What is the danger of sinusitis in running form: implications and symptoms, how to treat

How to treat a neglected sinusitis and its consequences

Sinusitis refers to the category of inflammatory processes that occur in the maxillary sinuses. The pathology most frequently diagnosed on the background of an ordinary cold.

In case of untimely treatment of diseases it is able to flow into running form. The treatment of the disease in this case is long and painful.

Symptoms and diagnosis of the disease

Untreated, the sinusitis is characterized by pronounced symptoms.

During exacerbation of the disease patients complain about the appearance of weakness and fatigue even when performing them routine.

Also, patients increased body temperature to 37.5 degrees. In this case, they complain that they have quite often there are chills.

With nasal mucus green color. In the area of the sinuses in patients there is pain, which may radiate to different parts of the head. There is increased pain when coughing or tilt your head forward.

When maxillary sinusitis of a chronic nature patients quite often changes the voice. Remission patients also manifest certain symptoms in the form:

  • nasal congestion;
  • the periodic appearance of secretions;
  • reduction in sense of smell;
  • wanton watery eyes.

In the area of age during the morning period there is swelling. In some cases, the disease is accompanied by conjunctivitis. Some patients complain that they have a recurring pain in the head. In the throat feeling coma. This is because the nasal sinuses periodically descends mucus. Pain localized in the eye sockets.

The symptoms of sinusitis being complications can be subjective and objective.

Subjective symptoms include discharge from the nasal passages, which are characterized by a purulent nature.

In humans, there is severe pain in the head that lasts for a long period.

Some patients complain of the appearance of the sensation of foreign object in the nasal sinuses.

From the human nose produces mucus with putrid odor. Against this background, there is a loss of appetite. Also in patients with advanced stage of missing or sinusitis is complicated by nasal breathing.

Objective symptoms are swelling of the turbinates and thickening of their walls. Also patients have swelling of the membranes of the eye. Between the nose and upper lip in the period of occurrence of sinusitis can occur dermatitis. Painful sensations arise for people during palpation of the sinuses. Also, patients may appear fistula, caries and periodontitis.

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Neglected sinusitis, symptoms of which were listed above, is quite a serious condition.

That is why when it appears the patient may need to seek help to the doctor.

Only the specialist will be able to prescribe treatment after the appropriate diagnosis.

To ensure the most effective treatment of advanced forms of sinusitis it is necessary initially to make a diagnosis.

To this end, the doctor initially collects anamnesis and inspects the patient. In its course is determined, so efficient and are characterized by pain in the region of the sinuses. It is also necessary to determine the degree of shortness of breath, and so lost olfactory function.

On examination, the patient is initially carried out palpation of the walls of the sinuses. If a person develops an inflammatory process, in this period, encounter soreness. To confirm pre-set by the doctor diagnosis make appointment instrumental methods. The most effective of these is x-ray, MRI or ultrasound

With this method the study is carried out to obtain x-ray pictures of the maxillary sinuses. During the examination of nasal passages of a patient are photographed in a variety of projections.

For treatment of the disease often enough to make a puncture of the maxillary sinus. For carrying out the puncture using relatively thin specigu. This makes it possible to retrieve the contents of the nasal sinuses. If in the course of the study in the nasal sinus of a patient has pus and blood impurities, then it proves the development of the disease. During the puncture the patient wash out the sinuses. With this purpose, disinfectant anti-inflammatory solutions.

Puncture is a simple procedure. Patients suffer simply. However, improper conduct of a doctor puncture, the patient may experience complications. Some patients after the procedure was developed abscess of the orbit. Can also occur abscess or emphysema of the cheek and orbit.

Attention! To cure some forms of sinusitis with the use of conservative methods is impossible. That is why the treatment is carried out using surgery or puncture of the sinuses.


If the disease is too far advanced, patients in any case initially assigned to medical therapy.

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With medication is the elimination of the inflammatory and infectious processes.

The effects of drugs aimed at combating swelling and pressure on the sinuses.

If the patient has purulent sinusitis, treatment should be with antibiotics.

The medication is a course, termination of which is strictly prohibited. If the patient spontaneously stop taking medication, bacteria cannot be eliminated from the sinuses. After a certain time will be re-reproduction. They are resistant to antibiotics.

Important! For the duration of the course directly affect the behavior of the infectious process, as well as the type of used antibiotics.

If the patient is diagnosed neglected sinusitis, antibiotic therapy may last for several weeks and even months. The doctor makes the patient the purpose of nose drops.

Quite effective in this case are drops Izofra.

To thin the mucus in the maxillary sinuses is the use of mucolytic drops.

Warming purulent sinusitis is strictly prohibited. In this case, can be assigned to a lavage of the maxillary sinuses.

If the patient has tenderness in the region of the maxillary sinus, and then they make the appointment analgesics. Most often, patients are recommended taking Ibuprofen or Aspirin. Traditional medicines to combat the disease is not recommended, as they not only will not bring the desired effect, but also can harm human health.

Only the doctor knows how to treat a running sinus. That is why when the first signs of the disease, the patient is encouraged to seek assistance from a doctor.

Complications of the disease

Every patient should know how dangerous a running sinus infection, as delayed treatment of the disease can lead to serious consequences. Most often they appear in the form:

  • sepsis;
  • inflammation of the facial nerve.
  • periodontitis;
  • meningitis;
  • problems with the ears;
  • eye diseases;
  • the chronic form of the disease.

The chronic form of the disease is the least hazardous complication. This effect is characterized by permanent nasal discharge, and bad smell from the nose and constant headaches.

When sinusitis patients may have a variety of eye diseases. Most often complications appear in the form of catarrhal or purulent inflammation of the eye sockets. In this period in patients with deteriorating vision, impaired eye movements, increased body temperature, blush ever.

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When sinusitis occurs quite often the development of infection in the auditory tube. This leads to suppurative otitis media.

If you get an infection in the blood, patients develop sepsis. To resolve this pathological state are appointed by the antiseptic drugs, antibiotics, and surgical intervention is performed.

In case of untimely treatment of the disease, patients can become inflamed trigeminal nerve. This condition may experience severe pain. If the person ignores sinusitis, this can lead to inflammation of the membranes in the spinal cord and the brain. When this is diagnosed headaches, fever, fear of sound and light, vomiting.

Quite often a complication of sinusitis is periostitis. To deal with it in most of the cases used Antibacterials. Their introduction is in the focus of inflammation. A disease that occurs on a background of sinusitis can have a simple or purulent form. Improper treatment pathology patients make appointment surgery.

Incorrect or delayed treatment of sinusitis leads to the fact that it occurs in a complex form. In this case, there is a corresponding symptoms. In complicated sinusitis can be prescribed medical therapy or surgical intervention.

The effects of the running of sinusitis are quite heavy. It is therefore necessary to carry out the treatment under strict medical supervision, which will ensure its effectiveness.