What to do if snot flowing stream of an adult?

How to stop ongoing stream of snot from the nose of an adult?

When the snot is flowing in a stream, a patient looking for the right way to get rid of this symptom, as such a process brings serious discomfort. Liquid and watery discharge becomes a serious problem for the adult patient, because to get rid of this disease is much more problematic than from an ordinary rhinitis. To quickly stop the process, it is necessary to identify the root cause of its formation. Only then it becomes clear why transparent snot flowing stream and how you can deal with inflammation.

Unfortunately, the treatment can drag on for a long time as commonly a symptom caused due to infection of the body. In this period of the disease in a patient severely inflamed mucosa of the nose. These symptoms entail pain, the abundance of mucous secretion, pain in the head, nose and frontal sinus. Today we’ll show you what to do if snot flowing stream of an adult and as quickly as possible to get rid of the inflammation.

Causes rhinitis and its consequences

In case of violation of functions of respiratory organ, the patient noted a number of inflammatory processes. Besides the fact that the patient can breathe through the nose, disturbed another task – clearing and humidifying of the inhaled air. Such a process can lead to penetration into the cavity of the respiratory tract of germs and bacteria.

In infectious inflammation of the nasal cavity, the patient first notices the formation of mucous secretions.

They can be of different concentrations and substances, but in most cases, patients complain of snot that run like water.

Copious liquid mucous secretion leads to disruption of the protective functions of the nasal cavity.

In addition, the mucus becomes a favorable environment for the development of germs and viruses. This is why it’s faster to eliminate not only the symptom but the inflammation. Do not ignore the education of mucous secret, as this is a sure signal the beginning of the pathological process.

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Such disturbances in the body can cause inflammation in the lungs, bronchi and trachea. Even if the cold seems harmless, it can cause otitis media, sinusitis or laryngitis.

Before you stop the snot from the nose, it is important to establish the type of inflammation. It can be acute or chronic, and allergic or infectious. If the treatment of rhinitis is covered if the patient is suffering from acute phase the disease can chronic stage.

A chronic form of rhinitis is treatable much more difficult. You also need to consider the fact that this inflammation may be the root cause of sinusitis, meningitis, or sinusitis.

If you are flowing snot and sneezing every five seconds, go to an urgent diagnosis. Remember that to cure the disease at an early stage is much easier and cheaper.

How to get rid of the liquid discharge

Debilitating treatment of rhinitis begins with establishing a cause.

A well-defined factor in the formation of inflammation will help to create the necessary treatment and to relieve the patient from the liquid discharge.

Liquid discharge is often accompanied by numerous symptoms, which include pain in the head, stuffy nose and inability to breath through the nose.

When treatment is necessary not only to save the patient from the primary sign of inflammation, but these symptoms.

If the reason for the formation rhinitis temporarily not clear, will help to ease the patients inhalation. To apply such procedure with the permission of the physician while the patient is waiting to receive test results.

Important: avoid inhalation, if the patient has a high body temperature.

As the main ingredient for medicinal use a decoction of chamomile or St. John’s wort. In the water you need to add a few drops of tincture of eucalyptus, and a few leaves of mint. Inhale the vapor of the decoction for ten minutes.

Repeat this procedure until complete recovery together with medication.


After obtaining the necessary tests, the doctor is required treatment.

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Usually it includes the use of vasoconstrictor nasal sprays and drops, anti-inflammatory drugs, antiviral medicines.

In more serious cases, when the formation of liquid discharge is in the bacteria, the patient is prescribed antibiotic therapy.

  1. To instantly stop the main sign of inflammation, the doctor will prescribe vasoconstrictor drugs. They will relieve the patient of mucus, nasal congestion and will have a beneficial effect on the nasal cavity. It is best to use well-known drugs, «Naphazoline», «Otrivin», «Galazolin» as scientists carefully studied the composition of these drugs and the risk of side effects is minimized.
  2. Remember, to apply vasoconstrictor drops can for five days. In the case of more long-term use may dryness of the mucosa of the nose, as well as drug-induced rhinitis.
  3. The next stage of treatment will be the intake of antihistamine medications. In the case of allergic rhinitis when the snot is flowing without stopping, that such drugs will have a major impact. The most effective are «Suprastin», «claritin», «Effective», «Tavegil», «Diazolin».
  4. If the rhinitis was formed due to exposure to bacteria, the patient is administered a more complex treatment. To get rid of the inflammation without antimicrobials in this case, it is impossible, so the doctor will do some additional research. Their background can specialist identifies flora and assigns the most appropriate vehicle. The doctor can usually prescribe a combination of Kali «Polideksa», «Izofra» and others, but in more complex cases, physicians may prescribe systemic antibiotics.
  5. During illness, many patients complain of high fever. In this case, the required reception antipyretic drugs «Aspirin», «Paracetamol», «Panadol». Remember that medications of this kind is due to if the temperature is above 38 degrees Celsius.

In addition to the medical effects of the disease, it is important to monitor the patient’s condition. The patient should take plenty of water and watch your diet. Do not forget to ventilate the room several times a day, and conduct wet cleaning.

Physical therapy and procedures

Below the nozzle is not tech should be used not only various drops and sprays, but also a number of physical therapy.

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With a strong fever, you need to know how to vysmarkivatsya and cleaning of the nose with the subsidiary items.

Five times a day or as needed rinse the nasal cavity.

Purification of the mucosa of the accumulated secret will eliminate congestion and improve the overall health of the patient.

Rinse the nasal cavity can be as specialized solutions and decoctions of medicinal herbs purchased at a pharmacy or collected in nature.

Vismirnovite accumulated mucus carefully, without sudden movements, gently breathing in and out.

If the reason lies mucosal secretions in allergic rhinitis or infectious lesion, the doctor may prescribe a complex treatment with application of UHF-therapy, diathermy nose, massage and other procedures.

Therapeutic exercises need to be done every day to eliminate the symptoms of the disease.


Eliminate mucus by using combination therapy. As a rule, drops in the nose to snot tech help to get rid of only the primary symptoms. It is important to eliminate the inflammation to the end, so don’t ignore other drugs and complete the treatment fully.

If long tormented by rhinitis already more than one week, your doctor may prescribe a course of treatment with more powerful drugs and systemic antibiotics. In extreme cases the doctor prescribes surgery.