve. To maintain the results, repeat the procedure three more times.

Cherry stones

Effective results can be achieved thanks to the dry heat in the form of a poultice of cherry pits.

This compress should warm up the bones in the microwave or in a skillet to a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. Then pour the result into pouch and apply to the inflamed place.

It is known that the seeds quickly absorb heat and slowly give it.

Treatment of cereals

If cherry is not found, use any of the types of cereals: buckwheat, rice, wheat. For this method need to heat the groats in the oven for 20 minutes. Then pour in a cotton filler and attach to the body.

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Treatment blue

Effective method dry heat is the blue lamp.

Blue light or reflector — a lamp with a blue color that allows you to warm the affected area.

This type of heat allows you to extend swissies vessels, increase blood circulation. If the body are stagnant places, can effectively eliminate them.

However, you should know that this treatment is allowed only at the beginning of the inflammation.

For the procedure, you need to put the blue lamp is tilted about 60 degrees Celsius.

Ensure that the light is not irritating to the skin and avoid burns.

The rays need to get to the painful part at an angle.

Distance to body must be at least 50 centimeters from your ear. Sensation when the procedure should be very pleasant.

The duration of the operation is from five to twenty minutes, depending on the complexity of the particular case. On average, for the relief of General condition sufficient to conduct this procedure about 10 times.

However, the result is seen already after the first time. The patient has pain relief, normalization of blood circulation and repair damaged tissues.

The procedure should be done before bedtime. Make sure that the Windows in the room were closed and keep out of drafts.

For children the course of treatment similar blue warm adult. However, for very young children it is recommended not to delay the operation for more than five minutes.

If the child is very fussy, conduct heat treatment during his sleep. At this time, check the skin condition every two minutes, as there is a high probability of causing burns.

For prophylaxis is recommended to warm up not only the ear healthy, but that doesn’t bother. So you block off yourself from bacteria.

The method of dry soul

This method is easy to implement at home, as it is considered one of the most simple.

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For the implementation you will need an electric fan.

Position it at a distance of 30 inches from the affected area and turn on a moderate mode.

A pair of air should be nice and warm. If they burn, you should increase the distance.

The procedure lasts for 15 minutes.

This method allowed for diseases of the joints. Due to the properties of the heat softening fabrics, the method is recommended when scarring and adhesions in the inner ear.

Hot water bottle with hot water

Another effective method is a hot water bottle filled with hot water. Use this method in the following way.

Fill the bottle with hot water and apply to the sore area.

Before that, carefully wrap it in a towel or blanket. The heat should be uniform and not scalding, water temperature should not be more than 55 degrees Celsius.

Apply a heating pad to the sore area for 20 minutes.


It is important to understand that these methods are primarily considered preventive and supportive. They can really ease the condition of the patient, but only if the complex treatment, which includes medication and physical therapy.

Warming the patient with dry heat in the ear is considered the fastest way way cure. However, to carry out their need with the permission of the specialist. This is an important rule that cannot be ignored, because the wrong actions can cause substantial harm to the health.

The best method of prevention of the disease will become simple rules are the standard rules of hygiene and a healthy lifestyle.