What to do if my period did not start on time

Every woman’s body is arranged so as to be able to perform many functions, one of the most basic is reproductive. Therefore, it is the main difference between women from men. Female reproductive system is designed so that it provides this monthly phenomenon of menstruation. Thus, every girl needs to know what to do if your period came on suddenly and what steps you need to take.

The basic concept of menstruation

Menstruation is the result of a complex process, which occurs as a result of puberty and the normal functioning of the female body. When reaching puberty, each woman may feel certain changes in the body that lead to what appears pregnancy and, as a consequence, logical genera. The process is called the menstrual cycle, which takes place with some regularity, and begins with menstruation.

The average duration of the period ranges from twenty one to thirty five days. Every woman in this indicator is individual. However, if the sexual health of the woman is normal, then despite the duration of the menstrual cycle is regular and is repeated from month to month with the same periodicity.

In some cases, menstruation may be delayed or a bit of a hurry. This may be due to changes in the female body, stressful situations, climatic conditions and other negative factors. If to speak about the pathologies that require consultations with a gynecologist and follow-up treatment, then move the menstrual cycle can the following States:

  • the inflammatory process in female genitals;
  • moved surgery;
  • hormonal imbalance and others.

Therefore, in order to summarize and understand what the month, it should be said that menstruation is the monthly status of a female organism which manifests itself in the form of bleeding, as a result of oocyte maturation and detachment of the upper shell of the uterus. The duration of the menstrual period is from three to six days. In gynecology is considered the first day of menstruation is the first day of the menstrual cycle.

The basic steps, if your period started unexpectedly

What to do if you started your period, and you to this process were not ready? The issue today is widespread, since menstruation has a specific feature to begin precisely at the moment when its not expected. This is especially true of teenage girls, when the menstrual cycle is still not and has certain stability and of bleeding can start suddenly.

To understand how to act in case of a sudden onset of menstruation, it is necessary to consider the most common cases, when the critical days begin suddenly and how to act in this case.

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Menstruation was caught by surprise at sea

A trip to the sea, of course, it is best not to schedule during menstruation, but not always menstruation begins in time and so it may be a most unpleasant surprise. Therefore, it is important to understand what to do when menstruation if they do you began in a period of rest in the sea.

If you decide that no menstruation may impede the full-fledged holiday at sea, you can breathe a sigh of relief, as possible as a means of protection to choose tampons that can be used while swimming in water.

However, one should consider the fact that if a girl is a virgin and didn’t know what a sex life, as a means of protection is to choose a special tampons that come with applicators. During menstruation a tampon you can use. However, you should definitely pay for his / her size was minimal or had a mark or two drops.

As for women who live sexual life, they could come in handy such a thing as a special menstrual Cup that does not leak and is effectively used during a seaside vacation. It is possible to swim and it is reusable, is also very convenient.

With regard to the use of a tampon, it is worth considering that the replacement is done after each bathing. This is very important, because this remedy, in addition to menstrual fluid absorbed water, which can cause infectious inflammatory processes.

Salt water is a helpful environment that stimulates the human immune system and helps to fight many diseases, however, it should be noted that the fluid may contain a large amount of dirt and other waste. Therefore, as already mentioned, time has not replaced the tampon can be a source of pathogenic microorganisms inside the vagina of a woman. As for ways to replace this protector, it can change in the beach toilet, or in the cabin.

To increase the level of hygiene, you should take care of that before you go to the beach so you had a bottle of pure water or special wipes. It is necessary that after removing used tampon during menstruation it was possible to rinse the external genitals, or wipe them with wet wipes. This action is also aimed that, to the maximum comfortable you felt, if you go monthly during the summer vacations.

To menstrual appearance did not bring you any discomfort during summer vacation, it is worth considering the rules of swimming in this period:

  • navigation mode shall not exceed fifteen minutes. This is necessary to minimise the ingress of sea water inside the woman’s body during menstruation;
  • the first three days of menstruation should be restricted from intense solar ultraviolet radiation. This is because during menstruation the production of melanin is wrong as always and the sun may fall unevenly on the surface of the skin of a woman. Therefore, you tan, or spots, or in some places will be white and others will burn. Tanning during pregnancy is recommended, or before 11.00 am or after 16.00.
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I got my period at teenage girls in school

If the girl suddenly during lessons at school, started my period what should I do in this case? Clearly this situation is not so pleasant as it would seem, but you can easily find a way out. This is because, if you go monthly, they have the unpleasant property to begin precisely at the time when they are least expected.

To avoid becoming a subject of ridicule, is the appearance of the first manifestations of menstruation immediately go to the bathroom and make a pad of available tools.

Improvised, you can easily improvise a gasket. It is necessary to highlight some of them:

  • toilet paper. It is necessary to turn it into several layers and place on the gusset of the bottoms. The tool will help to prevent the flow of blood exuding on the surface of the clothing. However, we should not forget that this gasket will not be able for very long to keep the desired liquid;
  • when a sudden monthly need to use individual a handkerchief, tissue or piece of any fabric. As the first option, this means it will not be long to control the flow, therefore, it is necessary to hasten home;
  • you can go to the medical center and ask for a small piece of cotton wool and bandage. Next is to wrap the cotton bandage and place this pad on panties. She will be able to inhibit the unwanted flow of menstruation.

This is the most common advice on how to avoid leaks in time to sudden onset of menstruation. If you are in a good relationship with classmates, you can have someone to borrow a strip. Today almost every teenage girl has in her handbag the means of hygiene in case period can begin suddenly.

If the flow occurred during the lessons, you should definitely cover it with a sweater, jacket, scarf or other improvised means and to inform the class teacher. Then you should definitely call my mom and wait for her arrival or to go home alone. This is necessary to avoid the taunts of classmates that may adversely affect the nervous system of a teenage girl.

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Important points to consider when sudden beginning of menstruation

To menstruation in surprise, worth every month to keep a special calendar, which will calculate the onset of the next menstrual period.

Below the calendar is always at hand and you can accurately calculate the day of the next menstrual period, it is possible to download a special program in your phone or tablet that will alert you about changes in your body and help you to decide what to do when your period should begin very soon and not miss this time.

If you do not it all its calculations to record in a special notebook or individual to conduct a simple pocket calendar. This is purely a matter of personal preference.

You should use gaskets, especially while waiting for the onset of the next menstruation. This will help to avoid unpleasant surprise, as your period usually start with spotting discharge and then comes normal monthly bleeding.

If you expect the next menstruation, but it is in this period will not by the way, this situation can be corrected with the help of medications. However, the purpose is to give the gynecologist. This is because of to delay menstruation products are used that are produced on the basis of hormones. Consequently, their use is strictly forbidden, as it can be dangerous to women’s health.

As can be seen from the above that the sudden appearance of menstruation can be the first time to do anything available, and at the time of sudden arrival of menstruation should not panic.