What kind of humidifier is better to choose an ultrasonic or steam

What kind of humidifier should I choose?

The humidity in the room or any other room where you spend most of your time is very important. As the air affects the health and General condition of the person.

In this case you need to buy a humidifier for the air. In this article we analyze in detail the main question, what good is a humidifier and how to choose the best humidifier?

Which humidifier is better — ultrasonic or steam

Usually in winter the air in the room is too dry. It affects not only the weather, but heating. This has a negative impact on human health and immune system.

Most often from insufficient humidity affects children, as their natural immune defense is still weak. Therefore, due to drying of the mucous membranes of the people exposed to the disease more than in any other period.

If the room is dry air, it is felt immediately and the person manifests some of the symptoms. First and foremost, a person lays the nose and tightens the mucous membranes in the sinuses. In addition, inflamed frontal sinus.

People suffering from allergies feel dry the air immediately, as it is located in a room is not possible.

Allergy sufferers are suffering from skin, respiratory system and significantly deteriorating health.

This is due to the fact that the room on objects accumulate a large amount of static electricity.

Therefore, to maintain health, General health and Wellness need to purchase a humidifier. However, a natural question arises, what kind of humidifier is best?

For a person comfortable when the humidity is in between forty to sixty percent. If your operating room or a recreation room percent below normal, you need to purchase a humidifier.

To determine the humidity get a special gadget called a hygrometer. It is not expensive and will last you for a long time. It is especially important to measure the percentage of humidity in the room of the newborn.

Remember an important rule: in order to measure the moisture is not enough times. This procedure must be repeated for three to five days. The number of days is increased if the procedure takes place in the cold season.

If you buy the hygrometer is not possible, then there are several ways to measure humidity in the room.

Pay attention to the condition of your furniture.

If it cracks it crack or something in the room a clear lack of humidity.

Commonly, these areas are very poorly growing plants. They quickly wither and die.

In addition, pay attention to their own health. If you have frequent headaches or temporal pain, constant feeling of thirst, dry skin and peeling, squeaking, crackling and noise on hearing, breathing problems then it is obvious symptoms of dry space.

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In addition, if you begin to notice a sleepiness, absent-mindedness and fatigue, and decreased performance, you need to buy a humidifier urgently. However, among the large variety of models, colors and sizes to determine what kind of humidifier should I choose?

Separately we note that household humidifiers must work twenty-four hours. Following this rule, humidifiers are divided into three types:

  1. Steam.
  2. Ultrasonic.
  3. Cold humidifiers type

«Traditional» moisturizers

Ordinary moisturizers or as they are called cold humidifiers type are the most easy to use.

They are equipped with a tank in which to pour water. She gets on the print cartridges and directly into the fan.

Next is the moisture of the room.

By the way, in addition to the basic functions of the traditional humidifier cleans the room from dust, and it can also be used for aromatherapy. Especially well this humidifier is suitable for those who have frequent ear disease.

Despite the low and very affordable price, this humidifier has a number of disadvantages. It is limited in the degree of hydration. In addition, they make quite a number of sounds and noises. This causes severe discomfort for people suffering from sleep disorders.

Steam humidifiers

Don’t forget to maintain water balance in the body a person must drink daily at least half a liter of fluid. The human body consists of seventy percent water.

If you are in a dry environment for more than fifteen minutes, it is even sufficient drinking water will not help you in case of lack of moisture in the air. In this area will inevitably impact the human skin, his breathing and General condition.

To maintain balance many people use steam humidifiers.

These humidifiers have a high capacity and strong effect.

So, if in the case of the traditional humidifier moisture into the air through the fan, in the case of steam humidification water evaporates by heating.

So pay special attention to the function of smoothline in the case of evaporation of all the liquid.

Pay attention to the body itself. It must have the function of holding water if it accidentally falls or you touch it with your hand or foot.

Among the obvious advantages of steam humidifiers is high power and, consequently, performance.

When buying this type of moisturizer will note the presence of a device that measures humidity.

In most cases it is embedded in the camera. With it, you can observe and analyze the moisture in the air and in the case of sufficient moisture, switch on the appliance.

If you have small children, please note the following factor.

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In most cases, the steam humidifiers emit hot air or steam, which can severely burn.

One of the advantages among such humidifiers is that they have an antibacterial effect.

For your convenience, the thesis will examine the apparent advantages and disadvantages of the steam humidifier.


  1. In these devices it is possible to pour any water, including tap.
  2. In the work of the steam humidifier includes aromatherapy.
  3. Steam humidifiers can be used as an inhaler.
  4. The performance of the device to fifteen liters a day.
  5. When using this apparatus, the air is humidified to sixty percent.


  1. Steam humidifiers emit a lot of ambient noise.
  2. They consume between 300 and 600 Wat.
  3. Occupy large space, as in most cases they are of large size.
  4. The output produces steam of about sixty degrees.

Ultrasonic humidifiers

This is one of the most effective among the moisturizers. They occupy small amount of space and are of little energy consumption.

In addition, they are highly productive and have the ability to process the electrical signal and turn them into vibration. This allows you to eliminate dust.

Commonly, the performance of these devices ranges from six to fifteen liters per day and the consumption of power up to 150 watts.

When you purchase this unit, pay attention to the presence of a hygrometer. Like the preceding species, in the ultrasonic humidifier is a device for measuring the humidity in the room automatically adjusts the degree of interest of the fluid.

However, unlike a steam humidifier which you can pour any water in the ultrasonic device it is necessary to use only distilled liquid.

Such devices are used pre filters.

After a time they can deteriorate and change visually and also trigger stains on the surrounding household items.

Because of this, the filter must be often changed.

In addition, it is important to monitor the amount of water and if you turn off the drug for a long time, don’t forget to pour the remaining fluid. In the opposite case, the capacity of the humidifier will deteriorate, and the liquid will be a perfect environment for bacterial growth and infections.

These devices are more comfortable to use. In addition, they make fewer extraneous noises and unpleasant sounds.

Among a wide range of these devices in most of them there is a mute function in the evaporation of all the liquid. Pay attention to this when buying.

However, despite numerous advantages, the built-in filters in these preparations, necessary for the purification of water, have a low level of service. After three months of work, they must be replaced.


  1. Virtually silent in production.
  2. Have automatic control of the humidity level.
  3. Shuts itself off when evaporation of all the liquid.
  4. Safe for children and animals.
  5. Possess the ability of self-purification of water.
  6. High power.
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  1. Not the duration of the cartridges.
  2. Pricing.

What kind of humidifier is good

Before buying a moisturizer pay attention to a few points.

The humidifier should match the size of the room.

In addition, pay attention to the size of the water tank.

It needs to be designed for the minimum number, i.e., six liters of water. This amount of liquid is enough for twelve hours.

Also note the specified functions of the device. They should include maintaining the moisture level at a predetermined level. This is necessary in order not pereuvlazhnyat air.

It is important that the power consumption was economical. However, please note that the higher the power, the faster the air is humidified. Here should be based on personal principles.

You should know that the liquid flow is measured in litres per hour of work.

If you select the device vaporizes to twelve liters of water per day, then you’ve got a good humidifier.

Before purchasing, check the noise level of the machine. So, if he publishes from five to seventy decibels, then you can purchase this camera.

In addition to the above points, check with the seller the following question. It is important what qualities do you need to fill in the humidifier. So, if the unit takes ordinary water, for example, from the tap, it will save you some trouble.

The filters are in each machine and is designed to clean air and water. In the case of ultrasonic humidifier need to be replaced every two or three months. In steam humidifiers, they have a longer service.


Remember that a humidifier is needed if you live in a dry climate, with cold winters. When selecting the unit, please note on service life, efficiency and reliability.

By the way, such devices can become not only necessary, but also a beautiful decorative element in the room.