What not to do when uterine fibroids? Tips and advice

Fibroids – benign tumor that develops in the uterus. At small dimensions of the tumor, the disease is asymptomatic. When the disease started, the woman begins to disturb pain, uterine bleeding between menstrual periods, difficulties conceiving. The biggest danger is that the tumor can degenerate into malignant. For this reason, it is impossible to ignore disease ignore the advice of a physician. It is important to know what can and can not with uterine fibroids.

To treat the disease is not serious

Visiting the gynecologist should be a regular. In real life, women often ignore the visits to the doctor, fearing that will show the removal of the uterus. This explains the fact that they seek medical help only when it is impossible to do only conservative therapy and save on.

In fact, the doctor will try to do everything possible to save the uterus, using modern methods, one among which can be called a uterine artery embolization. This method is that blood vessels clogged by artificial means, stopping the blood flow through the uterine arteries, causing the fibroids shrink. The advantages of the method is that healthy tissue is not damaged. Contraindicated to do embolization in that case, if a woman is planning a pregnancy.

The use of drugs with progesterone

That the hormone progesterone and its analogues are effective as a means of helping to cure the disease completely, there are many opinions. Some experts believe that these drugs are generally contraindicated, while others believe that the tool can be used.

As you know, one of the main reasons for the development of the disease – hormonal imbalance in the female body. Who knows, maybe progesterone and promotes active growth of fibroids, then no operation is necessary.

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Conservative treatment of fibroids is not possible when:

  • the presence of suspected sarcomatous degeneration of a neoplasm;
  • the probability of occurrence of submucosal node;
  • the likelihood of torsion or necrosis of the leg of the tumor;
  • large amounts of tumor and its rapid growth;
  • combination of fibroids with cancer of the cervix and the body of the ovaries;
  • deformation of the uterine cavity under the influence of fibroids.

Before surgery to remove fibroids is prohibited to use a GnRH agonist. The action of these drugs is aimed at reducing fibroids. Their use is permitted in cases when the node less than 4 cm.

Massage and warming procedures

Fibroids is a disease in which in any case should avoid the area of the pelvis overheated. Massage using various creams and gels has a warming effect, stimulates blood circulation in the place where the procedure is carried out. Massage can be done in any zone, excluding the hips, lower back, buttocks and lower abdomen. There are contraindications when fibroids on pelvic massage.

Overheating of the body in the lower abdomen. This applies to taking a hot bath, going to the sauna or bath, as well as sunbathing on the beach or tanning. Physiotherapy that involve manipulation of heat, is also unacceptable.

High load

Contraindications when fibroids include and avoidance of heavy physical activity. It is not recommended to lift more than 3 kg, prevent fatigue, not to do hard work.

The big danger are hormonal surges that occur due to excessive emotions and stress. Should avoid unwanted pregnancies. It is the abortion can trigger the active growth of fibroids.

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If you have been diagnosed with fibroids, you should use condoms for safe sex, because oral contraceptives are mainly hormonal. Here you need to consult with your doctor to individually choose the appropriate means of contraception that will not cause harm.

To avoid swelling of the uterus, before going to sleep is not recommended to drink plenty of fluids.


In the presence of fibroids, a woman may conceive, carry and give birth to a healthy baby. Fibroids reduces the chance of conception, and in some cases woman are not able to get pregnant. This is because the tumor not only provides only mechanical obstruction due to their size, but also causes a hormonal imbalance. It all depends on the size, nature and localization of tumors.

Inflammation of the female reproductive system also lead to fibroids and infertility. When the fibroids of large size and the presence of pregnancy, high risk pregnancies (premature labor, miscarriage in the early stages). Therefore, when pregnancy occurs in a patient with fibroids is very important to monitor their health.

Numerous studies have proven that fibroids usually are not a hindrance for the normal development of the fetus in the womb. Also there are cases that during pregnancy fibroids self-absorbed, sometimes the doctor can remove it at caesarean section.

General contra-indications for myoma

So, with uterine fibroids not to do the following:

  • to warm up the stomach;
  • do not do massage, especially the abdomen, hips, lower back and buttocks;
  • not to do the procedure, increases blood circulation in the pelvic area;
  • to go to the sauna, steam room, not to bathe in a hot tub;
  • do not sunbathe in the Solarium;
  • to prevent an excessive load;
  • not to lift more than 3 kg;
  • avoid stress;
  • do not take the means of hormonal contraception;
  • do not eat before bedtime plenty of fluids.
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